Three days in Aachen

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@fynemiene and I went to Aachen to present Haveyoubeenhere. The event was organized by @detlev and was great fun, with chili con carne with chocolate and a multitude of beers!


In Verviers we had to change trains to get to Aachen. We had about 25minutes of time, which was enough to grab a pizza in the nearby pizza hut (outside acros the roundabout on your left). We took it on the train, and had some pizza whilst staring out over the landscapes passing by. Would recommend! 😄

My rating:

Alter Fußgängertunnel

As some of you may already know, I love street art. Whilst I wouldn't say that this small pedestrian tunner under the railways has the highest quality pieces. It was still awesome to stumble upon! If you're around the area and you like street art you might as well give it a quick look!

My rating: 7/10

aixvox GmbH

Aixvox is a business management and consultancy firm with a focus on improving and researching speech technology. Detlev the founder has a passion for new technologies including blockchain, so on a regular basis some great meetups take place at his office! I was invited to one of them, which was the reason for my trip to Aachen! 😄

My rating:

Nela’s Coffee & Kitchen

After a lovely evening around Aachen and waking up too late, we decided to go for some brunch. We found Nela's Coffee and Kitchen. I would definitely recommend coming here for breakfast or brunch, the avocado toast with egg was on point and the coffee was great as well. On Saturdays they have a no work policy (so no laptops), but on week days you can also come and work here as well!

My rating: 8/10

Aachen Hbf

Outside of the station in Aachen there is a statue of some horses, inside you can find a few restaurants and shops.

My rating:

a&o Hostel Aachen Hauptbahnhof

Absolutely great staff and a decent breakfast buffet. Unfortunately the hostel itself doesn't have any personality and seems to attract people that make the vibe even worse. As always it's what you make from your experience, so I found some nice people within the staff and managed to have a nice evening. Still, it is hard to recommend this place.

My rating: 6/10

Lulus Coffee & Co

On Sunday everything seemed to be closed in Aachen, yet Lulus was open. I can highly recommend their banana bread with apple and cinammon. The coffee is also good! Unfortunately by the time we got there the breakfast was sold out!

My rating: 7/10

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It was a pleasure to have you at the meetup wich was the #SteemMeetupAachen 8

As you know this means a !BEER from me to as an extra bonus for your work of creating a post.

Likewise an absolute pleasure to be there, already looking forward to the next one! And thank you for the BEER!

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Thanks team!

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Hi @martibis,
nice pictures and nice impressions and nice to have you met.


Heya! Thank you and likewise! Already look forward to our next conversation!

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