I missed my flight home from Europe. Part 2

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Part One of my story can be read here

We left off me staring out the window watching my plane leaving me.


I ask around and am told to wait at gate 30. They have a phone that leads to someone downstairs. Each time someone calls we hear a different story. That is when they answer. Sometimes they don't and when they do it's always another 15 or 20-minute wait. There are roughly 20 to 25 people that missed their flights.

The not so easy airline.

It was one of two airlines. Every passenger that had missed a flight was flying with either Easyjet or West-something or rather. One of the workers said she was going to put a ticket in for Easyjet because this has been happening too often. Mind you, Easyjet is a separate company. I had a flight with American Airlines to go back home.

I called American Airlines to let them know, I wasn't going to make it, I needed to change flights, and they were more than willing to do so for a fee. Let's play a game of, "did you know?"

  • Did you know that only two flights, within a 24 hour period, fly out to the States?
  • Did you know it cost $200 dollars to change flights, plus fees?

Well, $270 dollars later and I was grateful I could pay in a currency that didn't have international fees. At this point, I knew I just had to make it to PARIS!

After two hours of waiting, we were escorted out through security to customer service to pay $90 pounds, which is roughly $116 dollars without the transaction fee, to be placed on the next flight. A flight that was in six hours. The hours awake at this point are as blurry as I was starting to become. Out of cash again, my body was falling asleep, and I wasn't going to panic!

My best pep talk to date went as follows.

Kubby, you will not cry!

You will not throw up.

And don't you dare miss this next flight come hell or high waters you get on that plane!

Deep breaths and I needed to set down.

All of a sudden, a very loud airport became silent. A very bright building became dark. I was involuntarily falling asleep. How does your body shut down without permission like that? Needless to say, I was struggling to stay awake. Falling asleep scared me. It could lead to missing my flight and that wasn't an option. I set an alarm, sat as uncomfortable as possible, and attempted to nap.

I needed a plan of attack.

Sleeping 15 minutes on and off for the next hour. I then decided to join the check-in line three times in an attempt to stay awake and print my boarding pass. This was more of a tactic to stay awake than a necessity. Shall we play another game of, "did you know?"

  • Did you know wifi at this airport is free for a couple of hours?
  • Did you know after three hours, passengers must pay for wifi or wait 12 hours?
  • Did you know without wifi my digital boarding pass wouldn't load?

Did you know I typed this portion yesterday and finished the rest just to have my computer erase it :(

Quick recap, as I cannot bring myself to rewrite it all again. My body was shutting down without my permission.

A loud room would fell silent. A bright room went dark.

Before I knew it my body would shock itself back to sleep. I had set an alarm, sat in between people that surely wouldn't let me sleep, and napped on and off until I couldn't any longer. I then decided to enter the check-in three times in attempts to stay awake and print my boarding pass.

After security, I had three more hours to go before my flight.

I was out of cash, hungry, and my flight was delayed. Chips for lunch, a 45-minute delay due to a disgruntled passenger on the previous flight, and eventually I was boarding. Blacked out for the short flight. Woke up in Paris and I was grateful the worst was over. Now I had wifi. 14 hours before my next flight, I needed a shower, I needed food, and I needed sleep.

A short train ride over to another gate, a walk behind a building, and a skip across the street lay my third attempt to find a hotel.

The first few ranged from $500 euros to $300. I knew I could do better, even if I was a walking zombie at this point. Thankfully, most of the airport workers spoke English and could direct me to the next nearest hotel.

$98 Euros for hot water, a bed, A/C, and breakfast.

It felt like my luck was turning around. Remember when I mentioned the French are picking about their eating times? Well, their bus system stops at midnight, shops close at 11 pm, and any hope of seeing the city quickly faded. Only restaurants in the hotels were open, so there I stayed, ate a duck something with soup, and wine. Went upstairs, slept, and before I knew it, I was on a plane to the states.

Everything went smoothly after that. Whenever people ask me about my trip I am reminded of the last 72 hours that took me for a wild ride. Soon I'll recover from it. One might think it wouldn't be bad to be stuck in London or Prais, of all foreign countries one could be stranded on. Mind you it is terrifying. They don't speak your native language or act accustom to your culture. Which is great to experience when you choose too.

All that to say, I made it home, I love my blogger friends and family in real life, and now it's time to start planning my next adventure.

Pictures for you.

Thanks for reading, upvoting, and commenting!

Love always,


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Urgh. This all sounds pretty terrible. Glad you got home eventually.


I am so glad to be home too, but despite the terrible ending to my Europe travels I've started looking again for tickets Australia. I've found some at cheap at $900. they just have way too many stops.

Ugh - still feeling the adventure! I realize it's such a luxury to speak a few words in many languages like I do - you feel just a little less lost. The French are not the best people to start speaking English too :') They are famous for being just a little too proud of their Frenchness. Ah well. You've made it <3 I did a 9 month travel that ended after 2 months because I made a misstep and had to cancel everything. The first months that was all I could talk about and only the months after that I started thinking back of all the things I did see and experience <3 It's all part of it. Welcome home ;-)


WOW, have you written about this 9 month trip that got cut short, reply with a link if so. I want to read. If you haven't written about it, would you consider?


Hey! Of course! I've written a bit in my intro post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@soyrosa/hello-my-name-is-rosanne - and after that in many pieces. This post is a bit more poetic haha: https://steemit.com/health/@soyrosa/limited-mobility-or-unlimited-stories-i-took-this-picture-only-moments-before-i-would-permanently-damage-my-foot.

If you want all the details (lol) I have written a big 4 part piece:

I'm sharing too many links, but just wanted to be complete depending on what you want to read ;-) I was a nobody on Steemit still back then, and I believe I've shared way to much compared to how much interest people had in me then. I'm in doubt if I should somehow re-share the stories at some point. Anyway, if you've read one of the links let me know! :-)

Would love to know if you feel a bit recovered from your experience in the meanwhile :D


This is perfect, you should see some new comments soon :)


Awesome :D

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It was harrowing but at least it made for a good story dear. On to the next one


That is so true, if anything mishaps become great stories to share.


That is so true, if
Anything mishaps become
Great stories to share.

                 - kubbyelizabeth

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I hate missing flights...
This sucks for you...
Sorry I guess...




How many times have you missed a flight? Hopefully, getting on another one wasn't too challenging?


I think it happened at least a couple of times, it was always a fairly nightmare-like situation... UGH... Running with bags, and stressing out, getting lost in airports... =\ You know the drill...



Wow, I can't believe this has happened a few times you. I really hope I never have to experience missing a flight again. It wasn't pleasant nor cheap.


Hi @Kubby nice to hear from you, I always like commenting your posts you always re:comment, and you are always nice!

I don't know, I guess I was a spoiled brat and I started getting more and more optimistic with time and air-plane captains... You know sometimes they scream out your first and last name in the loudspeakers and wait, and sometimes they just close the gate as you are running towards it...

Its horrific, but now I always go like a couple of hours early even if its a domestic flight...


I have had a bad experience too once i had missed my flight.AM glad you pulled through.Great post


Tell me about your bad experience with missing a flight, im curious

The second part of your adventures is even more tense than the first. I'm glad that you finally made it to Paris, albeit with a long delay.


Thank you, I am glad I made it too.

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OMG, girl. I am sorry to hear about the nightmare you went through. What is important is that you made it in the end and you educated us with the game "did you know" :D I like how it all ends though - planing the next adventure. You go, girl!


I'm glad you liked that part, I had written a few more did you know comments in my post, but it got deleted and I just couldn't write it all over again. Thanks for reading!

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