My EPIC Journey to and through Ecuador 🇪🇨! Part 12 (cleaning fish for lunch and coincidence )

in travel •  3 years ago  (edited)

Kili thaught me how to clean fresh whole fish

He went to the market early in the morning like he does everyday

he showed me the process the day before and the next day I prepared the fish for lunch

the girls watched

when we finished we gave the guts to the cats

& headed to the playground to play

while Kili and the others cooked lunch

The girls made a friend that they really vibed with

Her name is Quinn

they played so well together

Quinns' mother is an American that became an Ecuadorian citizen and has been living in Olon for 8 years.

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Sweet perfection......Quinn!!! Perfect in so many ways! <3 Thanks for sharing Kota. Love you tons.

My pleasure 😇
Love you so much!!

Quinn!!!!! How perfect 💛

Right! I love watching them play, they don't even need language to understand eachother. They just vibe, it's beautiful 😍

They are adorable!!

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Acquiring new skills I see. I cant wait till you we can cook up some fresh fish together one day!

Me either! That sounds amazing! Over a campfire 😉

Cats love fish guts!

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