Coffee and comics w/ @veryspider!

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Hey, Steemit. I’m coming to you from yet another 36,000 feet high above the Pacific [...neat Hawaii at the moment]. Currently messaging with @eveuncovered, attempting to give me a pep talk through the turbulence. Earlier it was @vermillionfox until she went to sleep, so nice to see these ladies taking shifts in trying to keep me relatively calm. I’ve vented about this countless times, but I hate flying. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I marvel at it. @vermillionfox will even tell you, anytime we’re out and a plane flies overhead, I stop and admire it. I think it is one of the most significant achievements human beings have ever made. I just don’t want to be on them.

Alright, I’ve done enough venting. I did a little summary in my last Steemit post recounting my time in New Zealand and Australia. Now that the trip has officially concluded, I wanted to share some reflections, and one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. Firstly, ginger ale in the US is called “lemon, lime and bitters” in Australia. “Ginger ale” in Australia will get you ginger beer. I love that Aussies call “breakfast”, “breaky”. That’s one of many things I’m going to adopt once back in the US. Similarly, I’ll be calling my friends “cunts” from now on. “Cunt” is one of my favorite words and I love the idea that it’s a term of endearment in Australia.

One of the highlights of the trip for me, without a doubt, was having the opportunity to meet up for coffee with our very own @veryspider. We talked about trying to make it happen, but our schedules seemed hopelessly against each other. The time she had free, I was working. The time she was working, I was free. She left for a holiday just before my day off and I’d all but accepted that an International Steemit meetup wouldn’t happen. My last day there, I threw a Hail Mary and asked if she had any time for lunch. This was it! There was a small window of about two hours that we could meet for coffee and some really significant drawing time together.

@veryspider, in my opinion, is one of the pillars of the Steemit art community. I’ve been a fan of her illustration from the day I came across her account. She has such a unique style. I’ve always been so impressed with how prolific she is, and her community engagement is some of the best on the entire blockchain. I strive to be better at all those areas and she’s been my inspiration for over two years now. Having the chance to sit across a table and draw with her was one of the memories I’ll keep as my most cherished from my time on Steemit. Comics for me are the most therapeutic thing I can do, often neglected and hard to make a priority. I loved being able draw with her.

In our brief time together, we chatted about Steemit, and other blockchain projects. The market as well. She introduced me to a few Steemian artists I wasn’t following, which is always like unearthing diamonds in the rough. I was so impressed with how this captivating elf warrior came to to life on the page. She uses 005 Microns. The same pen I used to use before the iPad Pro came in to being. Absolutely no gesture drawing or shaping of the body, face, etc. Just pen to paper, and instinct. Her approach is so different than my own, it was enlightening to watch. I sketched a little spider inspired demon woman, and we both sipped our coffee.

I’m hoping next year, @vermillionfox and I, maybe even @guthrie, can do something bold like visit Melbourne together. Having the chance to see @veryspider and @scrawly, and having a Melbourne Steemit meetup 2.0 would be such a symbolic thing, but for now, I think the symbolism of these two drawings, side by side, brought together by Steemit, is pretty damn meaningful. Thank you @veryspider, for taking the time, and overcoming the obstacles, to hang out with me in a far away place. You’re truly a great friend and a cornerstone of Steemit. Thanks for reading! For more art, travel and thoughts on life and Steemit, follow me at @kommienezuspadt

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Damn I just hope this one is not going to haunt my dreams! :O

Hi @kommienezuspadt! I haven’t visited your blog in way too long. We met at a Steemit meetup in Minneapolis about two years ago. I was there with my sister (@ducksaenty) and my brother-in-law (@preparedwombat). I just came across @verspider’s post about your visit to the Land Down Under. What fun!

Really cool drawing, lots of details but not clogged and super well structured. The right bits and brushstrokes here and there. It looks so organic is hard to imagine, for me at least, it was done in an ipad, perhaps the feel of actually drawing on a surface as you're seeing it makes it feel a bit traditional (?) contrary to the feel of a digital tablet wacom-like. So cool to meet the spider. A spider is actually what hooked me in this network, well a few other artists as well, but there's something about the spider.

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Really cool that you met @veryspider in real life. She is indeed a pillar of the steemit art community. Didn't know you could meet people outside of the internet :p

Great post to read thanks for sharing :)

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Hahahah, thanks Sander, that's very kind of you :)

And yeah, I usually do not meet people from the internet myself so this was a HUGE thing for me !

Well that’s really good you did it anyway and it was a great experience!

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I agree with everything you said about @veryspider. She is amaazziingg!! And wow, you had a meetup!!!! I always thought she would always be shy with meet ups lol but I'm happy for you and spider that you had the chance to talk in person. :D

And you met @scrawly too!!! Wish I could meet them in the future!

I was a nervous wreck, but I managed to force myself to not be a stupid person who is constantly debilitated by my anxieties .... YAY ME \o/

.... first baby steps!!!????????????

goes back into hiding FOREVER


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Hello @kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? I am very happy reading your posts and know you are healthy. It turns out you have left Australia now. I hope you can arrive in your city safely. Lots of walking of course lots of views. I see a lot of experiences that you get from your trip this time including the differences in vocabulary used in Australia and America. Thank you Lars, you have shared all of your experiences here. Have a nice day, sir.

gosh you guys met up?? @veryspider is cute spider but I thought she is shy!! Gosh wish you posted some photos tho .... glad you all had a great time :)

ya, me has stupid nervous breakdowns when me has to meet new people but i managed to kick myself to challenge and overcome my stupidities......... this time ! \o/

and now to go back into extreme introverted hidey hole for the rest of my life \o/

awwww once you start stepping out, you will be better :)

Sounds like you all had a nice get together! Seeing how one does their art is always interesting~ Especially those who don't even draft or anything like spidey does(it's spider magic I tell you!)
I hope I could meet peeps like spidey and scrawly someday aaahhh

The demon spidey lady looks so cool!

thilah magic is amazing too i bet <3 thilah is just amazing, really \o/

thilaaaaaaaaaaaaaah <3333333333333!!!!


i was so nervous but you were great <3 thank you! i had fun....!!!

here is more incoherent gibberish about how much i appreciate you XD

you draw so so so well, lars! you should be a comic artist <3 i love LOVE love all the pages you shown me, the drowning one is probably my favourite, but i love the one with the worms inside the hand too.... so creepy, makes my skin crawl, and SO beautifully drawn * ___ *

thanks again for the meet up! i learned so much just by listening to you, and i think it was a crazy awesome meant-to-be-that-happened-at-the-last-minute sort of thing XD

And I hate flying too, so I can relate, lol. Shout out to @eveuncovered and @vermillionfox for being great !!!


thanks again, it was fun :)

wow, I really like his art! I will look for her others social medias too! I really enjoy this style that reminds a traditional manga style from 90's but have a lot of details, so probably it can be in a game, like Final Fantasy, or similar! <3

I'm quite glad that she's introduced you to a few artist you didn't know on the Steem blockchain. I basically think that sometimes you'd be amazed at the talent and quality, she's definitely thrilling her work and I'm glad you get to share a cup of coffee ☕

I am seeing all of these pencil drawings around and it makes me want to draw something. :D I will get there.

I think these little meetups with Steem folk help a lot as it creates real-world relationships outside of the digital and, makes people real.

Loving the increase in art now that people are creating targeted content for #Creativecoin

I love the cleanliness in the lines! I would never dare to make a human/insect combination lol. Also, I love the thumbnail picture. Cheers :)

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This is so cool. Awesome that it worked out and I love the demon spider. Do you play D&D ? Very Drow / Drider . I couldn't agree with you more about @veryspider, she is one of the verybest on the blockchain.

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The face on the spider is everything!🖤