I travel the world #586: Sakura

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Most people want to visit for Sakura Season, but you do not to travel so far usually to find Sakura nearby your place. The Japanese Govermnment has given away many Sakura Trees over the last 100 years. So find nearby Sakura Trees, usually in every big city you will find Sakura





While Sakura Season in Japan is fantastic and a great experience, it is often difficult to hit the blossing dates. It might vary for 14 days each year, so if you only stay a certain time in Japan you might miss it.

Ever seen a real Sakura Tree ???

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No I have not seen sakura tree but it is so beautiful .

Its just incredible, I love the atmosphere the sakura trees create!

sakura, very beautiful trees, easy growth, beautiful flowers

Sakura, very
Beautiful trees, easy growth,
Beautiful flowers

                 - balyan.elpete

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

They are indeed amazing, I always try to be in japan while they are blossoming but as I said in the post it can be quiet hard to catch the dates!

This needs to be on my bucket list!

Im sure you would love it my friend!!

One day I want to see it live ...

If in the country we can tumbung trees and bloom sakura

If its a dream, im sure that you will make it true one day @minnowspeed!
Hope you are doing fine!

I feel in our country can not plant sakura trees, maybe because our country has a tropical climate ...

I used to travel to Osaka once just to witness the magnificent sakura back in 2015! Never get bored gazing at the mother nature creation!

Its just really special to see it live!!
Did you like Osaka??

I LOVE Japan! I planned to visit to different regions at least every 2 years in different seasons. I'm going to Shikoku next year

Please policy @knozaki2015 i have sent SBD.

please the policy i have sent sbd but have not got upvote @knozaki2015

It is a beautiful tree, of course I have never seen it, here in my country in this season there is a lot of flowering, some similar even in its color, but that species is much more beautiful, it will be because of its type of climate