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Out of the midst of the beautiful Lake Nicaragua spring two magnificent pyramids, clad in the softest and richest green, all flecked with shadow and sunshine, whose summits pierce the billowy clouds. They look so isolated from the world and its turmoil—so tranquil, so dreamy, so steeped in slumber and eternal repose. What a home one might make among their shady forests, their sunny slopes, their breezy dells, after he had grown weary of the toil, anxiety and unrest of the bustling, driving world. These mountains seem to have no level ground at their bases, but rise abruptly from the water. There is nothing rugged about them they are shapely and symmetrical, and all their outlines are soft, rounded and regular.

This is how Mark Twain himself described his impressions after experiencing the beauty of Ometepe Island! And I have read the author didn’t even enjoy travelling much!



While eating my late dinner I realised that I was shivering. Although it was a warm evening. I was blaming the wind that, although not cold, was rather strong.

I came back to the room and went straight to bed. After all, I had a volcano to climb the next day! :)
I rented a dorm, meaning a room with multiple beds, but fortunately, there were only 2 other girls that night so it was calm. But that didn’t help much as I started to sweat. I definitely had a very high temperature. I realised that climbing that volcano in a couple of hours was impossible. The only thing I could do was to get up early in the morning, as the departure was scheduled around 6 am, speak with the guide, explain myself and excuse. I managed to pay 50 not 100 % of the price of the trip. But honestly, I didn’t care much about the money at that time. I was super disappointed that I got sick!


I came back to bed. I only got some basic, anti-flu & -fever pills. I spent the whole time in the room, was sweating like crazy and I felt terribly weak. Once I started to feel better it was time for me to leave the Island and surf for the last time. But I plan to travel more in Central America one day soon as it is stunning and relatively not expensive., it is definitely my must go destination. Therefore I will definitely come back to Ometepe and this time I will climb the Concepción volcano and I will enjoy other breath-taking places!

Ometepe Island is a home of not one, but two volcanoes: higher Concepción and smaller – Maderas. Although on the same island they couldn’t be less alike.

Volcano Concepción (1610 m)


This volcano is not only the second highest in Nicaragua! It is also active! Apparently, it’s also important how symmetrical it is. Concepción’s last eruption took place in 1957, and its last activity in 2010, when it spited out a huge ash cloud.

Volcano Maderas (1394 m)

2.jpg 4.jpg

This smaller volcano is also a must see! It is extinct, some say ‘prehistoric’, and is covered in cloud forest! The trail is shorter but more muddy and slippery as it is very humid. But the reward is outstanding – you get the possibility to swim in its crater lagoon on the summit!

What else can you do while on Ometepe Island? Well, let’s take a look!

Kayaking the Istian River


The river is situated between the two volcanoes and offers a possibility to observe birds, turtles, and if you are lucky, caimans.
This should cost around 25 $ (USD) per person for a 3 hour’s tour and should be done in the morning in order to avoid winds. As well, at that time chances are bigger to enjoy wildlife. Unfortunately during the dry season, from February to April, the way may be too shallow to pass through. In October on the other hand, the rain may get too heavy for kayaking.

Swimming in the Lagoons


Ometepe is known for its Crystal Clear Lagoons that offers safe swim! Apparently one of the most recommended is Ojo de Agua natural spring. In order to enjoy it you have to buy the entrance to the reserve, which should be around 4 $. But I also have read that the spot is already very much prepared to please the tourists, with fine restaurant etc. so personally I will probably seek for something wilder.

Enjoy the archaeological paradise


The Island is also an Archaeological paradise, as it is rich in the pre-Columbian history. You can admire its rock art, which is one of the most noteworthy in the world. The Ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings) have been found all over the island.

The early Indians considered the island of Ometepe as their promised land. The Maderas was the sacred place of the sun, while the Concepcion was the brother of the moon. (…) Archeologists refer to Ometepe as the Island of circles and spirals due to the abstract curvilinear motifs carved on the basalt boulders.

Dear Steemians, make sure you don’t miss Ometepe Island during your travel throughout Central America! It is definitely worth your time!

Sending Joy!

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Really, the place looks great .. good for you
You've done well on your report
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.


as always, thank you! you are the kindest! :)

Another fantastic post @k-a-s-i-a!

A friend of mine was telling me about the place, so it is great to be able to put some imagery to it all. Sorry to read you got sick on such an important day... Next time though, right?!? ;) Great post, thanks.

Namaste :)


As always - thank you for the support and such kind words! ❤️

It happened to us a few times before too that we booked a trip, paid for it and in the morning we couldn't go because we were sick/had a fever. If the company was professional they gave us at least some of the money back, if not we didn't get anything.
Glad you got better quickly! And the lagoon looks amazing too :)


exactly, those things happen and we cannot predict or avoid them. luckily for me it was the first and the only time i got sick. thank you for being with me here :)


You're more than welcome, your posts are very interesting!

Wow this is such a coincidence but I was literally just discussing Nicaragua with one of my friends and I didn't have the foggiest idea where this place was, had to google it and everything!! Didn't expect it to look like this, it's beautiful and very interesting to hear it has volcanos, thanks for sharing Kasia :)


if only you have a chance to visit is, you should! u'll be amazed!:)


Yes it looks brilliant, Some day I will get there ;)

wow walla you have shared some nice information about Nicaragua thanks for increasing our knowledge its really interesting reading your posts..


thank you, as always so kind to me :)

It looks like a great place. It must be awesome to wake up every morning with those nature views around.


unfortunately, as i have written, i was sick all the time. Cheers my friend!

nice picture ,i would to be there its almost my favorite type.

Very nice post, if you ever pass through Baja you should check out the dunes if you are into quads and bikes of course. Also the pictures are beautiful (:


were is Baja? it sounds like a great fun!:)

More scenic pictures plzzzz

Very fantastic views and information,
thanx @k-a-s-i-a


thank you :)

Amazing, you just expanded my travel wishlist. It won't even be long until I make it in Nicaragua. Maybe we will even meet sometime is you stick around Latin America for long enough.


no, i'm not on the continent :( good luck with your travels!! :)

Thanks for sharing. This will definitely be added to my bucket list. I'm actually looking to be an expat, would you recommend this place as a place to settle or just visit?


probably it is, but honestly i don't feel like i could recommend it for a longer stay, as i was only passing by the island... follow your heart :)

Nicaragua, indeed a beautiful place to visit. You've just clearly shown its beauty and its amazing. Amazing post


thank you so much!

hermosas fotos, que lindo se ve ese lugar


siii! muy precioso!!

When coming to visit nature, do not do anything that would make it indecent to do visiting

Very cool...I visited Managua when I was a kid would love to go back and see this place.


wow, it must have changed a lot!

I love traveling to South America, but have never visited Nicaragua. Your article made me want to visit Ometepe. Thank you.


you definitely should visit it ! a little paradise :)

Being curious, being bold, the world will see through my eyes

This is what got my attention.

Wow.the best amazing post..

Superb,lovely post

Nice post Dear @k-a-s-i-a

The more things become possible for you, the more clearly you realize that nothing can be done bypassing the laws of nature.


exactly! so true... i must stay humble!

One day when I don't have kids to worry about....I'd love to do this type of thing.


i 've heard that kids are the best adventure given by the nature ;) :) good luck though :)


Oh it's definitely an adventure. But they sure do require most of your time and money! Totally worth it though