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After publishing a blog about the attractions of Cebu City which is great for a day tour, I would like to start with this tourist destination which I had first visited in Oslob.

Oslob is located at the southern part of the Cebu province. One of the easiest places which my husband and I had visited multiple of times at this point is their very own Oslob's Tumalog Waterfalls. It is the easiest I would say because James is from Oslob, it is his home town and so it would be very easy for us to go visit it whenever we want to. Currently, I can't count the number of times that we had been there, there were also major changes of this attraction.


The first time we visited it, it was still untouched. That was year 2011 if my memory is correct. Then the second time was before we got married last year of 2015 together with my brother and sister in law. Much has changed, they had somehow made the waters deeper, guess they had taken a lot of soil out from the waterfall base which created a deeper basin of water.


Today, the waterfall seemed to be fading as the water falling from the top looked thinner than before. In fact before, it somehow looked like a veil. It has strong pressure but these days, it is a lot more thinner, perhaps because of climate change.


Jean and James at Tumalog Waterfalls, Oslob, 2015

The waters were still cold plus they had made more steps where the waters flow and anyone can sit there while letting the waters drip down towards the bottom or lowest part.

Most of the tourists who come and visit the area had also gone to the whale sharks just a few minutes away from the Tumalog Falls. The municipality had been earning names due to the whale sharks which had been coming in and out of the Oslob waters. Soon, I will be sharing to you my Whale Shark experiences.


Taken 2011, barely untouched, our group were the only visitors.

The roads going there are already cemented unlike when we first went. However, only the allowed motorists or the so called "habal-habal" can get passengers from the entrance area towards the main waterfalls. Although it is just very near to the entrance, the drivers would tend to ask fifty pesos for the fare which both my husband and I consider as overpriced.


Walking allowed us to take photos and pose like this on our way down.

We instead walked from the entrance point towards the waterfalls. We were able to burn a few fats and we also had the chance to take photographs of the waterfalls on our way down.


Constructed for those who want to dine in the area.


Veil-like waterfalls. Amazing creation of the bove.

You may also visit my bitLanders blog for more photos and details about Tumalog Falls :

How To Get There?

From Cebu City, find the South Bus Terminal, there are buses going to southern Cebu in minutes interval. Ceres buses and Sunrays are there which will cost you Php 140-150. However, there are also vans for hire at a separate terminal which is a bit complicated to look for so I highly recommend the buses specially if you are new to Cebu.

One can tell the bus driver or helper to drop you to the crossroad going to Tumalog Falls. Most of the bus drivers are aware of these places and they won't miss it because there are hundreds if not thousands of passengers who are requesting the same in a weekly basis.

Travel time will take 3-4 hours depending on traffic.

Habal-habal drivers are waiting at the crossroad for passengers. A single motorcycle will charge you around Php 25-50 one way, enhance your haggling skills before getting there.

At the entrance, another set of habal-habal drivers are waiting, only these set of drivers are allowed to get inside. You may opt to just walk since it is near, it would take around 5-10 minutes of walking, it is highly recommended as you will also get a view of the surrounding plus meet some other tourists too!

Entrance Fee:

Php 20 for all visitors, this however is subject to change without prior notice.

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Have to visit that wonderful place soon...

Soar High Be An Inspiration


sir adto mo.. adto sad mo sumilon..barato raman ang boat...

Amazing place south of Cebu
Have a diving resort in Alegria check out our facebook page here we are very close to the world renown Kasawan falls, was in Oslob back in 2013 when the whale shark thing was relatively new,, as a professional diver and an instructor, I was very concerned how many snorkelers where climbing and touch the whale sharks, since then i have not been back,, Understand that the whale shark is now heavily protected and hope that some sense of understanding has been done since my last visit
my video is here

amazing footage by the way.. i hope I can learn diving too so i can take shots like these in your video!

indeed you are right. way back then, the management lack security and the visitors were not educated on the effects of touching worse riding the whalesharks but these days, everything is different. You should come back again!

so beautiful. I wanna jump there friend..

haha ayaw jump sis kay mabaw ra ang water...

Ayusa kaau sa falls ui

hehe di na kau xa nice karon dai pero daghan japon moadto

Just wow!
Its really beautiful
And thats hardwork too after all the typing here, hopes a whale can spot this like #untalented

Thank you dear... appreciate it!

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This is where I want to go !!! so beautiful!

you must visit oslob.. go swimming with the whalesharks then visit tumalog or you may spend the rest of the day at the white beach of Sumilon island... i'll post a new blog about it soon

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It looks like an cool place to visit!

you can visit it once you're back in cebu.. you might want to go southern part!

pwedi mo dive?., hehehe

Soar High Be An Inspiration


basin madisgrasya na nuon ka.hehe mabaw raman gd

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wow grabe ka nindot diri! :D

visit nya soon...

Soulfully beautiful!!!!

maganda nga sis...hopefully dumami pa ung makapunta... thanks sa pag visit!

Wow! Sana makapunta din ako ng South Cebu. ☺️

sana sis... punta kau ng family..mag whaleshark tapos tumalog then sumilon!

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