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Today I would like to introduce a very special island of the Canaries - the island of La Palma, also called Isla La Bonita or Isla Verde. This island is breathtaking and a balm for the soul.
It is about 45 km long and about 27 km wide. The highest mountain Roche De Los Muchachos rises to 2426 m.

Heute möchte ich eine ganz besondere Insel der Kanaren vorstellen - die Insel La Palma, auch Isla La Bonita oder Isla Verde genannt. Diese Insel ist atemberaubend und ein Balsam für die Seele.
Sie ist ca. 45 km lang und ca. 27 km breit. Der höchste Berg Roche De Los Muchachos erhebt sich auf 2426 m.


Source Google Maps

Thus, based on its base area, it is the highest island in the world. In general, the island is divided into two climatic zones by the approximately 2000 m high Cuembra Vieja, which runs from north to south. And also the north of the island is completely different from the southern areas.

Somit ist sie bezogen auf ihre Grundfläche die höchste Insel der Welt. Generell wird die Insel durch den ca. 2000 m hohen Höhenzug Cuembra Vieja, der von Nord nach Süd verläuft, in zwei Klimazonen unterteilt. Und auch der Norden der Insel unterscheidet sich gänzlich von den südlichen Bereichen.

Since there are only a few beaches and only a few larger hotels, the island is not so crowded. Most tourists are therefore hikers and only a few sun worshipers.

Da es nur wenige Strände gibt und auch nur ein paar größere Hotels ist die Insel nicht so überlaufen. Die meisten Touristen sind daher Wanderer und nur wenige Sonnenanbeter.


I would like to write my report about this island in 3 parts. Because it would be too extensive to handle this in one post. We took a rental car to explore as many highlights of the island as possible in 2 weeks. I would like to start with the northern part. We drove north from the island's main town of Santa Cruz de la Palma. Along steep slopes just above the coast you will always find small villages and we have made some trips to these. Many are in the middle of banana platters. The following pictures show some impressions.

Ich möchte meinen Bericht über diese Insel in 3 Teilen schreiben. Denn es wäre zu umfangreich dies in einem Post abzuhandeln. Wir haben uns einen Mietwagen genommen um möglichst viele Highlights der Insel in 2 Wochen zu erkunden. Beginnen möchte ich mit dem nördlichen Teil. Wir sind von der Inselhaupstadt Santa Cruz de la Palma in nördlicher Richtung losgefahren. Entlang an steilen Abhängen etwas oberhalb der Küste findet man immer wieder kleine Ortschaften und wir haben einige Abstecher zu diesen unternommen. Viele liegen in Mitten von Bananenplatagen. Die folgenden Bilder zeigen ein paar Eindrücke.







Bananas are the fruits that are grown the most. But papaya and other exotic fruits are also to be found.

Bananen sind die Früchte die am meisten angebaut werden. Aber auch Papaya und andere exotische Früchte sind ebenfalls zu finden.



However, there is another special feature in the north, namely a laurel primeval forest. The trade winds bring a lot of moisture here and the forest is more or less left to its own devices. From the slopes lead small water channels across the island to the banana plantations. Also, from the beautiful forest a few impressions in pictures. And when I see the pictures, I still hear the variety of birds singing.

Allerdings gibt es im Norden noch eine weitere Besonderheit, nämlich einen Lorbeer-Urwald. Die Passatwinde bringen hier sehr viel Feuchtigkeit und der Wald wird sich mehr oder weniger selbst überlassen. Von den Hängen führen kleine Wasserkänale quer durch die Insel zu den Bananenplantagen. Auch von dem wunderschönen Wald ein paar Eindrücke in Bildern. Und wenn ich die Bilder sehe höre ich immer noch das vielfältige Vogelgezwitscher.




With these pictures I would also like to finish my first part about La Palma and point out the next two posts. I hope you liked it. Hope until next time.

Mit diesen Bildern möchte ich auch meinen 1. Teil über La Palma beenden und schon auf die nächsten zwei Posts hinweisen. Ich hoffe es hat Euch gefallen. Bis zum nächsten Mal.

All pictures taken by my own with a Panasonic Lumix.

Link to Part 2:

Link to Part 3:


I almost clicked on the next post but decided that starting at the beginning a working forward would be best. I can honestly say that this island has been on my radar for years, as the location is at a good point for my travel from the US and it is some place that I know little about. That makes it a little more exciting.

I would never have guess the terrain to be so as such, and those distinctive peaks were amazing looking. I would love to hike through the lush, green forest and see the unspoiled.

Thank you for posting this and giving such a detailed write on it. I will be moving on to the next part later today!


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Thanks a lot.

What a beautiful part of the world and so different from the land locked area i live in!
What a beautiful forest - so lush!
I like to see the different types of forest from around the globe.
I live in the boreal Forest of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Yes, it is a great place @porters. But in my post today, you see the very different south. It's unbelievable to have such a contrast in this small place.

The altitude is great in mountains on an island, I did not know they were that high.

Wilderness area would be one of the first places to visit and explore, remote and untouched.

Lovely travel photography and share, thanks @ikarus56

Thanks for passing by @joanstewart. In my post from today, you can see the contrast of this small island.

With banana plantations to high mountains for a small island it must be fun exploring.

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What a stunning place to have visited! I would love to live there :D

Yes, it's an awesome island.

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An amazing place Sir Norbert and it will be interesting to see the other side of the island, as the weather is certain to be different because of the mountain no?

Yes, the mountains split the climate into two parts. At the eastern part, it is dominated by clouds due to the tradewinds and the western part is mostly sunny and dry.

Beautiful island, nice picture! I hope than I have to visit them.

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Thank you, @surfercz. Yes, it's worth to visit.


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yea, Canaries have been on our radar for a while. And OMG is it freaking amazing, looks so beautiful. hopefully we can go there maybe next year. would be so amazing.

Yes, @travellit. It's worth a trip. And especially La Palma. You can see more in my post from today.

What a gorgeous island... seems like it is a lush place of wonderful nature ! The photos are very lovely and I love your narration of its various aspects, too :)

I didn't know that it has such a distinctive mountain, as well :D Very wondrous!!! <3

Thanks for passing by @veryspider. In my post of today, you can see the very different south.

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Thanks a lot.

Looks amazing Norbert! Are you back or still enjoying the vacation?

It is amazing Adrian. In my post of today, you can see the big contrast of this small island.
And yes, we are back home.

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Thanks a lot.

Very beautiful place!
Like paradise on the Earth)

Yes, it is amazing, @daring-celt. You will find more in my post from today.