Gringalicious from Chile to Idaho: Expat back Stateside - My Story of Moving from Chile back the United States

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Hey everyone, I'm finally going to tell you that "big thing" I've mentioned recently!! I completely respect your time and I realize we don't all have the whole day to read long posts. Because of that I'm going to give you the punch line first before the long version of the story. Drumroll please.............

I'm back!!!! I'm going to be living in the States again for now and at least for the near future!!!

Idaho Steem Collage.jpg

Okay, now for the longer version. This is for all you detail oriented people (like me 😜). If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I'm citizen of the United States (born and raised in Tennessee actually), and that I moved with my family to Southern Chile when I was 17. For the past four years, I've been on this crazy journey in Patagonia with my family.

Chile Adventure.jpg

Now here's where it gets complicated and where you're probably asking "why?" Well, believe me, I wish there was a quick and simple answer I could give to this. question but there are honestly many different reasons. It's sort of like a bunch of little clues along the way all lined up and pointed us to one place.

Chile Friends.jpg

For various reasons, My parents wanted to expose us to some travel and to a different culture. Because of this, they poured hours of study into where in the world would be a good spot to take his family, both for beauty and for travel and culture. My parents ( who would be the first to call themselves crazy ) decided that the South of Chile would be a great place to achieve their goals, in particular the South of Chile ( Patagonia ).


So, in 2013, we sold the farm in North Idaho along with basically EVERYTHING we owned at that time. Here's the thing, I am one of 7 siblings so that made 9 of us at first, but our numbers didn't stop there. In addition to the all of us, my grandma (my mom's mom) came down to live with us shortly after we moved, followed by my older sister (who was married with a baby on the way at the time) and her husband. So, picture this, 11 people sell EVERYTHING and relocate to Southern Chile taking LITERALLY only what could fit into our suitcases. Each of us had 56 KG ( 100 pounds ) of stuff, and that was all. Oh, and then a little later on my younger sister met the man who is now her husband and he moved there as well, so make that 13 people when you add him and my, now 2-year-old, nephew.

Chile Travel.jpg

Living in Chile has been an amazing experience for every one of us. We've met so many incredible people from all over the world who I hope to call friends for the rest of my life. We tried so many new things and even got to see a volcano erupting right in front of us.


The thing is, living in a foreign culture does have its challenges. Without being too specific, we had a sequence of family events within our household starting back in January that sort of had us all feeling like we could use a vacation from our extended vacation in Chile so to speak. That's why we felt like it would be a good idea for ALL of us to pay a visit back to the States. Let me emphasize that it was just supposed to be a visit. We really wanted to reconnect with family, in particular my aunt in Northern Idaho. ( @lifes-a-donut ) All of us, and I mean all of us came to the states for this ''visit'', Haha, we also all brought empty suitcases so that we could fill them up with goodies and take back to Chile. Well,....that didn't happen.

Chile Family.jpg

Probably one or two weeks into the visit to the States, (during our time in Florida 🎡 🎢 🎠 ⛱), some things started falling into place for each of us that made us realize we needed to be here a little longer than planned. I guess you could say we were all coming alive with some of the possibilities and opportunities that we saw in different things. That's when my parents made the decision that we were going to extend our stay, and then somehow within in just a few days after that ''for a while'' turned into "indefinitely"


Effective today, my profile now says "Expat from the states who LIVED in Southern Chile, has now returned.

Remember, I said we all came with empty suitcases. A hugely ironic part of this story is that we now have close to nothing. All of us came with the minimal amount of Summer clothes to make as much space as possible to bring things back to Chile. What I'm saying here is that this crazy gang is basically at reset when it comes to belongings. More importantly, since we came with plans to just visit, we've been staying with my aunt, so hem.......I guess that technically makes us homeless, haha.


Before you get too worried though, you should hear the news that we've just rented a house and we're moving into it in just a few days. The new kitchen is incredible ( future post, I promise ). We have been slammed with hunting and gathering everything we need to live. Beds, blankets, sheets, towels, spoons, forks, etc., you name it, we have to buy it. It's quite an adventure. I'll be posting pics of my new kitchen and studio area along with anything and everything else about this new chapter in my life if you're interested.


Back to the subject of my time in Chile though, I just wanted to add that I have nothing but good to say about Southern Chile. It's gorgeous and the mild climate if fantastic. However, there is just something to be said about differences in culture and for this next part of our lives we feel to be closer to family for a while. Things change in this massive, yet very small, world and (if we're any example) sometimes they change rapidly. I've witnessed my parents be mobile and fluid to change, and I've learned so much from simply that. I've also experienced, on many occasions now, the exhilarating freedom that comes from not being tied to possessions and "stuff". That's a knowledge I wouldn't trade that for anything.


Now that I am back in the States I've got to admit to being extremely excited about so many more opportunities being available to me when it comes to my blogging. This is just a fraction of the details that I hope to eventually be able to share and I can't wait to share all of this with you as time goes along. Stay tuned!!


My family that have accompanied me on the above described journey are 3 of my sisters ( @uglysweater, @alovelymess, and @fullofhope ) and my brothers ( @trumpit and @freerunner ). Oh, and my Dad who convinced me that steemit is perfect for me last August is finally going to jump on board too( @noboxes ). I would really appreciate it if all of you would give my family a super warm welcome

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Do you think that you, your parents, or any part of your family will be spending part of the year in the US and part in Chile in the future? Do you still have property in Chile?

We are open to all the possibilities. Sometimes that answer drives people crazy. We are already crazy so it doesn't bother us. We still have all of our household contents in Chile. At some point, we will have to deal with that.

Great story!! I am so glad that I am part of it!!

Omg, me too @fullofhope!!!!! I can't wait to share the rest of it with you!😍 😘☀️💞 💓 💗

Woooow thanks so much for sharing your story! I guess it never gets boring with so many siblings hehe! I wish you all the best for your new life "back to the roots" ♥

Very sweet, thanks so much @isshappy. Never a dull moment, ever. It's also the source of my inspiration for most all my creations

Love it ♥

What an adventure we're on! ❤

That it is @ uglysweater 😀 Thanks, Sis!

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Hey my @gringalicious. Beautiful story telling of our crazy adventure(s). I am so proud of you!!

Oh, thanks Daddy! I'm glad to be telling it finally! 💞 💓 💗

I.Love.This.Post. Awesome:) Upvoted and Resteemed!

Thank you so much @itsallasong! It's so good to see you on here!

AWESOME POST! And I am SUPER happy that you have chosen to come back to the states for more adventures!

Haha, I know YOU are @lifes-a-donut! Thanks for your support always!💞 💓 💗

🌷Wow! That sure is an adventure! Thanks for having shared it with us @gringalicious. I wish you all the best!

Thanks @nomads! Same from me, best wishes!

I love that story

I'm glad you're a part of it @hotrod!!

It's hard to leave North Idaho, every time I leave on a trip I have a sense of comfort knowing that I will return home, there's no place quite like it. Glad to hear that you are just rolling on with the next phase of your life, and those pics of Lake Pend Oreille are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your story.😊

You're welcome @generikat! I'm so glad to know some of my readers know what it's like to fall in love with the Panhandle life!

I'm sorry, if you replied to my comment the other day, I missed it. Would you be interested in a meetup in CDA? We're thinking of putting one together the week of August 10th

That's okay, and I did reply, lol, but I know it's so hard to keep up with absolutely everything sometimes! I would love to come to a CDA meetup that week, just let me know the time and place and will try to be there!😊

Awesome!! If you use, please direct message me there. I will be doing a post soon about it with all the details. It will most likely be at a restaurant that has plenty of space and probably a week night. This should be fun!

I understand what you feel 100%! You could travel hundred thousand miles away from home, but almost everyone is willing to return to the land where they have born and grown up! I'm traveling a lot for the last 10 years, met people from tens of different countries, visited hundreds of cities so far, but the only thing I want at end of day is to be back to home sleeping like a bear! YET I live in a different city than were I was born. My home is where I decide to settle lifetime. Some day you'll make that decision too.

Fantastic commenting @develcuy. Thanks so much for understanding

You are so lucky to have these experiences. And your family to share them with. My family (except for me) is the opposite. Not one of them has ever left the town where they were born. And they don't want to...

Well, I definitely can understand that type of perspective @kryptoking. Thanks for reading!

@gringalicious , You and your crew have got the right idea about life. Most people are too scared to make decisions even a fraction of the magnitude as the ones you and your family have made.
Welcome back to the States! Steem On! :)

Thanks @sandstorm! I'm so happy to know I have so much support from all of my Steemian friends!

Your very welcome @gringalicious :)
I wish you all the best in getting your new situation situated!

gr8 story. I want to travel with you dear. keep me!
Share my FREE udemy course to help the new comers.

Really an epic adventure @gringalicious! I'm so happy to read part of your life story, I will check out all your family memebers on steemit and make sure to welcome them!

That is so nice of you @progressivechef. I will be sure to tell all my family members what a great steemian you are.

Oh that's so sweet of you! I'm on my way to follow them all right now!

That is an amazing story! It is so cool you guys had packed up before and moved to Chile. What an adventure. Now back in the states for the time being. What a cool experience!

So many great pictures. I have seen things about Patagonia especially in the documentary 180 Degrees South and I have been to Idaho. I really love northern Idaho and was able to swim in that lake by Pondaray and Sandpoint. It is amazing up there!

That's where I'm at right now, Sandpoint and yes it's gorgeous! Thanks for reading @brianphobos!

Wonderful, great, interesting story! I loved it. What amazes me is how you're able to do your food posts with all that going on, too, Tori. @gringalicious

It is so much to keep up with but I love to stay busy. Thanks @chessmonster!

Best of luck in your new home. 🏡

That is an awesome post.

I'm so glad things came together to get you and all your family members back to the USA. :D

Now we are neighbors. :D

Welcome back to North America everyone and welcome to the steemit family to everyone, especially to your dad, now that he's finally joining. :D

I'm sure he appreciates that very much @frostyamber, I know I do! Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!

You're welcome. It was a great post to read. :D Say hi to everyone. :D

Have an awesome weekend as well. :D

So, we're neighbors. Would you be interested in a steemit meetup next month?

It would be very cool but I think we are still pretty far apart neighbors...Google Maps says that Idaho USA is 45 hours from New Brunswick would be really neat to meet other steemians though. :D

Really amazing, living a life like this is the best, my dream, beautiful photos and content

Thanks @day1! I really hope you have the chance to experience your own future adventures!

I will surely do it, regards ❤❤❤❤ ;)

Thank you for sharing your amazing story and photos, and welcome back!

I'm thrilled to be back and so happy to be sharing! Thanks @mikegun!

Well I would be happy to be out of the USA Study the political financial situation of the USA and their are many places that are more desirable to live thats for sure. Dont drink the water here and dont get any shots ;-)

Thanks @wavemaster! I really appreciate it!

Good for you my friend.

Thanks for reading my friend @exx007!!!

Congratulations on successfully making it back home. It's awesome that you were able to explore Chile for four years and now you can bring your international perspective to the states with you.

Yeah, my international perspective has already been helping me. I know it will add to my life going forward. Thanks so much for the great comment @heymattsokol

wow seems you have an amazing adventures like... keep doing your thing and may blessing follow you.rozsa4.jpg

Great story, Idaho is beautiful.

I am glad you liked it @beginningtoend. I hope I did not include too much boring detail. I tried to condense it and just couldn't find a way to shorten it

Nice Disney Pics! Everything looks incredibly beautiful :)

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Woow. Awesome shots you got here. Enjoy your adventure. ☺

Thank you so much @ememovic! Have an awesome weekend!

@gringalicious Wow.. You make me jealous

Oh, well thanks @broaceh! I always write with the aim to inspire.

@gringalicious I always wait for your next post..
Big Thanks for you @gringalicious

great story, nice pics

I appreciate it @followyourfeet! Thanks!

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You are back! If only there was a travel challenge right now going on that has a couple places in the US ..... HINT :)

Thanks for reading @goldmatters! I'm so appreciative!

WIll you participate?? :)

So love Travel in US..

Will you participate?

Sure. So like Travel

Hi @gringalicious I like your post and I resteem it. :)

Thanks @muarju! It's so nice of you to share it!

Looking forward to your new united states blogging! If you ever roll by Vegas, I got ya 😀

Good to know. I'll keep that in mind if ever I go your way. Thanks @stackin!

Such a delightful story and a wonderful family. We are glad that you are back in the USA. All the best to all of you.

I'm an argentinian raised in California who was later brought back.. and girl, I know what you mean regarding cultural differences!! I missed the US dearly at first, as I felt american more than anything else. I don't know how much things have changed since, but I kind of always felt if I went back I'd never want to leave. That being said, enjoy your stay @gringalicious!

PS: You've got some of the coolest parents.

How awesome that you've come from a similiar background. I wish you the best down in Argentina and yes I have amazing parents. Thanks @diesom!

Thank you :)

Now, I know what you meant by having a big family an no such problem as leftover brownies. :D So great to get some insight into your life @gringalicious!

Haha, yes that's right. My family has no problem with putting food away. Thanks for all your continued support @alinalisa!

Good one indeed,I wish you success in your decision. Great post indeed . Bless you all. Upped.

I hope you have a blessed day @charles1! Thanks so much!

You are welcome my dear @gringalicious , always. Keep steeming.

How does it feel to be back in the US?

Wow, I read all the details...

You are obviously blessed by being part of a very creative and adventurous family! Welcome back to the states, for however long, all of you. I wish you the very best sojourn here.

Thanks for this very inspiring post! It seems very likely to me that your story could actually change the course of many other lives for the better.



Wow, that's a huge compliment! Thanks for reading @creatr! Have a great day!

So exciting! Great to have you back in the states - nomadic lifestyles are underrated...

I completely agree @davevandewalle! I'm so glad you feel that way too. Thanks for reading.

Yeah...pretty crazy everyone came back! Can't wait to see Idaho. I am glad to be part of the craziness now! :D

Well, we're so glad to have you along for the ride @drobinson! Thanks!

Very cool! I am an expat living in Santiago at the moment and is a dream of mine to someday own property in Southern Chile. What part of Patagonia were you living in?

First Llifen on Lago Ranco and then Puerto Varas for a long time. Best wishes for your time in Santiago my friend @neutrino!

Such a great story of one of the most amazing families I know. I love it how you all do everything together. Wish my family would move as one too, but unfortunately, our dreams are too different for that! Good luck to all of you!

I understand that @amy-goodrich, every family is unique and different and I wish yours blessings and health!

Congrats on the move! Hope the transition is smooth and enjoyable!

So do I! Thank you so much @drstevegilbert!

Welcome back to the States, officially! Awesome :-)

Thanks @scaredycatguide. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of energy so, I am super excited. We're planning a steemit meetup here in North Idaho for the 2nd week of August for example. I'll be posting about that soon

Sounds good, a FL meetup sounds better. LOL. Lots of ideas - I hear that! Energy, that seems to be at a premium for me these

Well, I am going to ride this high for as long as it lasts, full throttle!

Woow outstanding post have fun
Happy weekend

Congratulations on being able to tell us all about your big change! I bet that feels good now. It's nice that you have plenty of summer to enjoy, too. It sounds like you have a nice kitchen and photography setup, too, so that's really good! Here's to all of your North American possibilities and dreams coming true! And with an appreciation of your time in Chile -- like that photo of your brother out on the lake! :D

Thanks so much for the well wishes @haphazard-hstead. Yes, it is a big change and it is big energy at the moment which is great! I'll be doing a post soon on the 'new' kitchen and studio. And, I am glad you liked that photo of my brother on the lake. I think you commented on that one when I posted it months ago for a photo challenge, LOL. Have a great Sunday!

Welcome back! Sounds like you had quite the adventures down in Chile. It seems the best part was you were with your family. Family is the very best.

I can't possibly agree more @bigpanda! Family means more than anything.

What a fun story! Glad I got to find you here in this community! I'm new here and it's Awesome to see the adventures everyone is having as they travel and move around, but the thing that caught my eye was that you are from Idaho! Me too! Love that state ~ I'm from the southeast part of Idaho and it's a beautiful state! Good luck with your move back & let the adventures continue!!

Awesome, I fellow steemian from Idaho. Welcome to steemit. Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to leave an awesome comment @lifetimelearner

What an interesting story! Thanks for sharing what you have already. I really enjoy seeing your food posts so do keep them up. Best to you and your family with your new adventures back in the states.

A few years ago I went to Peru and Brazil with some friends and we loved it down there. I hope to make it to Chile one day... ;)

I hope you can make it to Chile also. The South is beautiful. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and for leaving a great comment @luey

Amazing story and am glad to be part of this. I have upvoted and resteemed. Wish u all the very best.

Thanks @nainaztengra, I appreciate you taking the time to comment

That's extremely excited!!!.......
Great for you @gringalicious :)))
Super pics!!!

Oh, you're so kind @awesome-seven, thanks!

Hello, thaks for sharing you post with us. Would you be able to help me out a bit? I am trying to organize a meet-up in Prague for fellow steemians sometimes in October... Would be great if you could help me out to share this article so I can get some feedback and see if people would be interested: Thanks for your help! Good luck and Steem on. Tomas

Congratulations @gringalicious!
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That's fantastic, thanks so much @arcange

Awesome photography and lovely place for traveling.You deserve for vote.Please check my post.

A wonderful post!
A big happy family!
Beautiful pictures!

Thank you so much @deleni!

welcome back to the USA, glad to have you back 😀👍

so great photos, the photography is so real that it seems i am with you, seeing with my own eyes all that fantastic place

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