Madrid - Street dancers

in #travel3 years ago (edited)

A few weeks ago we visited Madrid with my wife. A gorgeous city with impressive architecture, but I'll write for some of the next posts.

I want to share with you the current video my wife shot, and I co-wrote and published. Amazing street artists! In many places I've seen street performances, but that definitely impressed me. Very good preparation of the young people, very good contact with the audience.

The show lasted about 30 minutes. The released video is only part of the performance.


Dance is a good form of exercise, but not all form of dance are appreciable.

The strong part of this dance is acrobatics. The dance is not very stylish but creates an incredible mood! The sense of the place of performance is much stronger than what a video can create. :)

It is a very pleasant experience to wander through the old streets of European cities. The artists, musicians and dancers, living sculptures create a special mood. They are remembered.

I need your advice on Greece) Please see if I have correctly written the names of the temples in the last post. Thank you )

street dancers rock, nice edits. Do you know you can use dtube on the steemit blockchain to post videos?

was looking at some of your other posts too. I like the quotes. I am running an experiment here on steemit with the aim of improving retention and the steemit experience and after looking at your account I think it is something you might enjoy. come on over and join in on the discussion

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