Traveling as the path to freedom and to myself Reisen als Weg zur Freiheit und mir selbst

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Why did I decide to leave everything behind and got rid of all my posessions that couldnt fit in my backpack?

I want to find and reinvent myself

I felt I have lost my way, I felt like a stranger within myself very often. I was not happy with the person I was or the person I am but I feel like I am moving in the right direction now and as I pick up more and more momentum I get there faster and faster.
I felt I needed a restart and this is a big reason what this part of my life will be all about, creating a life and a me I am happy with.

I want to inspire people

Maybe it is my ego with the need to feel special but I want to inspire people to take action. To bring change to their lifes and go for their dreams.
Maybe this sound more judgemental as it is meant to be and I am still "young" and have a lot to learn still with my 34 years, but I dont want to settle for this medicore happiness or worse unhappiness I see so many people living in. Paying bills, doing a job they dont like think "yes this is ok, it pays good and I have a lot of holiday".
I want to be the living proof that happiness is not only for the lucky and the strong. The people who inspire me the most are people traveling the path less traveled creating their own life and I want to be one of them.


I want to teach

And therfore I have to learn. nothing comes to my mind what can teach me so much about life, myself, different cultures, getting new views and ideas and expanding my horizon as reading and traveling. But traveling takes you out of your comfortzone and it is an "active" learning which makes it more intense.
You meet people from all over the world, especially if you travel alone and you realize how life differs from what you think is normal but also as much as we all want the same. A Thai would say "same, same but different"
The travelers you meet are really open usually because they are on holiday or on the search themselves and the locals are happy to share their culture. You get the best of both worlds as a tourist.

I want to be free

Maybe my adventure is just a form of running away from responsibilities I had living a "normal" life? I was annoyed by just opening my letters. As for now I am a bum...or a bird that sounds nicer. But this feeling of beeing homless and be able to go wherever the fuck it pleases me....I dont want to give this up and enjoy beeing a Bumbird for now.

When I sold my appartment and stuff I was sad first but now I am starting to realize how cluttered my life was with all those things I thought I needed.
I think this is my most important realization so far.

My Journey has just started and I will let you know if I can figure out more


Warum habe ich alles verkauft was nicht in meinen Rucksack passte?

Ich will mich selbst neu erfinden

Ich war an einem Punkt in meinem Leben andem ich unglücklich und sehr unzufrieden mit mir selbst war. Ich hatte mich verändert über die Jahre bis zu einem Punkt wo ich mir selbst fremd war. Ich brauchte einen Neustart. Fernab von meinem Umfeld und Gewohnheiten.

Ich will Menschen inspirieren

Vielleicht ist es mein Ego aber ich will jemand besonderes sein, nicht berühmt sondern ich will Leute dazu bringen ihr Leben zu überdenken und den Mut aufzubringen ihren Träumen zu folgen. Das klingt vielleicht verurteilender als es gemeint ist und ich habe noch sehr viel über das Leben zu lernen mit 34 aber ich kann dieses zufriedengeben aber dennoch nicht wirklich glücklich sein nicht aktzeptieren. "Nein mein Job macht mir keinen Spass, aber wird gut bezahlt und ich habe x Urlaubstage"

Die Leute die mich am meisten inspirieren haben ein Leben erschaffen was abseits der Norm ist und ich will einer von diesen Leuten irgendwann sein.


(ich habe leider keine Deutsche Übersetzung finden können, daher frei übersetzt "Keine Sicherheit der Welt ist das Leiden eines mittelmäßiges Lebens, gekettet an den Alltag der deine Träume zerstörte, wert.")

Ich will Menschen etwas beibringen

Und dafür muss ich lernen. Mir fällt nichts ein was mich mehr lehren kann über das Leben, mich selbst und andere Kulturen wie Lesen und Reisen. Reisen bringt mich jedoch raus aus meiner Komfortzone und ist ein aktiveres und somit intensiveres lernen.
Man trifft Leute aus der ganzen Welt und merkt wie verschieden und dennoch gleich wir alle sind. Der Thai würde sagen "Same Same but different"
Die Reisenden die man trifft sind meistens sehr herzlich und offen, da sie entweder gute Laune haben da sie im Urlaub sind oder selber auf der Suche, die Einheimischen sind oft stolz auf ihre Kultur und auch interessiert zu lernen.

Ich will frei sein

Vielleicht ist mein Abenteuer auch nur eine Form des Weglaufens und das streuben Verantwortung zu haben? Eine Rolle in der Gesellschaft zu übernehmen?
Mich hat es schon genervt meine Post zu öffnen.
Jetzt bin ich Obdachloser...oder Vogel das klingt besser. Das Wissen und die Möglichkeit, dass ich hingehen kann wohin ich will...das gebe ich so schnell nicht wieder her.
Als ich meine Wohnung verkaufte und ausräumte war ich erst sehr traurig, doch jetzt stelle ich fest wie wenig ich die Dinge vermisse, bei denen ich dachte ich brauche sie unbedingt und wie sehr sie mein Leben zumüllten.
Ich denke das ist meine wichtigste Erkenntnis bis jetzt.

Meine Reise hat erst begonnen und falls ich mehr rausfinde lasse ich es euch wissen



Da bietet Steemit wirklich eine Super Möglichkeit, um Deine Ziele zu erreichen ! Toller Beitrag ! :)

Vielen Dank.

Ja Steemit ist da wirklich eine super Möglichkeit.

Aus Interesse wie bist du über den doch ja schon etwas älteren Beitag gekommen?

As of now I am also free bird, do not know were my instincts take me. So I would rather enjoy as a free bird while I can, verses someone telling me what to do in life.

Great post. I felt like I was reading about my life. Upvoted and resteemed.

The same goes for me at this time. A very uncertain future but a very exciting and free one.

Thank you a lot. I am happy you could emphesize with my writting

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There is no such a thing like "normal life". Life is life! Live it as you feel! End of story!
And forget about depressions and lost paths. It's a privilege to wake up every morning and be alive!

How you mean forget about depressions and lost paths? Like they are not real?

Yes I agree it is a privilege to be alive and I hope I will continue with it tomorrow

They are real. Is just we should fight every day!

Yes @hebro! Depressions and lost paths are real and part of life. We face them, no matter how hard it is. It is for our own growth then we move on....

nice one. It is a whole new experience when we rediscover ourselves

Yes you are right.

Life can change quickly it is a rediscovery and reinvention atm but I like it. Life is good atm

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Way to live life! I quit my job and started teaching English overseas a couple years ago. Upvoted and followed you.
I also post a lot about travel if you're interested :)

That sounds interesting.

You ever regret your decision?

It may not have been the best choice financially. But they've been the best two years of my adult life and I've seen amazing places and met great people. So I've never once wished I was back at my old office job life.

that sounds like it was worth it to me.

while I still working for financial independence, my personal happiness comes first

I feel a little bit the same. I was not happy with my life and I knew that something must change. Even it sounds really hard, but I broke up with my girlfriend and deleted most of my social media accounts. Breaking up felt really dirty but I knew it had to be done. I want to give her the chance to meet someone who can give her all the love she deserves. For me, financially freedom was always my first goal and I now know that I will achieve that goal.

My girlfriend and me decided to break up around 15 month ago. We were together for 9 years. But our life goals grew so much apart we started to make each other unhappy. Was not a fun experience but if you are unhappy, it is hard to make others especially somone so close as a girlfriend, happy.

Of course I dont know your exact situation but it sounds a bit like you didnt loved her anymore and there is no sense in sacrifacing yourself to keep her happy imo.

I have lost contact with my ex around 4 month ago but I know she found what she was looking for and even it was a bit weired at the beginning I am really happy for her and I am on my own path as well.

well to sum it up

change is necessary even it can be harsh

This is very beautiful @flipstar. You're definitely heading tot he right direction, just keep on going! I admire your courage to make a big change in your life, and every day you're taking new challenges to become a better person.

You really stand out from the rest, not a lot of men will do that...

thank you.

I took some leaps of faith and so far they seem to work out for the most part. We shall see how everything plays out

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