Staying with family

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We have made it to Sweden and will be staying with my Mom in her apartment for the next two months. Her apartment is not large, by western standards at least. She has her bedroom and we take over the living room and make that into our bedroom. Last summer we also visited and were a little nervous about the five of us staying with her for several weeks. Because of this, we had arranged to house sit for friends (you can read about it in my post from last summer: Why having a house is not for us!). But we found that moving several times and being in someone else's space was very stressful. And we also learned that staying with my Mom worked very well. We get along just fine and if it gets to be too much for her she has another place about an hour away where she can stay any time she wants.

How much space do you really need when you sleep?

Our "bedroom" during the day.

Moving in like this is not something that would work with just anyone. We've learned that it works great with my Mom, but I would be very hesitant to do it with just about anyone else that we know. Short visits are fine but longer ones like this can get very hard and potentially bad for the relationship between us and our hosts. This is one reason that I like when we can visit people in the US and park our trailer in their driveway. They don't have to host us or feed us or do anything special because we are there. We are just as much home as they are. We can focus on hanging out when we want to and as much as we want to but also just go home and be by ourselves (or let them be by themselves).

The dream is to have a small motorhome in Sweden that can be our home when we spend time here. This would allow us to keep some things here and also to visit friends and family without having to invade their space. It would also make it easier for us to explore Sweden and all of Europe too. Right now we don't have the money to invest in any kind of Swedish RV. Maybe in a couple of years or if I start getting more than a half dozen votes on my posts and the value of Steem goes way up.

Thanks for following the journey of me and my family as we travel and roadschool our kids around the USA.

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