SUMMING UP OUR 5 DAYS TRIP ON ISLAND /// Waterfalls. Local motocross.

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Our little trip on island has ended and we are full of excitement and beauty of Bali, seriously , there are so many things to do and to see, it just keeps you charged 24/7. We haven’t visited everything and as we are staying in Bali for half a year, we will have time to do it.

This time we want to tell you about probably the most powerful and beautiful waterfalls and how we unexpectedly attended local motocross.


The waterfall we chose to go was Tukad Cepung. It was about 1 hour drive from Ubud and you know what? That hour passed by like 5 minutes, because the road to waterfall was so beautifuly-amazingly-green. A lot of palm trees around and rice fields as well, villages without tourists and roads without cars.


The sun was shining through the trees and the air was so fresh, we were full of joy and we wanted to stop every hundred meters to enjoy the beauty.



When we arrived to waterfall we paid 10 000 rupees per person (14 000 = 1$) and started our way down to waterfall. It took around 10 minutes to get there, a lot of greenery on the way and a bit of stairs as well, to keep visitors in shape, haha.




The entrance into the waterfall was quite mysterious, because we have never been to a place where waterfall is located in a cave.
We took off our sneakers and followed a small river and it took us to 2 big rocks and they looked so magical because of the sun rays laying on them. It seemed like this is a corner of a place where miracles happen as soon as you get on the rock and while standing in the shadow you touch the rays and they are filling you with light and positivity. Oh, I want to go back, haha.




While we were taking photos a line of visitors was growing (we chose the wrong time to go there).

We went a little bit further and the view on waterfall appeared, there were people standing in a queue to take pictures. It made me think of the time we are spending on phones, okay, they took pictures, but did they actually enjoy it?

Our camera was wet and full of drops on the lens, we couldn’t capture the waterfall, but we did it with our eyes and we managed to enjoy it.


The waterfall is worth visiting, but go there early in the morning and please, stop, enjoy and soak in the beauty of it :)

!TIP! All the waterfalls you want to visit go there a little bit after sunrise, because no tourists will disturb you)



We were wiser this time and we woke up at 6 am to be at the waterfall as early as possibly.

It was a cold morning, because we were up in mountains, we wore up our warmest clothes and we started our 20 minutes ride. We slowly drove into the morning fog in combination with golden sun rays.



We were getting closer and on our way there were at least 3 registration spots, where people can register and ask for a guide. I am not sure about the price, because at 7 am there are no one who can charge you and this is why we didn’t pay for entry :D


Get ready for a great amount of stairs which takes around 10-15 minutes to go to the Sekumpul waterfall. They can be slippery because of the humidity.

When we got to a waterfall we were speechless. Speechles, amazed and surprised by the huge waterfall, the stream of the water was so powerful, the small drops were like a rain and without doubts we took our clothes off and quickly got to a small pond to do swimming. Oohhhh, it was so amazing, one of the best things we did in Bali so far :D The water was cool but not cold, so if one day you will manage to go there, definitely recommend to jump in to the water.



After waterfall we went around to explore. We did a little bit of hiking, climbed some rocks to cross the river and went down to another waterfall Fuji. There were three average size waterfalls, but the Sekumpul was more impressive.




There are many options to do in that area, you can go for a long hike, or just arrive to the nearest parking to go to the Sekumpul or Fuji waterfalls, to do hiking with view points to waterfalls, to stop for a lunch or breakfast with the best views, to go water slide near by.


After a great spent morning on our way back to hotel we saw an advert that somewhere not far away from us there is a motocross happening.



We thought just for an experience and comparing we should go there.


Crowds of local people supporting their favorites, music brought on the atmosphere and it felt like some kind of party. Participants had to ride only 5 laps of not so big track and there were no dangerous hills to jump. Looked like this was amateur competition.


We were the only foreigners there and probably everyone had a question, what the hell are they doing here? :D


  1. We were surprised that the whole island is not so big and you don’t need 3 days to cross it.

  2. If you have a chance or a willingness to hike volcanos, DO IT! We left it for a bit later, and I am sure it’s gonna be more than worth hiking it. Mount Batur and Mount Agung (the highest peak in Bali) are places to go!

  3. Take approximately one week to see everything on island.

4)Bali is full of waterfalls and each of them probably is worth visiting.


THANK YOU FOR READING and as always we are happy to read your feedback! Stay toned for more and don’t forget to stay positive.


Extreme Romance!


My oh my, it’s looks like a dream land! By the way you both are incredible photographers! I love the pictures you take so much, perfect angles and have such a great eye for the right shot. I love the two shots you have with the sun peeking through the trees and then the sun over the clouds, so cool! Plus the waterfall are just stunning, and you have some pro motoX pictures to add haha!😀But, you are right in saying just take it in with our eyes, that’s the best camera of them all!

Really, the waterfalls look stunning! One thing I do love alongside sunsets, is waterfalls... just so beautiful, peaceful and fun!

Wow, great to hear you are spending 6 months in Bali, that will be incredible! I really want to do an Indonesian travel trip one day soon, within the next 2-3 years I’ll do it:)

We are so lucky to be able to explore and have a great time whilst doing it all with a smile and open mind 😀 I will be in Thailand in 9 days!

I look forward to your next post, enjoy every day and keep on living the dream :)

Thank you very much! Your comment is much appreciated as always. We hope you'll make it to this part of SE Asia too, it's absolutely incredible here. So much to explore, so many thing to do and so many people to meet.

Wow guys, are the best I can read, it was worth the wait for this post, read their adventures also fill us with life, just imagine being there, Ubud I fell in love caught me by their colors, rice plantations, hidden waterfalls behind a dense and clear weed is: for its incredible culture.

That looks like a spectacular waterfall! How tall is it? The tallest one looks to be quite high. Those photos with the sunbeams are spectacular :-)

I don't know about that bridge, though. Was that thing sound? The bamboo railing should be pretty tough, but the slabs you walk on look precarious. It's a neat-looking bridge, though!

Motocross and waterfalls... There's a beautiful three-tiered waterfall near where I live and the entrance is right next to the local motor club. The falls is usually loud enough to drown out the sound of motors, though, making it a generally peaceful place.

Very nice post. It looks like you're having a good time!

Sekumpul Waterfall is 80m high and photos cannot show the full beauty of it. You're lucky to have such a beauty near your home. Where you're from?

I live in southern Minnesota, in the USA.

(1) Your trip is full of nature, greenery and full of romance at its best.

(2) One thing notice about this article of travel experience is you never forget to synchronize the great photography along with that writings and that bring the real feel to readers.

(3) I think that water fall experience was quite beautiful for both of you.

Wishing both of you more favorable and lovable moment every time you go out for a trip.

Thank you very much for your lovely comment, we appreciate it a lot!

Thank you too and Enjoy this great moment of your life.

so unreal photos... love them

Great post guys. You really have shown Bali the way I remember it. Haven't been there in years now, but I'm seriously considering spend December and January in Ubud. Love that island. Thanks for Sharing! Hope you guys are well. -Dan

Hey Dan! Thanks for your comment. If by any chance you end up here, let us know. We think we will stay here for a while, most likely till January or even longer. Hope you're well. - Yan

Awesome! Assuming we are both there at the same time, we'll surely meet up!

Wow what a an amazing place ! The shining palm tree , fresh air, mysterious cave, water fall everything really pure beauty of nature and i liked more the water fall that's water is not cold that really is a good things that everyone can enjoy it. I have no idea about this place before that really a perfect place for travelling. Thanks to share your lovely exciting travel.

Thanks a lot! The whole island is full of beauty and wonders. Come and visit!

seems like you have lot of fun in travelling
it is seen in pictures that it is an awesome place to travel

Thank you! Traveling is always fun! So many new things to see and learn. Incredible experience.

yes you are right

this is an amazing adventure! from the events to the pictures makes it feel like a wonderland. indeed the romance is extreme. thanks for captivating my gaze with these wonderful piece.

We're very glad you enjoyed it! There's much more to explore, so stay tuned!

We're very glad you
Enjoyed it! There's much more to
Explore, so stay tuned!

                 - extremeromance

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The light capture near the waterfall is my favorite. It looks like you both are in an ethereal realm! Good luck on your next adventure :)

Thanks man, there so much to explore here!

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