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Everything started with an early morning, actually, whatever you want to do, the sunrise or the sunset time is the best for 2 reasons. Firstly, you can take the most beautiful pictures and the second reason is there are no crowds of tourists.



So we decided to check out now so popular “The Campuhan Ridge Walk”. If you are in Ubud and didn’t do it, count it as you didn’t visit it at all.




We started our little morning walk, with every step it got more spectacular, views were opening and sun was rising. Could be a bit more quite, because some local tourists decided to go in company and you can probably imagine how “quiet” it was. But as long as they were far away from us, we could enjoy every second.



The greenery around was filling us with its calmness and refreshment.

This walk is about 2 km long and it can take from 40 minutes to 2,3,4 hours if you want. Great place for stunning pictures, jogging and feeding your soul.




After breakfast we knew where to go next, it was Tegenungan waterfall, around 30 minutes drive from Ubud. We realized that it can be full of tourists but we risked it.


Firstly, you have to pay for entry, 2000 rupees per person. Then it takes a bit of stairs to concur to get down to the waterfall. While going down there is one small waterfall from the left side with nice swings.



When we got to the waterfall, there were a bit of tourists but still, we could enjoy it and take some photos.



The waterfall itself was in a well located place, it wasn’t huge, because we have something to compare to, haha.


Out of curiosity we went for a walk to explore the romantic streets of Ubud. Every restaurant put on some nice music, turn on the lights and it’s such a pleasure to go for a walk like this. In some more popular restaurants there was a live music. Music bands were playing instrumental and reggae, sound was flying around and you could hear it all over the street.


Invite your loved one for a romantic date, buy an ice cream and just talk about things which made you fall in love with each other.



For sunset we wanted to check out so famous rice fields, but when we got there we saw a lot of big buses full of tourists, loads of scooters and cars and for what? For dry rice terraces, hahah :D No doubts they are beautiful, but I guess it wasn’t a right time for visiting them. We didn’t want to spend money for it and Yan offered to go wherever the road leads.

The road was going uphill and it was getting colder, we thought where the hell are we going? And after driving 30 minutes we accidentally arrived to Mt. Batur (volcano) and the view surprised us a lot from the first second. We really wanted to stay there for sunset, but it was too cloudy and cold :D

After checking the mountain we decided that we want to go trekking next morning, because the thought of the ‘climbing the volcano’ sounded great.


For the best views we had to wake up at 3 am to get ready, to drive till the mountain (around 1 hour) and to climb it till the sun rises. BUT GUESS who couldn’t wake up so early in the morning? Yayy, we couldn’t and missed our chance, but at least we had a great sleep in our warm bed :D

For this one we are gonna come back one day, because we can’t miss this chance.

There are so many things we want to see and explore, so we thought maybe we should stay in Bali for longer?! :)


Thank you for lovely feedback, it keeps us inspired.


Extreme Romance


Wow, some amazing pictures you can take :) love them. The ones of you both overlooking the stunning views are so great, and that waterfall does look very beautiful for sure. Ubud sounds really cool and it’s great to see you both enjoying it😀 it’s always a shame about the tourists... I went to koh phiphi in Thailand and its one of the most beautiful islands in the world... but... majorly focused on young tourists wanting to drink. Either way it was so cool finding other things to do outside of the craziness, like kayaking around the island and jumping in with the fish to watch the sunset haha! 😀

Aw the restaurants and live music seem like there’s great atmosphere in Ubud :) I can see why so many people like it there!:)

Keep up the great posts and amazing photos, and keep enjoying yourselves! That’s what life is all about, having the experiences we want and enjoying the journey😀 I was meant to be coming to Bali end of June, but I’ve decided to go back to Thailand first due to money reasons. I’ll be living on Koh Samui there again for a while whilst I plan what’s next :) it’s going to be great!

Ps I think you found the worlds tallest palm tree haha! That’s huge!

Wow, we just love your comments @sunsethunter, really <3
A huge THANKS to you for these amazing words.
Life is wonderful and this is the reason why we enjoy it so much!
Hahahah, maybe not the tallest, but the lonliest for sure :D

Aw thanks😀 I love your posts and way of life :)

Exactly! Life is wonderful and when we realise this then everything we have the chance to do is just even more incredible:)

Hahaha at least you were both there to give the lonely palm tree some company 😜 🌴

(1) Finally you are with an article which is worth of extreme romance. You did justice to your steemit ID today.

(2) Before calling out the nature to inspire our life, it was more of the inner soul which inspires us the most and then it radiates outside and in the process of getting radiated it whispers many beautiful words and that is evident from the picture and the way you both are holding each other's hand and I am sure the chemistry is really doing the trick for both of you. I wish both of you remain so forever.

(3) You mentioned about that fall, you mentioned about the nature and you also mentioned about that romantic street, but one thing I could notice is that romance was is being filled right from the morning and its still on and I am sure it is not going to stop even at the end of this trip. So let the "extreme romance" carry forward.......


The truth is that the way you describe it is evidence that it was a spectacular stay, in addition the photos give testimony of such a beautiful place there in the island-Pippi-Thailand and in the midst of that nature that the Creator gives us.

Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
I call super attention the perfectly unreal beauty of this place, the Asian countries have something that often falls in love with the tourist, This town is magical ... smell of incense everywhere, baskets made of palm leaves with offerings for their Gods, they are everywhere! On the sidewalks, in the entrances of the houses, of the shops ... It is difficult not to step on a floral basket made with so much care!

Ubud, a city of artists and artisans, rich in commerce and although it is super tourist, transmits perfectly their ancestral beliefs, their sacred rituals through their ceremonies and prayers.

The culture here is so unique and incredible. As you mentioned about those baskets, it's absolutely true.
I can say that i would stay in Ubud even for life, but there is no ocean and it's a pity, haha.
Gladly, we have time here and we are ready to explore everything!

he lacks just that to be perfect

Agree with you.

Wow! I love those back-lit photos with the ambient light! The waterfall is very pretty, too. As for the stone piles, someone obviously had a lot of time on their hands.

Oh, and those street lamps in the 3rd-to-last photo are amazing! Whoever designed those was obviously very dedicated. Very nice!

Yeah, Ubud is full of surprising beauty and not catching some moments on camera would be silly, hahah.

This post is full of excitement and enthusiasm. Come on girl you people are living a life.
Great pictures and beautiful places ,I feel like I have been there from your many pictures.
Have a good time and keep sharing these breathtaking photos.

While traveling the inspiration is huge, that's why enthusiasm and excitement comes out.
Thank you, we are trying to give you the atmosphere..still more of photos are coming, stay tuned.

Yeah that's right.
Sure I ain't going nowhere.
Have fun

Nice! You guys are in Ubud. I love Bali. I haven't been there in about 6 years. But I'm thinking about spending Maybe December and January there this year. Just stay in Ubud for the most part. Such a great and unique place on the planet. Hope you guys are doing well. I'm still Hanging lose with Family in New York State. But it's getting old, I'm sure I'll bounce out of here soon. Have a great day! -Dan

Your adventures look awesome! Would love to connect with you! Me and my girlfriend have been to Ubud before as well! We plan on going back to Asia next year as well! Just not completely sure where yet! Your trips have looked awesome though :)

Wonderfull. Very inspiring sir @extremeromance. Like I say before in your post, both of you is extreme, this teach us to still romance with our couple everywhere and anywhere. So sir, Indonesia has give you a green view and fresh air, as Indonesian People, thanks for your promotion about Indonesia, especially Bali. Proud of you. So next, we wait you in #aceh. We have more and different view and very interesting. God Bless You.. Come on all steemian.. Dont forget to Romance with your couple.

Thank you so much for these kind words! You should definitely be in harmony with your couple, not only romance :)
Be good and do good!

Harmony in my opinion is including in true romance. Romance maybe is big defintion and true act is doing harmony. Hehe. Thanks for inspiration words sir.

Really gorgeous photographs. I liked the The first one and stacked rocks. I loved seeing the waterfall too. Good thing the volcano was not active :) Will be staying tuned for more of your adventures. Cheers!

I love the first pictures! They could be directly out of the garden of eden.
... damn i need to go there!

Nice work! :)

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