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Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
I call super attention the perfectly unreal beauty of this place, the Asian countries have something that often falls in love with the tourist, This town is magical ... smell of incense everywhere, baskets made of palm leaves with offerings for their Gods, they are everywhere! On the sidewalks, in the entrances of the houses, of the shops ... It is difficult not to step on a floral basket made with so much care!

Ubud, a city of artists and artisans, rich in commerce and although it is super tourist, transmits perfectly their ancestral beliefs, their sacred rituals through their ceremonies and prayers.


The culture here is so unique and incredible. As you mentioned about those baskets, it's absolutely true.
I can say that i would stay in Ubud even for life, but there is no ocean and it's a pity, haha.
Gladly, we have time here and we are ready to explore everything!

he lacks just that to be perfect

Agree with you.

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