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Wow, some amazing pictures you can take :) love them. The ones of you both overlooking the stunning views are so great, and that waterfall does look very beautiful for sure. Ubud sounds really cool and it’s great to see you both enjoying it😀 it’s always a shame about the tourists... I went to koh phiphi in Thailand and its one of the most beautiful islands in the world... but... majorly focused on young tourists wanting to drink. Either way it was so cool finding other things to do outside of the craziness, like kayaking around the island and jumping in with the fish to watch the sunset haha! 😀

Aw the restaurants and live music seem like there’s great atmosphere in Ubud :) I can see why so many people like it there!:)

Keep up the great posts and amazing photos, and keep enjoying yourselves! That’s what life is all about, having the experiences we want and enjoying the journey😀 I was meant to be coming to Bali end of June, but I’ve decided to go back to Thailand first due to money reasons. I’ll be living on Koh Samui there again for a while whilst I plan what’s next :) it’s going to be great!

Ps I think you found the worlds tallest palm tree haha! That’s huge!


Wow, we just love your comments @sunsethunter, really <3
A huge THANKS to you for these amazing words.
Life is wonderful and this is the reason why we enjoy it so much!
Hahahah, maybe not the tallest, but the lonliest for sure :D

Aw thanks😀 I love your posts and way of life :)

Exactly! Life is wonderful and when we realise this then everything we have the chance to do is just even more incredible:)

Hahaha at least you were both there to give the lonely palm tree some company 😜 🌴

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