#Travel Diary 8 - Bursa - Turkey - For Those Who Want To Feel Ottoman Empire Alive...

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Hi dear Steemians,

After a long break, I am back to Steemit. Today I would like you to meet with a very fantastic and historical city of Turkey: Bursa. I visited there in 2014. I was amazed by the historical form of the city.. You can feel yourself like you are lost somewhere in the time..

Bursa province takes place in the west of Turkey and in the south of the Marmara Sea. Bursa is also Turkey's 4th largest metropolis. Bursa stands out with its shopping centers, parks, museums and bazaars. Especially in the history of the Ottoman Empire it has a separate place. It is just enough to say that Bursa is the first capital of Ottoman Empire.

In Bursa and around it has been determined that various settlements have existed since 4000 B.C. The oldest archaeological remains known for now in Bursa are about 7 thousand years old.

Bursa was besieged by Sultan Osman in 1307 and was taken Sultan Orhan, the son of Osman Bey on April 6, 1326, after a long siege. In 1335 the capital was moved to Bursa and major reconstruction movements were experienced in the city.

Here is the graves of the founder of the ottoman empire Sultan Osman and his son Sultan Orhan. it is a thrilling feeling that you are facing to a man who laid the foundations of a saltain that was going to reign 600 years.

You can see the Tophane Clock Tower where you will not be able to miss it when you walk into the park after you pass the grave. This tower is leading you the beautiful view of the city..

source:Google Image

There are also cannonballs remained from Ottoman Empire next to the Clock Tower.

Balibey Inn was built in Bursa in the 15th century by Balibey who was one of the important person of government in the times of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. It was built for servicing merchants and customers coming from outside the city for commercial activities in Bazaar.

The inn has 64 rooms in total and reached to today a large part of it. Some of the rooms of Balibey Inn have been used as refuges in the 1950s and some of them have been used as coffee houses in the 1970s.

Here is Cumhuriyet Street which passes through the middle of the historical Bazaar and Hanlar District. It is closed to the traffic of the car here, and a tramway line has been built in order to abandon the street to the pedestrians. In both sides of the streets you can cafes-restaurants, boutiques. The length of street reaches 2 km.

Bursa Cable Car

For those who want to take nature to a higher level, or those who want to look over Bursa from the top, we should not go on talking about the Bursa cable car. Cable car located in Bursa center. The cable car is a very practical means of transportation for those who want to go to Uludağ Mountain in the winter, but if you want to explore Uludağ in a different season and want to get away from city chaos, you should get in cable car.

I hope you enjoy my trip. I appreciate your supports.. I would like to know if you visited this city.

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Thank you so much!

Turkey as a whole can be so beautiful! You think it's safe to go there right now?


I am being surprised when people ask me whether it is safe to come to Turkey.. Here is safe.. You are welcome..

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