My journey through Thailand

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Hey fellow steemers

I want to share stories of my recent trip through Thailand. I only spent 3 weeks there but had a great time.I was backpacking and always stayed in hostels so i met loads of new people there aswell. But sadly you don´t meet that many locals.

My first stop was Chiang Rai. I spent a few days there exploring the city and visiting the White Temple and the Black House. Sadly there was still a lot of haze since they burn land to prepare for the next farming season and I was there at the end of that period.

My next stop was Chiang Mai the first two days I explored the city, visited some temples. I also joined a thai cooking class, which I can recommend doing to anyone traveling there.
And then the craziness of Songkran the Thai New Year began. Apparently Chiang Mai is the place to be for it. Basically it just is a huge three day long waterfight and big parties. There are a lot of cultural and religious events aswell, but I did not visit many of them, just saw a parade here and there.

After Songkran I went to Pai, a small, beautiful, relaxed town in the mountains. I rented a scooter there and explored the area with some fellow travelers. Sadly I only had two days there but I highly reccomend that you go there. By the time I got there we also had a bit of rain which cleared the Haze out of the air.

Then it was time to fly down south and enjoy the beaches and islands. I flew to Surat Thani, enjoyed the beautiful first seaview having lunch at the ferryport and saw an amazing sunset on the ferry.

The first island I visited was Koh Phangan where I rented a Scooter again to cruise around the place. I saw some amazing beaches, had some swims and enjoyed stunning views.

My last stop of this trip was Koh Tao. I signed up for a Open Water dive course there and fell in love with it. So i checked my funds and did a advanced course straight away aswell. So I was able to go down to 30m and dive at night. One of the highlights was diving with a Whaleshark!! at Sail Rock. Sadly I dont have an underwater camera so there are not many picuters of the dives.

That brings my adventure to an end. I hope you enjoyed reading about it and Im looking foreward to any replies.

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Beautiful pictures and post. would love to travel there.

Thanks! Following you

Ill probably post some more in a few days

Nice. Thailand is great to visit although I've never made it to the beaches. One day...

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Great post! any hostels you would recommend? I travelling to Thailand in a few weeks.

Where are you thinking about going. Happy to give you some recomendations on what to do and where to stay.
I mainly just look at hostelworld reviews for hostels. Till now that worked decently.

I'm not particularly organised so I don't have an itinerary but 'everywhere'. Thanks for the advice! sorry I didn't see your reply.

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Found your post in the minnowsupport project :) Love Thailand thanks for sharing. Isn't the white temple amazing!

Voted and followed. Looking forward to more stories of your travels

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It is amazing there. Was my second trip to Thailand and wont be my last.

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Thanks a lot

I haven't been to Tailand, but i would like to go after reading your posting.😊

Thanks I have been there twice now and I can defnitly reccomend it. If you ever need adivice or want to know something hit me up.

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thanks for your kindness!!!🙌

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@yourhelper finds your article very interesting. While you were in thailand, thinking back now, what was your impresion of the country. How does an average thai person see her visitor especially people of different colour? Are there stereotype that is prevalent and an intending visitor should be aware of?

I really love thailand thats why i went there twice already.
When I think back to it I always remeber the beautiful landscapes and beaches first.
Most Thais are really friendly and open towards visitors. As long as you respect their culture and social norms, which one should do anyway.
If you go to the less touristy places you can be somewhat of an attraction as a European and some people will want to take pictures with you. But dependig on where you go you might not even meet that many Thai people who you interact with closely.
And i can´t think of any important stereotypes one should be aware of, jus be friendly and respectful and one should be fine.
There are a lot of travelers in Thailand so the Thais are used to it. Also there is a good infrastructure for travelers which makes it easier.

Thanks for your reply...