It is really beautiful indeed. The waterfall is looking neat, clean and so on.😄

I want to see this falls.

wuao that show gives us mother nature, with this beautiful waterfall incredible I love

It is a beautiful place! Thanks for the share

I also visited this place in 2014 :)! Beautiful waterfall indeed! Here is my blog about this place:

yes friend is a beautiful waterfall and has a crystal clear water, beautiful good shot

What a beauty! I didn't see anything better than that either.
Thanks for the photo, @dominik.homa

Awesome, I love nature. Well done.

That is a powerful falls and a thing to marvel at.

That is my favorite color turquoise of water. While painting sea-scapes and waves this is the most used color to reflect the transparency of water. It is the most difficult part of painting too.

Thw waterfall is amazing phenomenon it takes your breath aways and I could stay there and just listen to that noise of falling water hours, also the breath in the air with vaporised water is so unique feeling. Thank you for bringing this memories back, Dominik. Beautiful shot!

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