Travel Tip: Sumava National Park, the Green Heart of Europe

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

Welcome to another episode of my Travel Tip edition. Despite its small size of just 79,000 sq km (30,500 sq mi), the Czech Republic boasts of four beautiful national parks, the largest one of which being the Sumava National Park.

Located in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, along the border with Germany, the Sumava National Park received the status of a national park in 1991. One year earlier, in 1990, it was also proclaimed a protected biosphere reserve of UNESCO.

Source: Shutterstock, author: Vaclav Volrab

Established to conserve and protect the biodiversity and fragile ecosystems of the area, the Sumava National Park is also home to the most extensive continuous forest in Central Europe, which earned the park the nickname “Green Heart of Europe”.

Other natural features commonly found in the Sumava National Park are large peat bogs, crystal-clear glacial lakes and remnants of primeral forests.

Source: Shutterstock, author: Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova

There are many great hiking trails in the park, making it a very popular place among tourists, hikers and nature lovers from the Czech Republic as well as other countries (most notably Germany and Austria).

Source: Shutterstock, author: Vaclav Volrab

If you decide to explore the Sumava National Park on your next visit to the Czech Repubic, make sure to take some nice photos there and submit them in my daily Prague/Czech Republic photo challenge, I am sure they will be highly appreciated by our Steemit community of photographers :)

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Hi! Absolutely not. I am not on I am on the vacation right now so do not have much time to look into int but would be great if you could send me more info at [email protected] so I can deal with it later. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Tomas

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Its a fantastic nature locations in Czech. UNESCO called it world heritage. So cool calm place for relaxation. Also we can meditate there and then keep mind positive. I never heard Czech has nature breakers. So can keep nature cleverly. Thanks for inspire me Mr. Thomas.

There surely are many amazing natural spots and Sumava National Park is just one of many. Absolutely a great place to visit if you have extended period of time to spent in the Czech Republic. Tomas

The location looks very nice. I did not known it before I read your post.👍

The power of Steemit! The source of a great information. Welcome onboard and keep on steeming. Tomas

Great post! Looks like a very interesting and beautiful place to visit!

Absolutely amazing place to visit!

Lovely place @czechglobalhosts. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country and every time you share photographs there. They make me really want to go visit your country!!

Thank you! I hope you will be able to one day. Have a good one. Tomas

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

Beautiful place to visit, thanks for sharing

The first picture is really stunning though 2nd and 3rd pics are also good. Thanks for continuously sharing these beautiful photos

beautiful nature

Wow, I would have never guessed that the Czech Republic had such scenic National Parks. Do they allow camping or is there tours in those parks?

Really great one. it a very popular place among tourists, hikers and nature lovers from the Czech Republic as well as other countries. enjoy the post sir.
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      good post and great photo 
                   i like it

wow very beautiful scenery ,, good luck always.

Wow Very amazing,,, good job and good luck.

what a butyfull plase natural and amaizing keep posting wish you best of luck @Resteemed

amazing photography great post upvoted and resteemed

My love for nature knows no bounds. Just want to see it for myself.

my God, what a gorgeous photo. thanks for the great post. very impressed.It is a perfect location for tourist to visit it.The nature lover really visit this place.really a paradise.The image were nicely taken by u.Can u guide me which camera are using for taking this type of pictures.

No disrespect but kindly read the post. This is like the fifth time you are asking me which camera I am using to take the pictures while it is very clear form the post that the images are subscribed from the Shutterstock. As to my challenges that I post daily the work is credited to all the amazing photographers here on Steemit that I do support on daily basis. Please do not ask me ever again as I will consider this as a spam and will act accordingly. Tomas

I liked the style of photography and the choice of focused camera settings and clarity it's a really fantastic touch of the soul and mind

Amazing Sumava National Park. Outstanding photography. I think may anybody travel with fun and enjoyment.

If in my residence there is a Lauser Mountain National Park. Until now a place of research from world scientists.

Hopefully one day I can go to Sumava National Park :D

wonderful nature, vary nice photography, thanks for sharing following up voted

Hey man I enjoyed your content I hope you check out my profile aswell that would make my day!!keep up.

impressive post

wow you have something very nice

good image

I like amazing lakes of this place. Nice post @czechglobalhosts

Hello! @czechglobalhosts

Beautifully covered the blog on "Green Heart of Europe" and great picture collection from Shutterstock, 'Picture saying thousand words.'

Thank you so much

i think you are the lukiest person who enjoy travelingi always wanna see these thing speacilly romanion and ch forests love you

aah can't can't believe it places like these exists on earth, O GOD give us a chance and power to visit these edens you have made on earth, thanks for sharing

wow,nice clicks..

Beautiful places.
tnx for sharing us

Wow beautiful scenery

Definitely... I will visit soon and bring back great photos. Got to know so about so many interesting places in Czech Republic through your photography challenge.

wow!! incredible place, i love your work!! great shoots!

amazing place!!

What a gorgeous place. When I think of Europe I think of architecture and music festivals, is great to see another face.

after reading the exciting post I want to visit there now

a very enjoyable trip, of course also very exciting.

Nice Shots

Wow it looks beautiful especially with the autumn leaves. I bet there are a lot of great hikes and views in those hills would love to see them.

its really fantastic and natural its really gud to have something like that natural and then people like u present that to the world through steemit and many more

Nice report!
I have been in the Sudetes area a few times (Polish and Czech side), so that is a to-do as well :)

Hopefully i can visit sumava national park that exist in czech country. Because the looks of the photographs themselves are amazingly beautiful, I'm sure if I was in the garden it would be so much fun. all the best for you @czechglobalhosts

beautiful place, I love nature, nice pictures

What a beautiful place! I need to consider including it on my next trip. Fortunately, it is not so far from me. Thanks for revealing all these hidden gems!

Land of beauty with open heart to welcome the mass around the Globe. Parks and mountains make a country more pretty and attract a large number of tourists. superb pictures taken my Friend @czechglobalhosts

stay blessed, steem On

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so beautiful national park and agree with that is the green heart of Europe , thanks for your sharing @czechglobalhosts.

I'm always fascinated by nature. Just look at it 😮

i just came

Beautiful pictures 👍 it makes me wanna go visit the place

amazing photos.

Great post!
It's very fantastic nature.

The view is simply breathtaking

i think you are on europe tour these day i want suggest you one location that i ever had too see thiss but i cant these are forest in romania and have mystries trees i share some of picture hope you like i will visit there too
Hoia-Baciu Forest


i hope it wil be most amazing tour for your life regard

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Will definitely check out the Sumava National Park when I visit Czech Republic again :)

Absolutely stunning and inspiring! Upvoted :) we steemit together @bornprince