7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - South American Saturday week #22 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

Welcome to my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - South American Saturday - where the winner of the weekly round will be able to participate for the total of 200 SBD! Today, you can participate by submitting your personal pictures from your travels to the continent of South America.

Iguassu Falls, the largest series of waterfalls of the world, located at the Brazilian and Argentinian border, view from Brazilian side Source: Shutterstock, author: Dmitry Pichugin

Your entries need to be submitted by 8 AM Central European Time in order to be considered for the challenge with a description of approximately 30 to 50 words. Only use of personal images will be accepted and only one picture can be submitted for a daily photo challenge. Ten winning photos will receive a bigger upvote from me and ten runners-up will get a smaller one.

Chosen from the ten winning entries, the absolute winner of the day will receive extended publicity in my post tomorrow morning. I will also visit his/her blog to upvote one of the most recent posts. The winning picture of the daily challenge will then automatically enter other rounds with the absolute winner gaining approximately 200 SBD in total.

Please see the winners of the previous contests of the week and give them your support if you like their images to be the one winning the weekly price and entering the other stages of the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge. You can vote for them by upvoting their winner announcement posts below:

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Asian Sunday week #22 – winner announcement!

@thuylannguyen Asian Sunday entry:

This is my photo taken during a trip to Sa Pa in Lao Cai province, Vietnam. Sa Pa Town is located in Lao Cai Province, north-west Vietnam, close to the border with China. Sapa Town is famous both for its fine, rugged scenery and for its rich cultural diversity. Sapa is oriented to make the most of the spectacular views emerging on clear days; it overlooks a plunging valley, with mountains towering above on all sides. Views are often subdued by thick mist rolling across the peaks, but even when it's cloudy, local hill-tribe people fill the town with colour.

Click on the image for full view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Australian Monday week #22 – winner announcement!

@finance2nomad Australian Monday entry: (this entry is disquilified as it turns out that this user is fake and stealing images of others)

This is Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand. Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand at 3,724 metres (12,218 feet). The park has glacial surrounds, pristine blue lakes and towering alpine peaks, and offers some of the most impressive mountain walks in New Zealand.

Click on the image for full view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Tuesday of Antarctica and world´s oceans week #22 – winner announcement!

@dmytrokorol Tuesday of Antarctica and world´s oceans entry:

Motion in blue. I found this interesting rock formation on the Cordoama beach in Portugal and had struggled to find the right position on the wet stones, wiping the lens, covering my camera from splashes and trying to capture the contrast between the motion of water and stillness of rock.

Click on the image for full view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – African Wednesday week #22 – winner announcement!

@ansharphoto African Wednesday entry:

Deadvlei, Namibia. This place is striking in its lifeless beauty. It’s difficult to imagine that it was ever underwater; now the earth of Deadvlei is cracked and bleached a stark white by the sun. There is little to suggest that life ever flourished there. Even its name — Deadvlei, which means “dead marsh” or “dead valley”— conveys an o ominous sense of the absence of life.

Click on the image for full view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – European Thursday week #22 – winner announcement!

@adonisabril European Thursday entry:

The Quaint Fishing Village of Reine. Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to escape? Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life? Dodge the canopies of the concrete jungle? A break from social media. A break from smartphones and computers? Well, the fishing village of Reine is where you'd want to be. It's remote enough to be away from civilization but civilized enough to provide home comforts. You'll likely stay in one of the red fishing houses scattered throughout its bay and inlets. You might even see the famed Northern Lights if you're lucky. You can climb one of the peaks surrounding the village for some of the most breathtaking views in the world. It's one of the places that will make you want to visit Norway.

Click on the image for full view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – North American Friday week #22 – winner announcement!

@derekkind North American Friday entry:

This is a day-to-night transition photo taken in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I left the camera is one position for a few hours to capture daytime light (with a rainbow), and later the blue hour with light trails.

Click on the image for full view

For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines: 22/1 update

Please feel free to check out some of my other recent posts.

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I took this photo a few years ago at an estancia just outside of the small town of San Antonio de Areco in Argentina. This was a beautiful farm but this shot is what I remember most about it. This dramatic line of trees is the entrance to the farm and leads directly to the main house. I wouldn't say I'm a country living type person but this was a very impressive place!

Photo of a sunset in the beach of Pocitos at Montevideo, Uruguay. This beach is on the Río de la Plata. Pocitos was built in similar style as Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can see the pedestrian way along the beach which is very similar to the Calçadão from Rio, in Montevideo is called La Rambla.


What an amazing sunset to witness!


Enjoy the view above Guatemala, the most populated state in Central America. It is located between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.Love that feeling when you are high in the sky and the new adventures awaits you.


yea.. Gueatemala is WOW :) hope you're having a great weekend :) @princeshady5

Guatemala looks like such a fun place to visit. I am waiting to hear back from a potential employer for a job next month in Guatemala doing some photography and filming interviews for them. I hope that you had a great time during your visit.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you and good luck, hope you will get your dream work;) @derangedvisions

Being in Australia at midnight, I’m used to submitting my bedtime story here ;), so here it is:


Despite its small size in South America, Ecuador has a vast range of landscapes to offer. This stunning Quilotoa crater lake in my shot is in the Ecuadorian Andes, formed by the collapse of a volcano. Walking along the rim and descending to the lake was a very cool(temperature-wise too) experience for me. See the tiny red houses and boats down there?

Please where do you guys get all these pictures

Stunning image and good bed time story:)....


This is a photo where you can see the Caribbean Sea, specifically in Venezuela, on the Island of Margarita, an incredible place to see the best sunsets and enjoy dreamy beaches. Where the sailboat rides become more exciting to see marine animals such as dolphins and turtles.

So peaceful! Love it!

Thanks you!


I bought a ticket to get up the Sugarloaf Mountain (portuguese: Pao de Açucar). the peak was covered in fog and made the ride a mystical adventure. i shot this picture right out of the cablecar window on the way up.

Great capture! The mountain actually looks like it is on the fire!

thanks! it was really a special moment.

My participation today is a very difficult photo, not because of the landscape because of the Llama that does not pose very often. In the background the Inca world wonder of Machu Pichu, with a shot already well known. Machu Pichu is a place that everyone should visit at some time in their life, it is a wonderful, mystical and beautiful place.

Well, this one seems like she enjoys posing:)... Great image!

Los Flamencos National Reserve

It is a nature reserve, which is close to San Pedro de Atacama, in Chile. We went there close to sunset time and the light was just perfect as it created a mirror effect on the water and we were seeing double of everything.

Thank you so much for your participation! What a great click!

Click to view larger

Rio de Janeiro - The Sugarloaf Mountain View

Rio de Janeiro is a city of contrasts. On the one hand, it's a prosperous metropolis and on the other, sprawling with slums called Pavelas. You can walk a city block and see nothing but modern skyscrapers and be in a crime-ridden ghetto the next. Regardless of the disturbing display of wealth disparity, Brazil is a beautiful city.

This viewpoint is called the "Sugarloaf." It was coined in the 16th century by Portuguese at the height of the sugar cane trade. Sugar was made into blocks in conical molds made of clay to be shipped. The shaped looked like the mountain peak. Today, for a fee of around $70 you can take the teleferico, which is a glass-walled cable car to the summit.

That is just spectacular! Nothing else to say about your image!

Picture2 142.jpg

This was a 3-hour cycle trail which started high up in the Andes’ Altiplano plateau and ended up on the fringes of the Amazon Rainforest. I loved it because one of my favourite Tintin books is "Prisoners of the Sun" in which he travels from ice-capped mountain to jungle.

I am jealous! I would have loved to MTB there! Thanks for sharing! Tomas

Galapagos locomotive

IMG_0207 1.jpg

Before going to the Galapagos Islands, I dived a lot, and I saw a lot of things underwater. Including I have already seen and whale sharks. And of course they were quite large fish. The largest of all. But that whale shark, which we met on the Galapagos, could not be called a fish. It was a monstrous sized creation. A real multi-meter locomotive that moved along a certain route. And no power in the ocean could not change this route!

Looks very powerful, just like a real locomotive:)....

This is amazing. I couldn't even imagine being that close to a whale shark in open water. I bet that was an unforgettable experience.

On my trip to Easter Island Chile, I hired a scooter and rode to Anakena, which has a beautiful beach and wild horses roaming freely . The Moai have their back to the ocean cause the people of Rapa Nui thought they were the only people in the world. If anything bad was to come it would be from the island, the Moai face inward to watch over and protect the community.

We took this image while trekking in Punta Moreno, Isabela Island, Galápagos, Ecuador, last november, it is a nice barren lava landscape with this small oasis of green and water a volcano can be seen over the horizon.

National Park Jalapão, Brazil. In the middle of this vast steppe there is a huge orange dune surrounded by the lush greenery of many palm trees. On the horizon is the iconic plateau with a altitude of about 300m. A wonderful interplay of colours.


foto de aruba.jpg

My photo is a sunset in aruba, with rainbow included to complete the entire landscape. This island is a Dutch colony but it is found in South America in Venezuelan waters. few minutes by plane departing from caracas separate this island from the Venezuelan country. I know that all countries have beautiful sunsets, this would be the best place to see it in aruba

LA GALERA, is a beach located in Juangriego, one of the most important sites of the Island of Margarita - Venezuela, not only for its beautiful sunsets but for the great historical value it has. Around this beach are several restaurants and is very sought after for events, such as weddings, as it is very romantic. Today I wanted to share a photo with you so you can see that it is not only beautiful at night. I hope you like it.


Aguas Termales de Pica.jpg

hot springs in pica, located in chile this amazing place we found while we headed to our destination to make a jump in paragliding. A few days ago I published more photos of this trip in case it catches your attention

I have seen many people are doing great work to support newbie of this great platform, but you are on the top in my point of view.
Keep it up.

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your comment. Tomas

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This beautiful landscape is located on the Isla de Margarita (Venezuela), very close to a town called Pedro Gonzalez. It is a wonderful place, from there you can see one of the most important hotels on the island, plus you can see a beautiful golf course. It is one of the few areas where the climate is cooler and not so warm.

Today I want to share with you one of my most recent photographs, taken at "Parguito" beach. This beach is one of the most famous on the Isla de Margarita - Venezuela. It was taken from a hill where you can appreciate beautiful landscapes. This photograph was taken from another angle of the beach.

Awesome pics to appreciate the beauty of nature, great post :))


Snapped these guys (alpacas) at the Megaliths in Cusco the day before setting off on a 4 day adventure trek to Machu Picchu! They were pretty friendly and the way you can tell them apart from llamas is they have a shorter face :)

OMG looks like wakanda



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I think many of your posts have been accepted and I will continue to thinkIMG_20180220_094558.png

This image is stolen from this music video:

The first line of this post says: "WARNING: The use of images that are not your own on which you claim the ownership will be flagged - HELPING TO STOP PLAGIARISM ON STEEMIT"
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Thank you for stepping in! Would be great if you can report this to @steemcleaners so you can actually get little rewards for such a contribution to the platform! Tomas

I have been reporting them to @steemcleaners, but I'm not sure if anything comes out of it. It always says my report has been submitted.

Hmm, I see... I was under impression that by doing that you can get a little reward.... Let me know if/when you find out bit more. Thanks. Tomas

I'll definitely keep you updated. I am wondering if it is a weekly reward after the complaint was filed or something. If not, I am helping to keep as many of the people posting on your contests in accordance with the rules which helps everyone else in the long run. I can't imagine how much time you put in to the multiple posts and contests you run daily, so I know you can't try and monitor this as well. I'm just trying to do my part since you have been one of the main contributors to helping me out. - Wes