We made it: Steemit in the TOP 1,000 websites in the world!

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Hi everyone,

Just a few weeks after informing you that Steem was ranked one of the best 5 cryptocurrencies for investment by Weiss Ratings and top 3 non-bitcoin altcoins by Investopedia, I am here with another great news.

Steemit.com, our beloved platform, has finally made it among the 1,000 most popular websites in the world! As you can see in the following image taken from alexa.com, it is currently occupying the 991st spot worldwide (and the 786th spot in the US).

Bez názvu.png

We all knew we would get to this point one day but few of us expected it to happen so quickly.

Moreover, Steemit is still in its early stage of development and once it fulfills its full potential, we might see it taking the alexa ranking by a storm :)

What are your estimates, my Steemit fellows? Where do you see Steemit by the end of the year? Let me know in the comments!

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Let's now push this in Top 100... I think this year steemit will gain more than million users.

This year? My friend, a month! Top 100? Would be fantastic if we get there by the year end. Let's see....

I think Steemit will spread like a virus.
The more people know of it and talk to their friends and colleagues the faster the growth will become... Facebook beware...

It sure will... but it will not happen by itself... All of us have the responsibility to give a helping hand and do whatever we can to help its growth. Whether to bring a friend or two or do more proactive things and to promotions on streets or using other social media channels. Also the contribution to the platform is essential and you do that very well. Thank you so much for that. Tomas

Yea steemit is at its initial stage yet again its gaining impressive amount of popularity and audience,the fact that steemit has reached worldwide and being surfaced in the ranks so quickly just makes me and i guess everyone here what beastly poetential it holds and has no limits. Just wondering what will happen when it reaches its full potential is insane. Guys here are making the steemit experience one to be shared and remembered forever. Being rewarded is Really amazing.thanks for sharing this post and letting us know.

I am very happy to hear your positivity! That alone is a great start!

Really it is a great and inspirational news. Congratulation to all admin and member of steemit site. Steemit is growing up in the highest level day by day in the world. I hope in this year steemit will touch a great milestone which I will feel proud as a steemians. Thank you very much for sharing your good news with us.

I am a very proud Steemian too! Feels great!

Thank you dear for your good response.

It is moving places very fast...Just like 9 hours
ago,it was exactly number 1000 and now 991!

It willl break to 500 in a months time.

Sure, I am with you on that one!

I've seen many different price predictions being made, but I know that I would be very happy if Steemit could reach around 10 - 20 dollars in value by the end of the year.

I would also love to see more and more people from other platforms come over to Steemit and Dtube. Sure, they might have it a bit easier to start here than most of us, but they will bring their entire following with them.

The future is looking very bright!

You know 10 to 20 would be fantastic! However, my personal prediction is 50 to 100 if the crypto market starts its bull run! Have a good one. Tomas

Yeah, I've seen $100 being mentioned a lot, which would simply be amazing if it could go that high. I'm a bit more conservative though, but I hope I'm wrong :) Thanks!

It's really good news. Keeping the popularity Steemit is getting during the past few months with more than 50k users joining per day, I don't think it will take more than few months to get a place among top 200 or around. As websites are ranked due to its traffic, surely it's gonna show a huge impact.
Thanks for the good news update :)

I like it! Great positivity in your statement. We will get there!

Thanks for appreciating.
I'm confident, we will.

That's great news! Still don't have 1 million users though.

Just around the corner! 2 weeks, a month? Almost there.... My estimate is 5 to 10 mil by the end of the year! Too optimistic? Might be but I am sure we will be not far off my estimate. Have a good one. Tomas

991st is such a remarkable place as far as the ranking is concerned and i am so proud of it. Really thankful to all the members of this beloved platform #steemit . Well, there is no doubt at all that this platform is flourishing day by day if it goes with the same pace then i am really looking it's ranking among top 500 websites in the world by the end of this year for sure :) :)

We all are working at our respective ends to contribute for the platform and i am really hopeful that we would definitely achieve it by the end of 2018 ;)

500 by the year end? DONE! Count my word for it....

This is great news! My prediction for steemit's year end result is 200th or less. The progress so far has been quite impressive and massive!

Sounds great to me! Let's do it and give a helping hand to growth this amazing place and make it a mainstream!

💪Yeah, I'm with you all the way mate! Cheers!

Wow! That's a great great news!

This comment is underrated

The people have spoken, i will now shamelessly upvote my own post to put us at the top.

Hello colleague, I hope you feel very well :D. Very good post, I voted for it. I invite you to visit my last post:


I would very much appreciate your support. A big hug and greetings ;)

That's a very good one for the platform.. I hope for something higher

This is great news! for me

It’s only up from here! Soon to be number 1 ;)

Let’s go steemit

Yeah, steemit is on the way up!

i gain vast of knowledge.it's a amazing site.

I'm so happy

Wow,this is great news,with the way STEEMIT is going,I see them taking over the crypto world,great news.

Thank you for the information .. Because I am again looking for information about steemit .. I am a new user in steemit. Thank u very much.

FULL potential will take a very very long time to reach, if ever. Nothing is perfect. BUT Steemit has ENORMOUS potential and could very well change the world. I'm so excited to see the growth of the site and the awesome communities that this place builds. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!

Hey @czechglabalhosts first of all, i would like to Congrats All steemians on the huge success.
Let's Celebrate!


Steemit is growing with speed of light, and now no one can stop it.
It's really a big achievement for this great platform.
Considering myself lucky for becoming a little part of this platform :)

Huuuraaaaaaaah !
Yeah, this network is growing like a virus! ahaan ! i'll call it a positive virus.
Who is benefiting the whole world, without any difference of cast, religion, color, country.
Thanks for sharing this happy and good news with us.
Upvoting and resteeming to reach more people!

We all know this is just the beginning...

Thanks for information, it's big achievement for Steemit and its community.

well done to all the administrations and steemit community for building that progress and success, it a nice feeling to see that and you took part on that right ?

Let's together raise a steemit! don't give up

It's really great news about our lovely platform @czechglobalhosts.
Steemit is growing at a high rate and people are loving it because this platform have a great potential and I think it will grow more and more in the future. This platform really attract the people beacause here they can post what ever they want and they get paid for it. A huge community is joining this platform day by day. If this platform keeps on evolving then in no time it will hit the skies.

Nice post guys

Steem rising.. To the Moon

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