7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #54 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

Welcome to my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday - where the winner of the weekly round will be able to participate for the total of 200 SBD!

Today, you can participate by submitting your personal pictures from your travels to the continent of Australia. I am also adding New Zealand to the same challenge as there were some concerns from other Steemians as to which continent NZ belongs to.

See the winner of the last week´s Australian Monday @vinceboisgard with the following entry:

Viewed from St Kilda, Melbourne city shine as the sun is setting down. The sky turns vanilla and the water blue which really make a great melting of colours. Boats are floating and building reflecting the last rays of light.

Click on the image for a large view

Your entries need to be submitted by 8 AM Central European Time in order to be considered for the challenge with a description of approximately 30 to 50 words. Only use of personal images will be accepted and only one picture can be submitted for a daily photo challenge. Ten winning photos will receive a bigger upvote from me and ten runners-up will get a smaller one.

Chosen from the ten winning entries, the absolute winner of the day will receive extended publicity in my post tomorrow morning. I will also visit his/her blog to upvote one of the most recent posts. The winning picture of the daily challenge will then automatically enter other rounds with the absolute winner gaining approximately 200 SBD in total.

Please see the winner of Asian Sunday and give him your support if you like his image to be the one winning the weekly price and entering the other stages of the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge. You can vote for him by upvoting his winner announcement post below:

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday week #54 - winner announcement!

@axeman Asian Sunday entry:

Battle of Gods. Insanely colorful stormy sunset at Tel-Aviv shot in February few years ago. The main beach of Tel-Avis was just splashed by the warm colors of the dawning sun, well mixed with overall cold blue colors
Wide angle lens used to catch most of perspective. Color grading in post-production (LR+PS). Enjoy the scenery :)

Click on the image for a large view

For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines – 09/05 update.

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The bay next to the capital of New Zealand. Wellington, the southernmost capital city in the world with 412,500 residents, the second most populous urban area of New Zealand. World's windiest city, with an average wind speed of over 26 km/h (16 mph)


Wow, that is awesome! Thank you so much for your entry.


Point Lookout on Stradbroke Island in Queensland. This day was particulary choppy as you can see in the white wash of the waves... but on a calm day you can usually spot sea turtles or pods of dolphins! Such a good spot :) and only an hour ferry ride from Brisbane!


Amazing image! Thank you so much for your entry!


Thank you😁

The last tree standing before the open water. On Darwin's rocky beaches are growing a few mangrove trees that tend to almost disappear under the water when the tide is high.

With the sunset in the background, the scenery is just fantastic... Enjoy :)

click on the image to see it full screen

Location: Darwin, Australia.


Bravo! Truly awesome image.

This shot was taken at about halfway along the trek to the Blue Lake on the beautiful Stradbroke Island in Queensland. The trek is roughly 2hrs return and is worth every second of it with literally thousands of native fauna and flora to appreciate along the way.


Thank you so much for your contribution.


Anytime :-)
Thanks for the upvote, much appreciated 😊

Perth in Western Australia's sunsets are amazing!!! I took this snap at Scarborough Beach, the best way to end a day in Perth is to kick back at the beach with a beer and enjoy the sunset.




Cheers mate 🍺🍺🍺


What a sky! Fantastic shot. Thank you so much for that.

Tram at Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

One of the cool things about Melbourne is that all the public transport in the city centre is free! This includes the city circle line that is run with historic trams and visits many popular sights. In this photo the tram is stopping at the historic Flinders Street railway station.

1/125s; 60mm; f/11.0; ISO 100

I have also posted this photo on my blog to promote this contest and shared my post to my Twitter account.


What an interesting image! Thank you so much for your continued contribution.

Mystery Bay on the south coast of New South Wales is an amazing place to get out into nature. With one of the best campgrounds in the state this place is well worth a visit!


Thank you so much for your entry and continued support of the contest. Have a good one. Tomas


Here is a picture of the Japanese area of Brisbane botanic garden in Queensland, Australia. The Japanese garden is super chill, beautiful and perfect to have a relaxing walk by the pond.


Thank you so much for your entry. Steem on!

This photo was taken a few years ago during a hike up to Roys Peak near Wanaka in New Zealand. The weather was very dynamic and provided some interesting play of light and shadow. I oped for a black and white here to emphasise those nice contrasts.


Love it! Thank you so much for your contribution. Tomas

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #54
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At Shelly Beach I could enjoy this wonderful sunset. it is a small beautiful beach in Manly. On the side is a small half island from which I took the panorama. there you can enjoy the peace.