"Maho beach" The most dangerous beach in the world

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Maho Beach


Maho Beach is located on the Caribbean island of San Martin


It is world famous because of the particular location of it and is located just steps from the Princess Juliana International Airport. This proximity has brought to the island a notorious number of tourists who seek to live the adrenaline of watching the planes pass over their heads and is that these planes pass too close to the beach. So much the fame of this particularity that in the bars, restaurants and businesses of the sector they announce the schedules of departure and arrival of all the airplanes that land in the well-known airport.


Unfortunately in recent times there have been some accidents and the beach was listed as "the most dangerous beach in the world", is more July 12 died a tourist of 57 years who sought the adrenaline to feel the wind gusts emitted by the turbines Of the plane when taking off, she affirmed of a grate and could not sustain the force of the airplane which produced that it was released and it was struck in the concrete what produced its lamentable demise.


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People and adrenalin. part from instant death from blasts of landing and taking off planes, there are other health challenges s regards the toxic fumes emmited by those planes and the ear problem due to the loud noice!
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