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Hello SteemIt Friends

When I was 15 years old I saw some other countries in television and different books, after then I always dreaming to travel abroad, but the question of HOW comes next in my mind.. Years goes by and my beloved AGE keep adding and adding and my dream is not yet accomplish and what worse is my status in life become harder and harder so I came to the point that I need to set aside my dream and focus on how to stay alive despite of how hard my life is... But in my heart my dream to travel abroad still remain... Through determination and dedication with prayers my DREAM COME IN A RIGHT TIME so friends here are my selfie in my first travel abroad in UNIVERSAL STUDIO JAPAN at OSAKA JAPAN image

The famous 16th century Osaka Castle, situated on around which over 15 acres, is known as one of Japan most famous landmark. Work started on the great warrior and politicians from the Sengoku period on the site of an Ikko-ikki temple..The castle was restored by the mayor of Osaka in 1928 located in Osaka castle Park, 2 square kilometers of green space, a shrine dedicated to Toyomtomi Hideshi and sporting facilities. image image

While I am walking and looking the beautiful place my foot bring me to the overlooking part of the castle and my reaction was Oh my God I never seen this kind of beauty in the Philippines, well I love my beloved country which is Philippines but I can't hide my admiration on the beautiful place that I witness :) and I cannot stop my hand not to get my phone and take a selfie :) image image

Rooming around the place that you just meet is the best.... You cannot even feel the tiredness what you wanna do is to walk and walk and witness all what you wanna encounter, and on my way to rooming around I saw a store that selling CHERRY ICECREAM🍦🍦🍦and I told my self I will not let the day end that I cannot taste and have one even though I'm not fan of ice cream..... Hehehe.... Well it is worth it coz it was so YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY.. :) image

From osaka castle I move to osaka UNIVERSAL STUDIO BY this cute Hello Kitty train in the picture but sorry guys due to an excitement feeling I can't remember the time travel image

THRILL RIDES is one of the attractions in UNIVERSAL STUDIO IN JAPAN.... OH why oh why rides is one of my weaknesses and my fears :( so I am OUT.... some people say if your in a place which is new to your eyes you have try what is in there so when I was in this place theres a lot of rides and when I saw the roller coaster I was like oh God I'm gonna die if I will try to have this ride :( so guys I cannot be IN so what I can do is just to take SELFIE.... hehehe image

One activities in the studio is the parade of cartoon characters.... And wow it's my first time to see or witness how cute... Colorful... And fun the cartoons are ...because I was really entertain by their moves and dance I almost forgot to take selfie but good thing is I have few but not really good shoot coz I was in hurry coz it is almost done:)
Well... If there are attraction there will be shop for vendor and what I saw was the cute glasses and bonnets:)
image image

Last but not the least one portion caption that captivated my eyes is the awesome car that can drive you in stairway to heaven with unlimited snack:)

Steem friends allow me say thanks for spending time on viewing my post and pictures.... Hope it give you a courage to keep believing in your dreams... Soar high and fly high steem friend.. :)

I hope you follow me more in my next destination and I hope you gonna right down your comments to ,whether negative or positive coz it can lead me to do better in my next post.... Don't forget to upvoted:)
God bless us all ....


My dream is to travel Abroad :) and i believe steem will help me achieve it :)

Wow... That's the good vibes.... :) just believe and be positive and it will happen.... " Good luck coz I do believe that your dream to travel abroad will come true:)

Good taste of travel and looking good on travel site very good post... Upvote and follow ...

That's my dream... For the meantime i'm Team Philippines haha... Struggling to renew my passport.

Great post btw ! :-)

Hello olivercuico... Thanks for dropping here.... Anyway push your dream for 1 day you will be team abroad:) good luck

Your always welcome

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Nice post. Ive always dream of touring another country. I hope i can do it soon. Great post by the way. Followed you because i want to see more.

Thank you so much for following...... I hope 1 day you can travel also... God bless

Kumusta Lela! :) How's the selfie girl 2day?? ;p so many nice pics.. cool! If u could pick anywhere to go right now.. where would it be?

I wanna go back to Japan ang take selfie in saporro where alessandra de rosi found the banana in the life of empoy':)

great that I find people who likes to travel like me and would like to do it everyday LOL! nice meeting u. check my posts if u like

Thanks cikxaijen.... Nice to meet you too here.

Hi ate cjlove. I just Love the place you travel. When I do get to travel that is one of the places I will visit. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted, followed and resteemed your post. :)

Hello ankarlie. I just wanna say thanks for following my travel... And it's my pleasure to post more travel of mine and hope it will help you and others to give more guidance..... God bless you

I want to visit France, have you ever been there girl? Chicago is a nice you must be rich :D

Hello twotripleow.... Nice to see you here.... Anyway I never been in France so far... I hope 1 day I can travel there and explore

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