Scale - Series #1

in travel •  8 months ago

This is the first of an ongoing series of posts highlighting the scale of Alaska.

A main focus of my photography has always been to give context to just how grand the landscapes I encounter are. Too many times we foolishly assume we as people are the most important and influential things on the planet. Alaska has a powerful way of putting you in your place and forcing you to contemplate your impact on the world.




If you enjoyed this please consider upvoting, commenting, and following. I love that I can use this platform to share my thoughts and showcase locations you may not have known existed. Thank you for reading :)

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Great series @chaseburnett. The first photo is stunning. You have the reflect and the person walking, brilliant! Upvoted and resteemed :)


Thank you! I love showing scale, especially in place as grand as Alaska. Be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the series :)

i just upvote and follow u ,, kindly follow me back and upvote to given link ,, then i will uppvote your 5 more posts

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Perspective. Yes. We are so small in comparison. So are our problems :) Mountains have a way of doing that.

Beautiful shots again!

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Man, these are so gorgeous. I love how mountains can reminds how tiny we are.



Wow, thank you so much! Glad I can share work that means something :)

This is really cool! 🙌


Thank you!


Youre welcome!

Amazing photographs!


Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them

Those photos are amazing. I love the colors on the first and second one. What camera and settings did you use for your photos? I really can't leave some feedback for you because those pictures are stunning!


Thank you! I use a Nikon D610. My settings vary for each photo because I shoot on manual mode and every scene is different. Really appreciate your support.

Upvoted, your series is great, the antropologycal image existing within the landscapes is such a complementing detail, which is put into perspective with the inmense nature, and those natural mirrors are just, stunning...


I really appreciate the feedback. I'm always in awe when I'm able to witness perfect mirrors like this. It's like discovering an entirely new world.

OMG! Such great quality photos! I am so glad to see content like this on steemit. I will follow you, i am sure i will be amazed every week / day / hour.

Have a nice day.

PS: The reflexions are frekin' awesome!


Thank you Victor! I'm so happy I can contribute quality work to the platform. Definitely keep an eye out for the rest of the series :)

Well done! Have a great day...


Thank you!

These pictures are amazing. Honestly. They look so surreal. Photos of Alaska are not often shared and you have done an amazing job. Thank you for sharing and opening my eyes to such a beautiful place


Thank you so much for the support! I've noticed that Alaska is rather misrepresented. Most likely because it is so isolated. I'm so glad I'm able to share my state with you.

Ahhh YES, I knew I wanted to visit someday, but this only confirms it. I love those endless landscapes :-)


Awesome! Definitely visit. Thank you for the support!

who is in the picture? what a landscape Alaska is... damn... so cools

Nature is incredible wonderful. Every day, every night. And you have proved it .. again.
Good work.

Wow that first reflection is epic ! How amazing is Alaska.

Amazing work so far Chase! These are absolutely stunning photographs. I am blown away by the calibre of photography (just like this) that is making its way on to steemit! I will definitely follow your work and I look forwards to seeing where more of your adventures take you! Best of luck on the platform :)

Beautiful reflection shots! Would love to follow your Alaska series. I lived in Anchorage for 15 years and am always telling people they need to go see it for themselves. It's nice to see someone else showcasing the epicness that is Alaska. :)