The Biggest Library in Croatia and Crypto Concerns - MyPictureDay Submission

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BTC is high! ATH actually! I’m worried because I’m all in alts. What to do? I took a walk through some green to clear my mind.

Right now my best bet is to sell it for as much BTC as I bought it for. That should net me some dollar profit due to BTC going wild. I welcome any advice.

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Next issue is SBD price. As BTC goes up, SBD value goes down, with no sudden pumps in sight. Sell or hoard? That’s the question.

The path of contemplation led me to the Croatian National Library. It is a modern edifice enclosed in a glass cube. That’s some crafty architecture right there!

I didn’t spend much time inside during my studies. It is mostly occupied by future lawyers and us philosophers tend to stick to the Faculty of Humanities library. Very posh crowd and more nail polishing than actual studying, I’ve heard.

Nevermind that. As you enter a sense of respite overwhelms you. Current WWII posters on display in the lobby only emphasize the grandeur.

As you exit, there is a sprawling view of several new fountains our mayor constructed recently.

The water dances in different colors and tunes during the night. Very interactive. It almost speaks. There was some controversy over how public money is being spent though.

Did I stop for a beer? Who would doubt it by now? More about it tomorrow!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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Sell SBD now or keep it?

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The truth is Croatia is a beautiful country and the people are awesome. The architecture of the library is impressive. If you have not yet visited the old city of Dubrovnik I highly recommend it. One of the coolest places I have ever been in my life.

Cool post. I keep my majority of crypto in BTC and LTC. I think one day Bitcoin will be wealth preservation and large purchases. Litecoin will be for everyday purchases. And the alts will be for speculating/investing. I'm having Founder's Centennial IPA to celebrate Bitcoin's new ATH!




I also believe in LTC, I hope BCC doesn't take it's place...


Funny you say that, that crossed my mind. I still believe in LTC. And yes that's the BEER! 7.2% ABV...pretty strong stuff, but it tastes delicious! It's dry hopped and unfiltered. 65 IBUs...maybe a future review for you, if you're into American beers...

post a great can be useful can be used as experience .semoga be a friend who can help me in order to like you ..... to dream and hope in reach. like @sinta need dukugan friend. greetings esteem.

I think many are in alts. It is crazy how BTC jumped, not sure how many people actually thought that would happen.
Good pics by the way.

That look urges Great pictures!

Beautiful pictures! I should invest in SBD then??


Only by posting I'd say! :)


LoL - but that only takes you so far.

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I spent so much of time during my faculty education at NSK (5 years ago...), but I didn't study so much like it was plan, more than all I was watching around its structure, architecture, organization and all those people behavior inside of it... And listen this awful silence :d
Thank you for reminded me of how I liked coffee at the last floor of NSK. :D

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