Travels With Connie #50 Navajo Bridge

in travel •  6 months ago

Sometimes I know exactly where I am going. In that case it’s easy, pick a route and go.

More often I have an idea where I’d like to end up, and generally speaking a direction to go.

Once in a while I just follow the front wheel and see where it takes me.

Vermilion Cliffs (previously published)

Headed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The South Rim is where everybody goes, it's where you see all the pictures. There is a city of hotels and eateries and souvineer shops on the South Rim. There's even a train station. Complete with bus loads of tourists, it's one of the most popular stops in the National Park System.

Not so much on the North Rim. It's a long ways around to the North Rim from the South. Less than 2 miles across the divide, and better than 150 mi. by road. To get to the North Rim you have to come in through the metropolis of Jacob's Lake, AZ. Maybe 500 people there on a really busy day. Last place to get gas.

Navajo Bridge/Vermilion Cliffs

To get to the North Rim from the South you have to spend some time on Arizona 89A, an iconic highway that has had tens of thousands of 'lonely highway' pictures taken along it. Most times you can just stop on the road and take your picture without fear of another vehicle coming up on you.

You travel through the Vermilion Cliffs area and when you cross the Navajo Bridge you are on the North side of the Colorado River. Not the North Rim, yet, but at least on the right side of the river for it.

Navajo Bridge(s) and Marble Canyon

I gave it away. Navajo Bridge has two bridges. In this photo the one on the left carries cars and the original on the right is a pedestrian walkway.

Navajo Bridge walkway

The walkway is pretty darn cool. You can stroll across the Colorado River. The next time you can do that is Hoover Dam at the other end of the Grand Canyon. This is truly wild country that hasn't changed much since long before Columbus came to North America.

Cross the river and you are on Navajo land. The southern edge of the largest reservation in the US. Life happens differently when you are there.

New Bridge and the River

The Grand Canyon has started by the time you are here, you just can't tell. When you come up on the Canyon from either side it seems incredibly abrupt, but here on the east end it has started to rise. It's got a ways to go, but it doesn't happen all at once.

This is a not uncommon sight on the North Side of the Colorado up towards Utah. This is a family outing of a family that lives in a 'big house'. Pologomy is illegal but tolerated in this lonely land. For my money, a family outing at Navajo Bridge is a good thing.

We won't go far to start the next episode. Lee's Ferry is close and it's worth taking a look. I hope you'll come back for the rest of this ride.

All words and photographs in this post are mine. For better or worse

You want some real motorcycle travel? Check out Velimir. That’s some kind of motorcycle writing.

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Well done man! Today I decided to check on you seems you're doing well and the journeys has been smooth. Btw the vermilion cliffs looks nice.


Thanks for stopping by. The vermilion cliffs are amazing.

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I always wanted to see these crazy looking mountains :D It looks really amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us my friend!

You and your Connie are so cool! Safe travels!


Arizona has lots of interesting peaks and mountains. All over. Less than 5 miles from where I sit is a range of upthrust mountains that just rise up out of the plain and fall right back down. Here at the Grand Canyon we are actually climbing a series of ledges. The Geology is just amazing.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Nice one..... Nice trip


Thanks. It's worth the stop for anyone.

Those bridges are rad!


There is another place in Arizona where they did the exact same thing, at the bottom of Salt River Canyon. They also have the coolest rest area on earth there. Another time, another day.

This picture...



Thank You. It's a pretty cool place. And cleans up well, obviously.

This was a very nice write up and great photos! Thanks for sharing. I have been out to Nevada before, but I have never been to the Grand Canyon. I really want to get the chance to go there someday. Awesome post!


I strongly recommend that you give yourself a long day to see the North Rim. It's just stunning. You can actually see the river from the north.


Very cool! Noted. :)

Absolutely stunning Tom!!! The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list and these images make it even more enticing. The sheer size of the canyon itself and the time and effort that has gone into building these structures is amazing. Thanks for sharing.


I can't express how the Grand Canyon makes me feel. It's amazing. The whole area is stunning and wild. This bridge is just on the way :) Looks like this.

Thanks Bronco!

Wow, those are really beautiful. I do hope someday I get the chance to visit that place. It looks like the belly button of the world :)


It's wild and scenic and spiritual all at the same time.

Thanks for stopping by Petra.

Walking across the river should be very beautiful. I have a lot of travel


It is a really cool thing. Keeping that old bridge instead of blowing it away was genius. A really nice stop.

what amazing scenery so beautiful

My wife likes to know where we are going for me I am more

Once in a while I just follow the front wheel and see where it takes me.


That is the very best way for me. My summer ride will include some of that. I plan to ride generally east in the northern tier of states, but I'm always excited to see the sights when I don't really know where I am :)

Thanks for stopping in.

I had been wondering when we were going for another ride, you've had those gloves now for going on three weeks.
Great shots you captured thus far, can't wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for us.


Well, I have been out a couple of times. This is actually a trip from the past (actually 2). It's not time for me to go to the north rim, yet. It's still freezing hard every night up there. It's over 9000', and spring really hasn't come yet :) September is the perfect time...


Okay, well I still want to see the rest even if this isn't with the new gloves.

I haven’t been before but thanks for sharing images of the north rim here. I can see and enjoy the views through your camera


You are welcome! I'm really glad to have you along. This part of the world is just wild and free and beautiful.

I just want to see the Grand Canyon in real life.. Thanks for sharing this post
With really beautiful images (you sure do know how to take great shots :) )


It is beautiful and magnificent beyond any photograph. But just wait, we will end up way out on the east rim, places where no more than a few thousand ever go. The canyon is just stunning from any vantage point.

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Wait is polygamy legal? I thought it wasnt under state law. Kinda odd seeing that family. But to each his own...
Beautiful scenery. America really has that Hollywood movie feel even when youre looking at photos made by regular people. (not that youre regular people. haha)

Might be odd, but when i read: "Navajo"... I hear it in that old cowboy movie, native american accent. :D

I need a great road trip. Havent done one in a long time. The mountains is what my soul needs.

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