Travelling Myanmar by train

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The trainride

we took from Mandalay (covered in earlier Posts 1 & 2) to Yangon (or also called Rangun) was a whole experience for itself.
We bought tickets at the train station in Mandalay and booked an own "sleeper room" for about 6$. This room is basically a compartment for two people with bunkbeds and a table. This is what ours looked like while sunset:

very comfy, right?

But first things first:
When we went to our train in the afternoon we didn't know what to expect at all, so we felt like we should get some wine to pass the time of the 12 (!!!) hour and about 620 kilometres trainride to Yangon.

sadly google maps doesn't show train connections on here, but the route pretty much was the same

So at the train station we did our best to find the right train and especially the right compartment we booked for ourselves. That wasn't easy at all.
Being german we are used to ask one of the train officials who shows us the exact direction, but in Myanmar things are a bit different. We walked up and down the train about three times, following directions of nearly everybody until a very nice train steward helped us out and finally led us to the right compartment.


On our way we already saw some great impressions, like the cook preparing meals in the kitchen wagon...

...or the "Pulp Fiction businessman" waiting for the train to take off ;)

So finally we "moved in" for the next 12 hours and it didn't took long until the train departed the Mandalay train station. With around 30 kilometres per hour we were on our way.


My buddy Alex enjoying the window seat and a cold Myanmar Lager beer.

It was very relaxing to see the sourroundings move by and just watch the villages, fields and landscapes from our seat. And like so often we saw people living in very poor conditions and cabins, especially out in the more rural areas.


We drank and talked the whole evening and surprisingly smoking is not forbidden at all in the train. Even the steward came by with a cigarette in his mouth one time. He had a funny impression from us and our plan to drink during the evening. One time he opened the door, yelled PAAAARTYYY and gave us high fives while laughing :D

Yeah that evening went by fast (faster than the train moved^^) and soon we went to our beds, being rocked to sleep by the steady moving train.

The next morning came early.

Way too early.

I got woken up by the sunrise at about 5 am, looked out of the open window and was instantly wide awake. The sun. The fog. The landscape.


I grabbed my camera and started shooting right away, which wasn't so easy with a hangover and a short nights sleep. But this moment was magical.


I saw people walking to work in the deep fog, lighted by the low sun of the newborn day which created such a beautiful atmosphere that made me forget everything around me.

I didn't even notice the steward from yesterdays evening coming into our compatement with fresh coffee and breakfast :) I was so happy to see him when I finally noticed him. I think he was a bit suprised seeing me up so early, bursting out rounds with my camera at the window^^

Alex was waking up aswell, we tipped the guy and sat down at the table and ate breakfast while still looking out of the window the whole time.

And then at 7 am we finally arrived in Yangon.

Walking down the platform next to the train I spotted a monk looking out of the window.

So now here we are. Yangon.
But I'll cover that in another post ;)

Thank you for stopping by!

all photos I post are taken by me with a Canon 6D
come and visit my profile for more photography and travel images :*


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I would love to visit Myanmar someday....

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You have some great photos in this post. I upvoted you because you follow @minnowsupporter

Lovely article, @biffboff. Many thanks for sharing!

What a lovely journey. Sometimes I wish Bitcoin moved to $1 Million already, so I could ditch my work and go travel the world for the rest of my days. Travelling is always a great experience! And the best way to spend money!

PS: I ended up in here because @zorank featured you in the Pay It Forward Contest

Schön geschriebene Story und tolle Fotos. Bitte mehr davon. Da werden Erinnerungen wach.

Hi those photos are really fantastic! Love the monk.
I came over because you are featured this week by @zorank in the pay it forward curation contest.

first of all @biffboff.. Nice Shots! wonderful sunrise and I like all photos.. been trying to capture the picture like that before from a train, but never succeed.. LOL. so it's a direct train from mandalay to yangoon without any stop?

whoa, Myanmar still has train that allowed people to smoke during the trip.. that's cool.. hehehe, There's no trains for smoker here in Indonesia. lovely pictures @biffboff, Love the monk's picture.. he's so fresh while other passenger still sleeping. ahh I found your post through @zorank entry to the pay it forward contest this week, he has featured you. enjoy your adventure in Rangoon.

Found you through @dipoabasch's entry for the Pay It Forward challenge, in which I'm guest-judging this week.
I'm amazed by your pictures... There are simply no words for such beauty.
Great post! Keep it up!

I am from myanmar. Thanks for the visiting to myanmar. We have to upgrade railway system and trains also.

Amazing post! Wonderful pictures.
So those windows were actually fully open? After being in England for many years, that just seems bold.
Thank you for sharing your amazing experience. I found you thanks to @zorank's Pay it Forward curation contest entry for this week. Keep up the great work!

Hi @biffboff such a wonderful post. Your story about your trip was very informational with a bit of humor. You do an amazing job of capturing the moment with your pictures. The scenery you feel like you're there and your pictures of people you get a sense of who they are. Keep up the great work.

As you know @zorank featured you in this week's @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Contest. We would love it if you looked into our initiative and see what it offers.

I love reading about your journey, keep it up! :)

Your photographs are beautiful ! I especially like those taken in the early morning. Truly breathtaking. Myanmar is definitely in my list of places I want to go to, ever since I discovered its landscape through Midi Z's movies (he was the only Burmese filmmaker at the time). Really excited to see the sequel to this series !

What a wonderful view to wake up to. That whole experience - the beer, the steward, the lulling train - sounds like the ideal way. I enjoyed traveling with you via words.

Great train journey, @biffboff. Upvoted by our curation trail. ✅
Beautiful story and wonderful photos of Myanmar.

what a rich mans feeling must this be... thanx for making me curious about myamar. i saw your post through @zorank at the PIFC good luck steeming

Beautiful travel journey n post! Thx for sharing~ upvoted to support

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amazing photos thanks for sharing

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The photos are amazing... and I love the train shots! Especially of the guy cutting the food!

I have dropped by to support you as you were featured by @zorank for the @pifc contest!

so amazing! that looks like the experience of a lifetime haha

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”Being german we are used to ask one of the train officials who shows us the exact direction, but in Myanmar things are a bit different. We walked up and down the train about three times, following directions of nearly everybody until a very nice train steward helped us out and finally led us to the right compartment.“

Having German heritage myself, I enjoyed this comment, as I can picture myself in the same situation. Just trying to get organized and settled!

”I grabbed my camera and started shooting right away, which wasn't so easy with a hangover and a short nights sleep. But this moment was magical.“

Absolutely! Really enjoyed your posting as "seeing" Myanmar through your eyes. These photos were particularly nice, as I am a morning person!

Thank you for your effort here to add value to our Steem blockchain!

Great post and photography

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