The tree that grows upside down!

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South Africa’s weird tree; and we were very lucky to come across one in the Kruger National Park.

The Baobab tree:

There are a few growing in the eastern and northern parts of the Transvaal. 

  • These trees are very unusual, in that they look like nature had made a mistake, with their bare tangled branches and twig looking like twisted roots sticking up, high up into the sky. 
  • And their very wide scruffy irregular trunks looking ancient, like dried biltong (jerky red meat). 
  • I’ve never seen one with any leaves. But apparently they can have foliage and white flowers.  
  • The baobab tree is also called the Cream of Tartar tree. 

Seeking for a Baobab tree:

But on this particular day in the Kruger Park, we went off the beaten track to see if we could find one, up close.  

Our daughter was eager to show us one, as she had previously lived close to the park, and had some idea where to find one. 

Twisting this way and that, in and out of dusty side roads, we at last came across this baobab tree. 

We were somewhat disappointed that it was such a small one. But fascinating all the same! So we sat there quietly for a while, paying humble homage to it. 

What do you think of it?

To think there were once hundreds of them once upon a time… it’s very sad there aren’t many left. Maybe it’s because South Africa hasn’t a strong enough tropical climate to give it enough moisture.  

There are many more in other African states. But if you ever come to Africa, ask your tourist agent to take you to see them. 

Later in this trip, in a future post,

I will show you a very well-known special baobab tree, with a room inside it that you can actually walk in and sit down with ease.  

So that post will be something to look forward to, hey.!

But our next week’s post:

I’m busy painting an oil painting for you, so look out for that next week… 

This post you’re reading now, was made short, so I would have time to paint that and complete it in time! 

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This is such a great tree


Yes, baobab trees are great. Magnificent and majestic.

We always wait for your kruger post. Your kruger park experience is very good. Tress is very important for our good health. Tress gives you fresh air. Your are right tress growing not well in south africa. In pakistan condition also same. Tress growing not good or long and not good leaves of tress. And always wait your oil paintings because your are great and best artist. Thanks for sharing.@artguru.


I have a tropical tree in my own garden. I think it usually grows in swamp conditions. Sadly, with the lack of rain, some twigs and branches start to die off. Even with lots of tap water, it still struggles.
My hammock perished, so I miss lying under our tree! I love watching the birds peer down at me.

Baobab tree is an aging tree because it can stay for a very long time without water @artguru


Yes, I will show you a very old baobab tree, in a later post.

The way climate is changing, we need more and more trees, But sadly, Human's are cruel, and they are getting trees for their leisure, and the atmosphere is becoming dirty day by day.


As to the climate, yes it is changing so much, we never know what to expect next.

It would be very beautiful to have the opportunity to observe with leaves yet. It is quite imposing, looks tough and very solid, it is a pity that the number of trees today has decreased.


Yip, these trees are truly tough.
In South Africa we have many other trees and forests. It is just that baobab trees don't do so well here in South Africa.

Wow the baobab tree is a beautiful sight, even if it is small, to me it looks very unique:) what a cool experience! I’m looking forward to seeing the painting :)


Looking for the tree was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But lots of fun exploring.

Yes, you are right, African nation has more of this tree, particularly in west Africa. They really looked weird. There are some trees that bleed, blood like drop.


Such fascinating trees.

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This tree is so amazing,

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Unfortunately baobab trees cannot grow in my country, maybe the climate is not friendly