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I live in Notting Hill and I want to show you, my fellow Steemians, just how beautiful this neighbourhood is and why living here is such a joy, with the internationalism, colourful buildings and small town warmth from the locals.










I stopped by Gail’s Bakery on the Portobello Road where I picked up salmon-avocado sandwiches and spinach-feta rolls. I come here about once a week because of the quality food, friendly staff and close proximity to my home!






The Portobello Road is the main tourist attraction of Notting Hill. Since the release of Notting Hill (1999) with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, tourism has become a big part of the area. The writer of the movie, Richard Curtis, lived in Notting Hill and needed to sell his flat and thought a film set in the area might help him do this. The rest is history and locals claim that he ended up selling the blue door for more than he had been asking for his flat.




The Hummingbird Bakery on the Portobello Road bakes delicious cupcakes. Anyone with a sweet tooth cannot walk past it without being drawn in by the colourful temptations in the shop window. I bought one vanilla and two red velvet cupcakes, not all for myself!






I am so lucky to be living here. Every day except for Thursday and Sunday the market on the Portobello Road opens, where the stands often change and you can get fresh fruit and vegetables, clothing from start-up brands, gadgets and cables, different cuisines and much more! You never know which new stands will have a spot on the Portobello Road. On Friday and Saturday, the road is full of life.












Damn! The sun came out just when I got home!

It's supposed to be very sunny tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this series of my travels. Stay tuned!



Beautiful houses. Cafes are full of mouthwatering foods.

Thanks for your response, @codebreaker! The houses are very beautiful. I have never seen another part of the world where the buildings are full of colour like in Notting Hill. Have you?

I hope you enjoy the series! :)

Hi! Really nice pictures and your city looks lovely :)

Hi, @mialinnea! I'm glad you like the look and feel of Notting Hill! Have you been to London before? I'm doing a whole guide to the different parts of London. If there is any part of London you would like for me to do an episode on, do let me know! :)

Everyone gets addicted to coming to London after their first visit!

I have actually never been to London, but I wish to visit there soon. Can't really say if there is any special part I would like to know more about. But I look forward to reading your posts so I know which places to visit when I go there!

Hey, @mialinnea! Well, I hope you get some inspiration for where to visit through reading my blog when you come to London! :) Thank you for tuning in, I appreciate it! :)

Gorgeous photos @andrewe! Definitely makes me want to visit your area!

Thank you, @dalerog! You're from Quebec? Do take a week trip to London, you would love it over here!

I was looking at photos of Quebec City last night and it looks stunning! Have you been before? How was it?

I am. But closer to Montreal - Quebec City is a good 2+ hours away and I finally visited it last February (sad, really, when it is so beautiful and not that far away). I will be returning often, to be sure.
London is DEFINITELY on my to-go list. I finally crossed "the pond" to go to Italy last year and all it has done is whet my appetite for more...

I love Italy. Which part did you visit? I've been to Venice, Florence, Iskia, Napoli and Milan! I would live there if I could, it was absolutely gorgeous! :)

Snowy Quebec City looks so pretty. I'm guessing since you went in February last year that you got to see it in that special moment!

I adore (how do we italic?) Italy. I threatened my kids that I was going to pull a Diane Lane from Under the Tuscan Sun and never return.... Montepulciano, Sienna, Firenze...

Yes, it is absolutely gorgeous. I now have to return this summer for the summer view!

You italicise your text when you put it between two underscores: _ _

Hahahaha, do pull the Diane Lane for the summer! You must go to Italy to enjoy the gorgeous food, views... oh god, I wish I was there now, too!!

Visiting Sienna would be a dream come true of mine!

Have you been to or heard of Sardinia in Italy? Look it up, I think you would like it. They have yoga retreats there among the crystal clear water!

Ahhh. Thanks! ...and bold? :D
Oh man. Would I ever love to...
Do visit Sienna! It is absolutely fabulous.
I have heard of Sardinia and have made it my mission to visit the whole of Italy.

Bold is two underscores instead of one: __ (Text) __

I found a villa on AirBNB with a private pool and a step right to the beach for less than 100 GBP! It's incredibly cheap to vacation there, but the hotels on the other hand, cost a lot more! One costs more than 1000 GBP a night!

Wow! Beautiful scenes with interesting things especially the yummy meals 😋 😁
Thanks for sharing the pictures and keep up the good work.

Glad you like my post! I will continue posting every day about London for now, please do stay tuned! :)

Have you been to London before? It's a gorgeous city with some of the nicest people I have ever met.

That'll be awesome and I look forward to your posts.
Yes, I have been to London. I even shared the picture of the London shard.
Feel free to check it out via


Love the photo of the Shard! Did you enjoy your time in London? Or do you live here?

I went to the Shard last year in October but I didn't take any photos. I just wanted to see the view from up there and I sat up there for a long time just looking.

Thank you for your compliment. Yes, I enjoyed my visit there and it is a beautiful place indeed.

Are you planning on coming back anytime soon? If you do come back, check out Notting Hill! I will give you tips on where to go and what to see! :)

Thank you for visiting my page, I really appreciate it!

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