Kerameikos - The Street of Tombs

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Athens may be the most densely populated region of Greece, and the third from the European Union, but it is a place filled with ancient ruins wherever you go.

One of the less crowded ancient sites is Kerameikos.  Kerameikos is named after Keramos, son of Dionysios and Ariadne and hero of potters. This site was used for burials from the twelfth century BC for a thousand years.  

The Street of Tombs might sound like a scary place, but it's a place where you can see various luxurious funerary monuments of the 5th and 4th century BC. These pieces of complete marble monuments belonged in general to family burial enclosures. This street is a branch of the sacred way, starting from the Tritopatreion, and it seems to have led to the Long Walls and Piraeus.  

On the Kerameikos site you can find The Tritopatreion(a simple unroofed sanctuary), the Sacred Gate, the Road to Plato's Academy, the Thriasian Gates(the most important gateway to the Athenian City Wall), the City Wall.

Also on this site you can visit the Museum that contains mostly funerary monuments and pottery. 

 Entrance fee: 8 euro;

 It is included in the 30 euro packet that provides entrance to Acropolis and Slopes, Ancient Agora(and the Museum of the Stoa of Attalos), Roman Agora, The Library of Hadrian, Olympieion, Kerameikos(and Museum), Lykeion of Aristotle 

 All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens, at Kerameikos, Athens.


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Kerameikos has a rich history and also been an ancient city in Greece an an historic burial site, makes the town unique and special in its form. The burial monument and ancient graves make it a tourist destination . I like the design of the tombs and monuments also @anca3drandom

It is the remnant of the ancient Roman civilization that attests to the creativity of the ancient Romans