Mexico: the most Surreal country, according to Dali and Breton || An 18th Century Church near my neighborhood

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What I love the most about living in Mexico City is that it's very easy to find at almost every corner something magical or special.

Very recently a good friend of mine here on Steemit made a comment on one of my posts which had only one photo, that I took, on black and white, of a local store:


And my answer to him was precisely that, my love for Mexico. I'm very far from the most iconic buildings in Mexico City and still, very close from here, you can visit a 18th Century Christian Church, dedicated to Saint Francis of Asis, at Barrio Norte, Atizapán de Zaragoza.



Photo taken from the parroquia's graveyard.


There is famous anecdote of how enchanting this country is:

Once, the renowned Andre Breton came to Mexico and he, while visiting one little Mexican town, he asked for a local carpenter to make him a wooden chair. Hence he gaved to him a sketch of what he wanted.

As he was one of the most important figures of the Surrealist movement, Breton gaved to the carpenter a Surrealist image of the chair: something more similar to a rhombus with only three feet.

The carpenter after a few days of work delivered exactly what the artistic had sketched!

Afterwards, Mexico was declared by him and Salvador Dali the MOST Surreal country by nature.



How many countries do you know that are this special? Please, leave me a comment!

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Click here if you want to see the pics taken from the graveyard of the Church!



Hermosas fotografías mi estimado! Me encantaron, mis felicitationes y feliz de ser ese primer 0.01 de los muchos que vienen. Mi voto y apoyo!!!

Muchas gracias por darte una vuelta por mi blog! Sí, es una muy linda iglesia, la verdad es que la labor fotográfica es lo de menos, pues la obra arquitectónica habla por sí sola :)

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Dios... Que hermosas fotos! Me gusta mucho como compartes fotos de tu país. Es muy lindo ver la cultura de otros países :)

That is quite the lavishly decorated church. Over here most churches are protestant so the churches tend to be more simple. Nice shots.

That's right, and furthermore, Christian churches from Mexico are way more decorated than in other Latin American countries, considering that Nueva España was the most important colony during too many years.

I'll upload some shots from the Cathedral of the Mexico City's Historical Center. I'm glad you enjoy these ones.

Si, mucho surrealismo. Pero, toda América presenta algo de eso. Sin embargo, los mexicanos si han sabido identificarlo y promocionarlo, lo hacen parte de su historia oficial, aunque, a veces, la propia Historia explica los hechos de maneras aún más surrealistas.
Buñuel y Dalí con miradas curiosas identificaron esas virtudes.
No hay modo de resistirse a Pedro Páramo y El LLano en LLamas. Ni tampoco a Sor Juana Inés y Frida K.
Y diga usted si Los Hijos de La Malinche en El Laberinto de la Soledad vienen a ser como una aproximación a la distancia que coloca a México en alguna otra categoría en la Historia.

Tu comentario me hizo pensar en qué tanta propaganda política hay detrás del mexicanismo.

Al final del día, Octavio Paz, entre muchos otros artistas y estetas mexicanos, fueron pro sistema, y fueron mantenidos y cuidados por el PRI (partido político gobernante durante 70 años en México), ya que ellos promovían al país, la Revolución Mexicana y, por ende, legitimizaban a través de su arte el Estado regente en aquellos tiempos.

Me acabas de dar la idea para un post. Saludos!

Haha! I came to read through your recent work and imagine my surprise at being mentioned in this one.

Your homeland is indeed a place of great beauty and stunning locations. I do hope it is somewhere I am able to visit in the future, You, Breton and Dali (what a guy!) are most certainly right about some of the fabulous surrealist architecture and locales in Mexico city and the wider Mexico in general.

I very much look forward to reading your next post my awesome friend if it contains some of your epic photography, all the better.

Take good care and do consider becoming a member of Discord so as to keep in the loop about all of the exciting things that are coming up on the blockchain, If you do I have the same name there and would be delighted to hear from you anytime my friend :D