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Vaishno Devi: One of the busiest shrines

Vaishno Devi temple is a Hindu temple of Goddess Vaishno Devi and is a manifestation of Mahakali, MahaSaraswati and Mahalakshmi Goddesses. Vaishno Devi is also known as Maa, Mata, Mata Rani as well. In India, these words are used for the mother. The actual location of this temple is in Trikuta Mountains which comes under Katra city of Jammu & Kashmir, India. The other name of the temple is Bhawan. This temple is around 14 Kms from the main Katra city. On the way to Bhawan, there are other temples/places which are related to the life of Mata Vaishno Devi. Various modes of travels are available to reach this place. One can walk for 14 Kms or can hire ponies, horses, paalkhis(operated by four persons), electric autos or helicopter. Electric autos and helicopters are available for half of the path and rest need to be covered by walking or by taking some other commute.



The temple is one of the most visited shrines not only across India but the globe. 8-9 million people attended this place in 2017. On the busiest day, 50-60 thousand people come here to worship. The temple is open 24*7, all days in a year to sustain this much person visiting here.

Why should one visit the place?

  • This is a place of miracles. Many people who suffer from any physical/mental pain, willing to achieve something in their lives, but could not. People believe if one visit Mata Vaishno Devi with a clean and pure heart gets the path to overcoming the life's misery.

  • People also believe Mata Vaishno Devi is the bestower of strength to the weak people, blesses childless couples with children, sight to the blinds and wealth to the poor people.

  • It is believed that Mata Vaishno Devi comes in Devotee's dream to invite them to revisit her temple.

  • This place is full of positive vibes. One can find devotee from across the globe, singing songs for Mata Vaishno Devi.

  • People who love adventures, this place gives them an opportunity to cover a trek of more than 14 km with a lot of energy in the air by the devotees visiting the site.

My Recent Visit to Mata Vaishno Devi Temple:

I also feel connected to this place and try to visit here once in a year. I spent last few days of 2017 here. I always opt to cover 14 km on my feet instead of taking any other commute. I started from Katra city at 5 pm, and the first spot of halt was Baan Ganga. Baan means arrow and Ganga is one of the holiest rivers in India. Mata Vaishno Devi used an arrow and shot that in the earth which produced a stream and that is why the name of the place is Baan Ganga.




I resumed after few minutes, and the next halt came after 1.5 km at Charan Paduka Temple. This temple has footprints of the Goddess engraved on a piece of rock. People believe Goddess Vaishno Devi stayed here when Bhairavnath was chasing her. Bhairavnath was a famous Hindu occultist and grown arrogant of his powers. He went after Goddess Vaishno Devi to kill her.



Ardhkuwari which is almost 7 km from Katra is at the midway to the main temple. Ardhkuwari was my next halt, and I spent around one hour here for refreshment and for resting. This place has a cave 15 feet long with minimal width. People believe that *** Mata Vaishno Devi*** stayed here for nine months when Bhairavnath was chasing her and hence this place is significant for pilgrims. The site is always full of crow, and many times one has to wait for days to visit this cave. So, many people skip visiting this cave.


From Ardhkuwari, there are two ways to go to the main temple. The new path was build only a few years before which is a little bit less tiring to travel. As like of most of the pedestrians, I also took the newly built road to reach to the temple. One can even hire electric vehicles from this place to the temple which is almost 6 km from here.

I took few smaller halts during my walk and reached to the temple at 11.30 pm. It is advisable to visit the temple after taking a bath. So, I rented a waiting room for an hour and took a shower there. There are many public baths available which are available free of cost. Next day, at 01:00 am, I went inside the temple, and the ambiance is always cheering. People were singing Jai Mata Di songs. The temperature was low, almost 1-degree Celsius. I was barefooted and was shivering. So, please wear your socks before entering the temple. Leather goods, cameras, phones and any other electronic devices are not allowed inside the temple. So, I could not take pictures.



In the story of Mata Vaishno Devi, one has to travel to Bhairavnath to complete the journey which is again 2 km away from the main temple, and the road is steep. Almost all the pilgrims visit Bhairavnath temple after visiting the main temple. I reached here at 3 am. And after taking some rest, I started my journey back to Katra again which took me another 4-5 hour to complete with few small halts. I reached to Katra at 8 am, rented a room in a hotel and rested for the entire day.

I visited this place in 2016 as well that too in Navratri which is considered to be the best time to visit here. Navratri (nav means nine and ratri = nights) lasts for nine days. First three days are devoted to Maa Durga, the Goddess of Valor. Next three days are devoted to Maa Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and the last three days are devoted to Maa Saraswati*, the Goddess of Knowledge. People do fasting and cultural programs including dancing, singing happen at night for these days to make Goddesses happy.

Why Navratri festival is The Best Time to Visit Here?

  • Flowers are imported not only from the different region of India but also from different countries as well including Norway, Russia, and Sweden.

  • The entire temple is covered with a sheet of beautiful flowers.

  • The ambiance around is filled with fragrance of different flowers especially with Jasminum sambac

  • The lighting and the glittering across the temple area is beautiful to watch.



Shrine Board Management:

Shrine board of Mata Vaishno Devi is doing an excellent job in providing facilities to all pilgrims regardless of caste and religions. Out of many great things, there are few things I wanted to highlight specifically:

  • There are many toilets and public baths available with proper maintenance.
  • Free drinkable water is available to everyone during the entire travel.
  • Each pilgrim rich or poor gets a silver coin and Prasad.
  • Clear instructions are specified at required places.

Katra has one of the most beautiful railway stations in India. So, I also clicked few pictures of the railway station.




  • Don't carry water, snacks along as you will find many little/big places for refreshment on the entire journey.
  • Do not keep leather goods with you as you will ask to keep those outside.
  • There are lots of monkeys across the travel to the temple. So, do not eat in open areas as monkeys try to grab those things and you might get injured.
  • For pedestrians, staircases are also available to complete the journey faster.
  • The best time to visit this place is in Navratri(a Hindu festival dedicated to Maa Vaishno Devi) which lasts for nine days. The decorations and fragrance all across the temple will make you fall in love with the place. It's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
  • Many times landslides happen. So, please follow the instructions written by the shrine board during your travel.
  • Use the cloakrooms provided by the shrine board only.

Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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Exceptional pics. Thanks for sharing your journeys!

Wow @adsactly. I have read about it while in school and it sure is a great place.
I am sure the experience would be great and a never forget experience. :)
I really like the location and temple layout. It gives it this powerful feeling already.
It really good to visit these temples once in a while. Lost energy in a day’s work is regained this way and one gets being refreshed slightly. The positive energy that is spread out in the entire temple and especially around where the main idol is placed, are simply absorbed in one’s body and mind, for those who take a regular clock-wise round circle every day. I feel like i would meditate more here. :). Really love the content and effort you put in @qagiri
If i would visit there one day, what advices would you add to the ones you have stated already.
I really wished they allowed cameras and phones inside.


Thanks, @delighty for the precise information.
@georgechuks - Its full of positive vibes. all good energy in the air.
Take whatever device to capture the beauty of the place and get it submit in Shrine cloak rooms before visiting the Bhawan


You should visit Vaishno Devi and i think you can take pictures but not at all places. Infact you can take anything with you till you reach the bhawan area where you need to deposit you leather items and electronic items before joining the queue.
You are required to keep your belongings in the cloak room for security purposes once you are in bhawan area. I would suggest you to keep a good camera with you while on the track as the mother nature provides you many of its beautiful and exotics scenes up there which are worth enough to capture for a lifetime memory!

Nice one there. Sure makes a lot of sense. I totally agree with you. I have been there once. Perfect location.
For a first timer, just like the writer said, be aware that the place is always crowded with devotees and travelling and reaching to hike to the cave on a weekend could be time consuming due to usually huge crowd as entry to the cave is through token system.
Mid way through the hiking, there is Ardhkawari cave which again has a token system and its a small cave so the darshans are a bit slow. You may spend 12 hrs or more as well depending on the crowd.
From that place you have two options either take the shorter and less steeper route to the main temple or take more steeper route via Hathi Mathha. Choice is yours.
Make sure that you are carrying some kind of warm clothes just in case the weather changes. You have the option to walk all the way or take the option of a pony. Whatever suits you the best, you can opt for the same.
Rates for the Pony are pre-set Government rates so be aware if you are asked higher amount.
But i recommend it to be visited.
Great blog


I think we share the similar experience of Ardhkawari :)
Thanks a ton for reading this :)

We arrived jammu by train...went to the foothill of the mountain by taxi...there we started climbing up...its pretty much like a jogging track...a looooong one! there r food stalls and drinking water every 5-6 kms or u wont die of thirst or hunger :p then ...well, I reached halfway to d top in around 4-5 hrs...I was wid my family...theres a restraunt over there so we had lunch . After a while's rest we went on to the temple. Funny thing is ....sumhow u dont feel tired at all as long as u keep saying "jai mata di" ... (or maybe its coz I was just 13 yrs old back then) ...there r hotel rooms when u get to the top...check into one of them... (we hecked into a dorm room) ..and go for darshan next morning...the earlier the better cause the line is a bit too loong!. The view from over there is marvellous. I wish to go over there one more time...after that...we had breakfast and came all the way down.. (the downward journey lasted barely 3-4 hrs) ..I gotta say though, the vibes u get over there are so pure and good, u may never want to leave. Some people try doing it in one day but honestly speaking...its better if u spend the night there too


I also get the positive vibes all the times when I visit this place :)
Hope, you will visit the place again sooner :)


true talk

I have many friends from India and also have heard of it in hindi movies but didn't know in that detail.


It is definitely a beautiful sight.


I am also from India. This is one of the most sacred places people travel to every year.


Yeah, it is.
It is same like Nankana Sahb here in pakistan where so many Sing yatri visit it every year.

Could this be the place where Steve Jobs travelled to for inspiration and where he conceived the idea of the revolutionary Apple brand ? Maybe I need to visit too

these one is quite interesting


Today, thanks to you, I first learned about such a place as the Vaishno Devi Temple. The very location of this temple in the mountains makes it a significant and majestic place. Through the eyes of a simple person (such as myself), the temple looks very unusual and interesting and it definitely attracts attention.
The temple is open at any time of the year and at any time of the day and it accepts people from all over the world. The workload in the most "populated" day is impressive to 60 thousand people! Such places as the Vaishno Devi Temple have a powerful energy. I think there is only one way to feel on myself all the energy of this place - it's to visit there personally.
Many people go there for certain reasons in their lives. I hope they find there help and answers to their life's questions.
I really liked the description of the time (and the way) that you spent there, it turned out very saturated. According to the description of your path, you can make a small guide for those who want to go to this amazing place.
Interesting and useful advice. Especially about monkeys who are ready to snatch your food :)
Thank you, very interesting article about an amazing and wonderful place.
The Vaishno Devi temple is a worthy place to visit.


You are a good reader. :)
Thanks a ton for appreciating the work :)

Great travel review. I wouldn't have known about this place if it wasn't for this article.

Tub Cat read this entire post and enjoyed it immensely. Tub Cat is very much inspired to visit this temple and complete the 14km trek by foot as well. This seems like a fitting form of travel for a Tub Cat. Perhaps Tub Cat will become less Tubby during the process.

Tub Cat would like to know if the silver coin you received is real silver? Did you take a photo of it? The silver coin sounds like it would be quite the collectors piece if real.

Tub Cat appreciates the effort you went into to create this fantastic content. Tub Cat has given the squishy little green upwards pointing arrow thingy a squish for you.



I think tub cat should go. Tub cat could use a walk to get away from the stresses of tub life.

Cool place i would spend a day there to see what its like

Great post about your trip to Vaishno Devi.
You mentioned wearing your sacks while entering the temple. It’s just a little thing, I probably should ignore it, but on the other hand it could change you experience a lot by having your feet almost freezing.
I’m definitely excited about Navratri festival with so many different flowers from all around the world.
And thank you for all the tips especially with the monkey. I’m certain that most people carry some food just for this reason to get it stolen by monkey purposely.
Thanks for sharing!


Navratri festival is the best and the most pleasing time to visit the place.

Wow Excellent post go ahead friend best of luck
thanks for sharing...


Thanks a ton buddy!!

Thats a really great place..And why wouldnt cameras or gadgets be allowed there??
Sort of tradition or what?

Very interesting post. I love to travel!


ना कोई भेंट मांगे तुमसे,

न कोई चढ़ावा,

उसके दमन को बस थाम लो,

जीवन में जब जब ये अवसर है आया।


wow!! @sushiltiple
Thanks a ton for writing this :)

☺☺☺☺☺I had visited the shrine in june 2015. Just like @qagiri has said,
The weather is very unpredictable it had started raining very heavily and then it was very cold.
Dont carry your mobile phone with you. Keep some cash, a water bottle and a blanket. This will help you get through security checks really quick.
Most importantly remember that it is not an easy trek if you are planning to do it by foot. 1 km on the mountain feels like seven. Your body will ache you will get very tired. It is a strength of stamina and will power. It is better to start practicing walking uphill and building your stamina before doing this yatra. Its better to ride a pony while climbing uphill and come down on foot.
One more thing, Get a place to stay either at bhawan or adhkawari. Booking needs to be done well in advance. I don't prefer climbing down the same day. Also if you aged people travelling with you then you definately need a stayover. I enjoyed the post @adsactly


it's difficult to get a place to stay on the spot. So, always better to have booking in advance.

Yaa it is ,i am Indian and it's really amazing place

nice place hopefully one day i get there hehe

The beautiful power of faith and belief.

nice place hopefully one day i get there ehe

Such a beautiful place, India has very nice customs and culture :)

Nice. did you take these photo's?

I am from India @adsactly.
I have been to Mata Vaishno Devi shrine more number of times than any steemian here.
There is a provision for darshan which is early morning 7 AM.
My brother and sister-in-law were part of the Darshan in this shrine.
The image: shrine.JPG
To prove that the front lady is my sister in law, here is my picture with her:
shrine 2.JPG
We call to the prayer of Maa Vaishno as:


Always outstanding and at the top. I'm still at the beginning hoping to help you

cant you put me trough on what steemit is all about? i have sent you many chart on discord chart

Nice post on vashino devi temple

This information is very great-fully.thank you

I know this place .really sacred
India is very beautiful country.many place there for tourist

The post is spectacular

I know there are some secret beautiful places I'm yet to visit. This is one of them.

this must be a great place! very interesting customs and places .. thank you for sharing with us. maybe one day my path will fall there! I see you too. I really want to visit

Nice post adsactly .adsactly please do you follow me I need your upvotes please

Amazing photography with good content .This post is very informative and educative valuable.
Thanks a lot for your share

I am in love with these travelling tips and shootings you really did a nice travel

Such a wonderful post :)

Thanks for sharing us :):)



yea may be

Thank you buddy :)

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This very wonderful experience of your trips vaishno Devi is interesting and part of good exposure.

Thank for your post. It is indeed mesmerizing, home one day I’ll manage to visit that place. Congrats ^^

I will definitely love to visit India one day#myfantasy

Hi, cool story and trippy photos. Thanks for sharing, cheers!

Great post about your trip. Its a great place to visit.

What a marvelously exquisite post on a very beautiful shrine and journey to it.

Thanks for allowing me to share your journey. I really appreciate it.

Great post! Looking forward to see more quality content from you. I am just starting my travel blog ( romanian-abroad ) here on steemit and you are true inspiration.

India is my dream country where I have to go. Culture, history and nature always keep me entertained. With such exhaustive writing and photo material, this is an excellent invitation to the trip

Nice post of your trip.


Liked this appreciation emoji :)

Good Job Bro

beautiful, like that

Oye que bien para visitar, gracias por compartirlo

Great trip great post... For whatever reason one is visiting the shrine it's rewarding... But I think the management should find a means of controlling those monkeys truth remains we don't have hunger timetable!!
Thanks for sharing this experience @adsactly

Wow.. good vost

nice place,Great post my friend.

Night view is really beautiful....thanks for sharing

здорово написано - такие святые места есть, такие красивые традиции и фестивали" Благодарю!

Tempat yang sangat indah yg pernah saya lihat

Its been a great adventure all the way for you. I dont really talk about religion, but all well and good, its good to stick to our faith because most times, what we beleive in always works for us. Quite an educative post too....

It is seen that it is a spectacular site. As San Agustin said "The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page" This post is another example of those words.

I commend you for bringing such a busy temple to our notice. Going to the temple requires a lot of guiding rules to be observed. I upvote you.

Great Post and great place to visit.

Mate, fantastic post. What an inspiring journey that must be to take. You've virtually convinced me to make this my destination after the trip we have planned this year.

I love the idea of walking the full 14lm by foot and staying at the temple overnight before hiking back along the trail.

I imagine you must meet a very diverse range of people along the way.

Fantastic write up! I love the photos.

WOW...........what a lovely place

What an interesting post, really good photos and I was awakened a great curiosity with this temple, I hope to have the opportunity to go see him in person.

Thats a really great place..And why wouldnt cameras or gadgets be allowed there??
Sort of tradition or what?

Nice place.....

Wow very amazing friend. I liked your post.

A very nice religious place for hindu for worshiping Maa Vaisno🙏. Reaching here you hv achievehva lot. A pious place to be. It is also said that The yatra canot b cobsidered compled unless you give visit to "kal bhairav" temple , situated a bit far from main temple.

Pretty excited to see the post. Resteeming it instantly!!

The only thing you will listen the entire route. And you kerp pump the chanting and singing of

🙏Jai Mata Di🙏🙏Jai Mata Di!


Very nic pic

Nice posting..thanks

Feels like the town on underwater, great

very nice city photos at night time

Wow... I would love to visit such a shrine. You have given a well detailed description of the shrine, including tips of what to do and what not to do. Nice experience you got there @adsactly.

Wow, amazing place to.visit :) hope you have enjoyed there alot :) keep.visiting and new explore new world :)

wow beautiful place for visiting in this winter.
thanks for sharing your photograaphy.. @adsactly

Many dislike these Hindu landscapes that are already considered classic and antiquated, but I also admit it to maintain firm their culture and their religious beliefs intact, which many of us have lost from our own culture.
Thanks for the post very beautiful landscape.

i love india so much

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I like how you explained about the holy temple with the beautiful pictures in it. Quick question, why did Bhairavnath chased after mata vaishno Davi the goddess to kill her?

This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing this, i would love to visit India one day! This information will be certainly useful one day :)
Beautiful photo too, congrats :)

I live in India but even I don't know about many things you have written about in the blog.

I love the blog and keep up the good work

Look like a place that i would love to visit some day

Life is a contineous place of worries and pains and one really need to make oneslef Pure by bowing before God.

This Temple is not a constant source of Peace but is located on very beautiful indeed amazing sight.

Bhagwan vishnu i have heard a lot about this God, yes in bollywood movies.

May the peace & joy make the lives of people more amazing .

Thanks for this worth reading blog, keep letting us know about the Culture of your country

Stay blessed, Steem On


I am an Indian and would love to share some insight about "Vaishno Devi". VAISNO DEVI (Devi means Goddess) is incarnation of Goddess "Durga" who is the wife of almighty lord "Shiva". Without durga lord shiva has no expression and without lord Shiva , Durga has no existence.Without her, Shiva is Shava (corpse). She symbolize the supreme being of women and is mother of whole universe and Shiva the father.

The Divine Mother is beyond all material attributes, eternal and ever omniscient. She is beyond any change, immutable and unattainable but by yoga. She is the refuge of the universe and her nature is of pure consciousness.

Thanks to technology even those who cannot make it to Vaishno Devi Mandir are getting the darshan of this sacred place. Jai Mata Di.

upvoted you! you have a quite reputation here, and nice to meet you!

Wow, this is amazing travel photography
Great post @adsactly
Travel photography is always amazing.

wow great post I love to travel.

Wow the side view and the landscape is out of this world.look at the location man is awesome

Nice post

This is a beautiful article. Awesome !!!

Very descriptive travel information. I love the tips that you have given at the end that specifies, what to do and what not to do at that place.
good job

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