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I hate when travel writers overuse the tired phrase “hidden gem” because a gem is rare and a hidden gem should be ten times as rare so believe me when I describe this place as a hidden gem, it must be special.

There are some places that stay with you more than others. Places that steal your heart because of how unique they are. Have you ever thought of spending the night alone in a renovated bus away from everyone and everything? Where you get to enjoy your solitude and do the things you never do anymore. Like watching the stars in the evening and learning to light a fire? If that sounds too scary for you, how about spending a night here with a friend or a loved one?

Well, the Brandy Bus, Nairobi promises just that. It is masterfully constructed to help you live large in this unique abode.

This is the perfect place to unwind and it is an exciting place for the avid traveler. A person who is on the prowl for a distinct and even different type of accommodation. I am sure you've seen pictures and read stories of families that live in their cars. They make living big in a tiny place look so easy.

I was searching for a weekend getaway from Nairobi (the city where live). I wanted it to be close to the city but far enough for me to feel like I was going away. As I was doing my research on unique Airbnb one particularly unique place cropped up on my feed. It read Renovated Bus in Quiet Paradise.

For only 8$ a night, you get to relax in complete quiet and serenity. From the outside, the bus looks stunning and is painted green and white. There are open clay fireplaces for people who want to sit outside on cold nights. They also have well-manicured lavender gardens and succulents that embellish the area. Since the land that the bus rests on is a residential area, you will see some great mansions around. There are many trees and the air smells crisp and fresh. There are light breezes even on sunny days because of the innumerable trees planted in this property. They have some relaxing beds on the grass for visitors to lie on. Occasionally, the dogs from the surrounding houses will pay you a visit and look at you curiously. Some of the dogs are playful and will hang around for a bit before calling it a day and going back home.

The area around

View from outside

I was surprised that I was in the middle of nowhere and they had such a strong internet connection. Kenya has such great internet penetration and you will find wifi even in some places away from the city. It was such a relief to have wifi although I had gone to relax.

The bus is very beautiful inside and it has comfortable couches in the living area. They all have some colorful pillows.The bedrooms were upstairs. They had two bedrooms each with a bed and I was shocked at how spacious the bedrooms were. The rooms had a curtain separating them and I imagined how fun it would be to come here with friends.

The Bedroom

Single bed converted to couch with cute pillows

However, what I loved more than anything was their small but functional kitchen. I loved how they have made everything work very well. I really got to know what it means to live big in a tiny space. Everything is where it should be and there is no clutter. They have a small counter where you can prepare our food and the pots and pans are put away in push-and-pull drawers under the counter. They even have a sink fitted in.

They have kettles, pots, pans, coffee, tea, sugar and salt and anything else you may need to make your meals. However, we had gone there for one night. We carried late lunch and dinner from home. We also carried breakfast and we made our eggs from the kitchen. They had a fridge for us to shore our perishables like milk and fruit. This is one of those experiences that remain etched in my mind forever. I am always fascinated by people who live like this and I got to experience it even just for a night. If you do not want t cook, there is a lady who checks up every day and he can make a meal for you at an additional fee.


I got some filming done. Content creators never completely rest

We closed the windows early enough so there were very few mosquitos and they have mosquito nets. It got so chilly at night but it depends on the season that you go there. They have a music player and some great music selection to accommodate everyone. However, you can carry your own laptop and/or music if you wish.

View from the back

The bus can accommodate up to 6 people as the living room has two seating areas. There are two double beds upstairs and two single beds that also double up as seating areas. In terms of accessibility, this bus is located near Karen Area Nairobi and you can do your shopping at the malls in the town. You can get restaurants, bars and places to shop should you find yourself on this side of town.


Pictures by Sylar Studios & @jeanwandimi
Authored by @jeanwandimi

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Sounds like it was an exciting time. Wish I could be there!

Ahn, that is really a unique idea. I must say they have constructed it in a very good way. Even if they don't put much effort on it appearence and beauty still they will be able to attract people just because it is a bus turned Airbnb. It could be a very good marketing strategy too.

like4like folllow4follo I've needed support here recently @trevid

It's true! It's very unique! I have never stayed at an Airbnb but might seriously consider something like this. Super cute idea..!

i strongly agree with you that they have constructed it in a very good way and definitely going to attract people because it is a bus

I am more amenable to making things that contain information, though that is not necessarily too meaningful ...!

That would be an awesome BNB to stay in. We like it just because its a bus! Thank you for the time you took to make this article. So Crazy we love it!
The Crypto Crazies!

Very interesting photo. Thank you.

Beautiful .. sweet place
It is nice to have a special place
Great post ..Well done

Wow that is one heck of s post!

I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are. - Diane von Furstenberg

very beautiful

Wow, it looks so cool.
Maybe one day I'll also try to live like this :)

This is so unique! Enjoy your trip!

very good post

Creativity at work...Awesome!

I dont know we still have ones who love creative works..
I love the post too

Yes, there are still many creative people in the world...

Nice one..
Its quite intresting

The place is really amazing! Very natural and photogenic. Thu bus looks great! It has style!

thats great and really woderfull travel and post which you share today and different from your all travels .
i really enjoy your all best travels and i really like it so much because i also think to travel and spend night in renovated bus and enjoy this wonderfull life experience of enjoyment away from every one and every thing with our belove person,,,it is really my dream and sure i will complete it one day in our own renovated van like this ......
your travel is really awesome and the palce is best and having so much lovely greeny and nature bueauty and the 8$ is really so cheap for this
and the inside of bus is really wonderfull like a small beautifull housewith dounle bedrooms, hope you enjoyed in this bus and your travel @adsactly ... i think the more wonderfull travel if you have your own bus or van and go on a long journey
hahaha but funny why they dont spray there to finish mosquito

hahahaha long journeys are cute and fun especially with your significant other

Old school buses we used to love once, we need them back now

They sometimes spray but the bus has too many windows and the mosquitoes still get in. the rick is to close the windows early.

when you are traveling and you share your daily life with others is something good . When we do that we make people aware of everything's that can he face in his journey in that place or anywhere.

Ohh this so pretty I’m thinking of spending valentines like this. Quite and has green picturesque. It’s so nice to be away from noise and crowded place sometimes especially spending it with your other half. Great post @jeanwandimi

Great photo shoot! Thanks for sharing.

Love the setup, it's places like this cut off from civilization but comfortable and adequate with nature to inspire. It's the ultimate content creator paradise with enough creative juice to power up great contents. Kudos @jeanwandimi and @adsactly

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I want to visit such unique spaces every month.

i love to travel. it make me happy all the time.

great experience travelling. not forgetting its fun too

My hobbies are traveling, travel is my passion ...
I love traveling, I support the travel

travelling is part of educating yourslef while enjoying the adventure that comes with it. something everyone should do often

That is an awesome idea. To turn an old bus into an airbnb and to be that creative that it makes me want to go and experience it. These are the things that you do that makes you look cool and you have cool stories to tell at parties.Would love to experience it.

You can look for a similar one or another unique Airbnb in your area. Or visit Kenya. :)

How cool would that be to live in a bus. they have done an awesome job with all the comforts of home. Good on them.

i am getting a very #CoolHomeless vibes from your post.... :) the place i mean your place THE VAN or BUS looks homey

Yes we actually went there on a Sunday so you can imagine how cozy it was.

It's a beautiful tiny's looks like a bus from's super cool thanks for sharing

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most certainly

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I love travel too! Love your stories.

I looks like such a peacefull place to be.I wish you to be able to go there many more times for a lot longer stay.hope i could visit it as well one day .

This is a super fabulous post

wow! beautiful... perfect place to unwind, I agree...

with internet ... great vacation ... I love the concept and cozy...

that looks like a fun little getaway, a double decker RV.

@jeanwandimi, you are our true east African tour guide representing on steemit. Now i cant wait to go home and visit all these cool places.

dreaming good small but beautifully places

Wow... This place is just awesome.
And this phrase "Have you ever thought of spending the night alone in a renovated bus away from everyone and everything? Where you get to enjoy your solitude and do the things you never do anymore. Like watching the stars in the evening and learning to light a fire?" is just the perfect thing to do in such environment. I really look forward to experiencing this
Nice post @adsactly

I hope this inspires you to travel :)

maybe you get to travel more like @jeanwandimi suggested

Very creative idea @adsactly thanx a lot.

Interesting. Now, inagine a boat instead of bus. That would be a marvel!


Wow. Very cool. And what a great article to support it. Thank you.

I am lucky enough to have friends in various 'living arrangements'. Trailers and motorhomes are common. One friend has a 'workman' van that he can haul a motorcycle in and live in for an extended time. Another doesn't have a fixed address. He lives on the road out of a BMW motorcycle and side car...

Thanks for a great article.

That is like the lifestyle I want once I am done with the work grind. Thanks for reading.

Oh god.... awesome place....
Creativity at work...Awesome....
great to shareU5dr9W2sgavXRYaTQWdLVkYjNda7tBP_1680x8400.jpg

you aint far from the truth

I have seen (and envied) some great motorhome setups, but this double-decker is amazing. Aree the owners able to take it on the road when not airnbn?

No this one is fixed and it has an actual toilet fixed to the sewer system as you can see from the 10th photo. Would be cool to drive around though.

Home is where your Heart belongs. Space big & small doesn't matter at all. It's just the place should be at peace with your Heart then everything else seems to be so meaningless. Great discovery but don't get tired by other travellers gems, those gems are at peace with their hearts too 😍

I never knew living in a trailer could be so beautiful.

its lovely you should give it a try

Nice.. Post.. Iwant study for play setimiit... Can help me?

owww.....nice post
Very good work, welcome to you

I wish i can build of that amazing home out of an old bus...I mean i see many buses stranded and waiting to get rot and rusted eaten by time..and one more thing....The budget
everyone love to have that too...haha Adsactly...cheers

I think if you have the space, time and resources, go for it. :)

We all want good things but we don't have time to build those good things

Yup..and need to find the right time to start it...thanks..

fantastic, Where is the place?

This is a real house on the wheel.I love it!. I must surely vote you as witness.

A Wonderful moment spent night in the bus, a different feeling at night, really your post is so beautiful.

Very nice post

The creativity in the design is great but I see that the bus, which has only 6 people for the places, if it could have been more than that would be good

I think in future they can add a few more buses in the property.

This will be very good

Its wonderful stuff and steeming @adsactly
This tiny house is nice located and use it multiple purpose. This creativity is very awesome and interesting. Its seem as little house , bar and restaurant.
images (5).jpeg
Appreciation and good work. Always article is excellent and nice project.

Wowww..amazing.... I like it...

Busy Brandy, Nairobi is nice cozy unique atmosphere I feel have been very enjoying because look at the platform @ adsactly the scenery you show for my heart cool and peaceful, thank you for sharing

kenya is lovely, the united kingdom accounts for the large number of tourist in Nairobi

Fantastic !!

People's satisfaction and enjoyment vary 👍
Nice post ...

Nice travel series, keep up, good work, quiet interesting

Lovely post graced with awesome pictures. Creativity is inherent.

yea also the van house is dope

creative work i enjoy this travel story

Great ! I hope I can try once in my life

Interesting write up... i need to get on that bus for just one day..ease out work stress. Nice post.

You should visit Kenya soon we go.

I wish... the photos are very inviting

A lovely place to be in, How many families can it accommodate at a time?

It can accommodate 6 people maximum.

the places you visit is very amazing I like it very much and I dream to move my steps to the place in your post.
"this is my journey I

you always will be welcomed, step out of your zone, enjoy life and explore.

thanks sir I am very happy to get to know you

You should put this on the #steemitworldmap. I have been doing a few travel posts myself lately, the map would be a good promotion for this air bnb . I do love an unusual kind of abode, and the tiny house revolution one of my personal fav’s nice post @adsactly

this bus has all the glory within its so good to see such stuff posted it gives a really nice environment to see such beautiful and amazing things for relaxing mind and body .. #AWESOME .."who now wants to built a house ???? pack your bags roll in bus :D"

hahaha exactly , van houses are super fun

haha yes !! :D

Que bellas fotos, felicitaciones

Wow . that is a great house

Unbelievable idea! Bravo!

This is great idea you have done great work .
You did choose very good topic .
Thank you for share this special.

I would do just that with a loved one to wallow the evening away in complete solitude. watching shooting stars, crickets doing their thing in the middle of the night, waking up to singing Birds at the Bus window in the morning would be most relaxing time away ever

Trust me nothing would be more satisfying than that

Great This is great idea you have done great work .
You did choose very good topic .
Thank you for share this special.

you like right?

Wow so cool! Right now, we're living in a cargo van.

am sure you are super enjoying every bit of it

Sure I am :)

Wow. The beauty is amazing !!!

dear @adsactly..
your photography is a excellent...
nice stoty...
i like it..
thank for sharing..

thank you too

Omg so beautiful... I want to be there now.

Sometime all you need is not a place of brick and cement to call your home.

well said, sometimes getting away in a van house is all one could wish. those who know this know.

Wow! I am enamoured by the "hidden gem". Pity I do not live in Kenya. It is so utterly unique. I think I would want to do this one alone, though. It is the perfect little getaway, as far as I am concerned. I am, after all, a city girl longing for nature all the time.