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RE: ADSactly Travels - Living Big in an Old, Tiny, Renovated Bus Turned Airbnb

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Ahn, that is really a unique idea. I must say they have constructed it in a very good way. Even if they don't put much effort on it appearence and beauty still they will be able to attract people just because it is a bus turned Airbnb. It could be a very good marketing strategy too.


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It's true! It's very unique! I have never stayed at an Airbnb but might seriously consider something like this. Super cute idea..!

i strongly agree with you that they have constructed it in a very good way and definitely going to attract people because it is a bus

I am more amenable to making things that contain information, though that is not necessarily too meaningful ...!

That would be an awesome BNB to stay in. We like it just because its a bus! Thank you for the time you took to make this article. So Crazy we love it!
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