ADSactly Travels - Driving Through Europe (part #4)

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Driving Through Europe (part#4)

Days spent traveling always somehow pass by quickly, so it was important to take advantage of every moment in the best possible way. That's something Mark and me knew well.
We had eight days ahead of us, which we were trying to organize and plan in a way that suited us the most. We were in Ana's apartment in Luxembourg. While Ana worked, we spent those days in the carefree and aimless wandering in European cities which were chosen randomly. In five days we visited Ghent, Brisel, Metz and of course Luxembourg.
On Friday afternoon, after Ana had finished with the work, all three of us went to Amsterdam.
The visit to the town was Mark's choice. We spent only one night in Amsterdam and went to Antwerpen on Saturday afternoon, because Ana had bought tickets for a Jamiroquai concert couple of months ago, to which she was supposed to go with her friends from work.

The day before departure, Ana informed us that the days of Villeroy & Boch will be held,
and that there will be great deal of sales at their factory in Luxembourg and she would really want to go.
It did not take long for us. At the next moment we stood at the end of the kilometer row,
in the rain, without the umbrellas and waited for the entrance.

When we finally came in, the large and spacious complex was filled with long strings of exposed dishes of the finest and highest quality porcelain.
The column of people and the enormous trolleys in which they put sets of dishes and ornaments barely moved.
I got there and looked at the kitchenware as if it was an exhibition in a museum.
The view turned from one to the other piece of beautiful dishware. Plates of all sizes were plated, shallow, deep, smaller, larger. Illustrated with christmas, floral, and other diverse motifs and colors.
Figurines, scoops, decorative cake boxes, cups and coffee pots, jugs. Something for everyone.

The choice was so great that I could hardly find something for myself. I could not decide.
At the end, I bought three cups and coffee pots, and a few decorations for just a few euros.
I was not sure if they were going to survive the flight by plane in the suitcase. But they came undamaged.
The three hours have gone in no time, and I certainly have to praise Mark, who was very patient.

New day started with a cup of coffee. Mark and I were sitting on the couch in the living room while Ana was preparing for the job. "Six days have passed", I told Mark. "You are aware that this is the last morning we woke up in Luxembourg"; I gave him a brief glance, grabbed the cup with both hands and sipped the coffee from the steaming cup. The cup instantly warmed both of my hands. "It was very nice for us, Lucy, but the trip was not over yet," Mark said readily. "Two great cities and two endless adventures are ahead of us."
"The two of you get your stuff when I get back, and around noon, we are going", Ana said and slammed the exit door.

That was the signal for action. At the same time we got up. "My biggest challenge was just overwhelming; I had to prepare the food which we'll take with us", Mark laughed, while he awkwardly took it out of the kitchen element. "I'm going to pack our suitcases and clean the apartment"; I added and looked at the cups I bought yesterday at the Villeroy & Boch store. "I had to wrap them well in the paper so they did not get damaged."

We've been up for a long trip to Amsterdam. The visit to the city was Mark's choice.
We had long been discussing whether to go to Amsterdam or immediately go to Antwerpen because one month ago Ana bought the tickets and agreed to go to a concert with friends who had to be in Antwerpen on Saturday night.

"On Friday night we would come to Amsterdam, sleep, be there until Saturday afternoon and head for Antwerpen to arrive at the concert. It would be better to go to Antwerpen immediately and sleep for two nights there", Ana explained patiently.

In the end, Mark's insistence was crucial. "Two days were not enough for a visit to any town. I wanted to see Amsterdam; nobody knew when I would have the opportunity to come there again, I wanted to see and walk around that city". Mark's exclamation was decisive; it took us to the city.

We arrived in Amsterdam in the evening. Ana found accommodation through the internet.
For the first time I slept in a wooden sailboat anchored in one of the many city canals.
The three of us were in a bunk cabin above the sea level, with a single bed and a bunk bed, one bathroom of two square meters, with toilet and shower, and a small round window we did not even try to open.
"You must be the captain of the ship", Mark said to a boy who met us on board. "Oh, that would be nice"; he smiled and gave us the key from the cabin. We were thrilled to walk around the boat watching every detail.

"Your wish came true Lucy, completely unexpectedly and suddenly said Mark",
I raised my eyebrows at him quizzically, not knowing what he wanted to say ... "you are finally anchored on a cruise ship waiting to sail out", he said and "died laughing".
"How long did it take you to fulfill my wish", I answered.

That evening we went to town. It was already quite late. We've made a circle around the city and, as Mark said, come back to our cruiser.

The next morning there was a cloudy weather and a little bit of rain, but it did not spoil the mood. We were excited. Ana had been in Amsterdam for several times, and Mark and I were there for the first time. We drank coffee on the dock and walked into the center of this sophisticated city.

To get to the center we had to embark on a ferry that started every ten minutes.
The first thing I noticed in town were cyclists. Except that they crowded the ferry, they were everywhere.
All around the city there were tracks for bikers, who rode at full speed. Even if they saw the pedestrians, they would speed up and horn as if they wanted to destroy you. And poor you if they get under their wheels.
As for the parking lot, they were attached to every fence in the city. In one place there were thousands of parked bicycles, the same models and just a few different colors.
So who could even recognize their own, I've wondered many times?!
It seemed to me that there were more bicycles than people in that city.

We only had a few hours for sightseeing. We went to the center of this great city of beautiful architecture.
I noticed that the center of the city is connected by the network of city channels that spread in concentric semi-circles and merge with the river Amstel flowing into its center.
We found that over 1300 bridges built from the 16th till 18th century could be seen on the canal. Nowadays, a ride on the canals by tourist boats offers many attractions and the opportunity to see and experience the city in a different way.
Larger, smaller, wooden, plastic, covered, non-covered boats have been joyfully sailing through numerous city canals, while curious tourists from the boat looked at the old city architecture.
With 165 channels running through the city, it is legitimate to carry the name of Venice North.

As I struggled with the fact that I had to move only in the pedestrian zone, due to dangerous bicycle rides, my attention was drawn by elegant, old, medieval civic houses.
At the time of building tax was paid for the each window on the façade. Because of this, they are built up with as few windows as possible.
This has contributed to today's specific appearance, high and narrow facades, cheerful colors, elaborate details and imaginative decorations that make each of them unique and distinct from the others. Their versatility and a specific look provided additional charm to the city.
They rose above the well-groomed promenades that followed the channel flow or emerged from the canal itself.

At the top of each one there is a hook that serves to bring the furniture from the outside into the houses, which could not otherwise be put inside because of narrow entrances and hallways. Besides the façades of many buildings are tilted forward for 0.2 to 2.5 cm per meter.

"We could get something to eat", Ana suggested. "It would be great if we found the diner where we ate yesterday. We had gotten a huge portion and it was not expensive", Mark added. At the same time all three of us agreed with this idea.
But there was one small problem; how to find it. Again we were wandering around the city, this time looking for a snack. We passed the beautifully landscaped city squares, bridges and canals, shuffled into small alleyways, luring us with cheerful colors of sheds, facades, cafes and restaurants. They would bring us back to one of the major city walkways along the canal.

We tried to remember where it should be. "In this city all the promenades along the canals are the same but different at the same time as well. Along with each of the old town houses and sights", Mark had been in disbelief that he could not find the diner.
The long-term quest finally paid off. "There it was", Mark exclaimed, seeing it between the houses on one of the city squares and stepping toward it fast.

When we got in, the waiters recognized us. "Guests from yesterday arrived". "We've been looking for you for over an hour", Mark said. "You decided to come back to us again", the waiter remarked happily, adding so many ingredients in the sandwich that he could no longer close it together.
"We were looking for you, and at one point I thought you moved to another location", Mark added, looking at his sandwich.
"My diner has been working in the same place for ten years"; he replied proudly and gave us three huge sandwiches. "It seemed to me that we got a double portion for our persistence", Mark added, and greedily bitten his sandwich. "Enjoy and come back to us again, we are waiting for you again at the same place", with a cheerful tone our waiter said.

Authored by: @lufcija

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great! voting complete

you are right. I also thing most of the people of that area used bicycle as compare to other vehicles. And it is a good way to make you environment free from pollution.

The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status, or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we all believe that we are above-average drivers



Days spent traveling always somehow pass by quickly, so it was important to take advantage of every moment in the best possible way. That's something Mark and I knew well.

This is so accurate. 😁 Not only does it pass by all too quickly, in most cases you never want to leave. You've managed to capture some great photography.

What an amazing adventure! I'm so jealous!!


I bet that city is safe as well.. no way you could leave all those bikes ANYWHERE in the United States without them getting stolen.

Nice trip! I loved the boat :)

It was a good experience to sleep in it :)

you had the chance to visit Amesterdam
... A capital open to all, in the shape of a large village, whose canals, lined with sumptuous homes, seem to have not changed since the golden age of Dutch. Amsterdam is also - and above all - a place brimming with life, whose streets are full of surprises. There are lots of reasons to love Amsterdam.


thanks for sharing your travels.

Oww wond...nice post...l like that...cong you

Driving across Europe has been one of the most rewarding experiences, and I cannot recommend it enough as a legitimate alternative to the Euro rails. The freedom to see anything, anywhere, anytime is so wonderful, and isn't so difficult if you are highly observant, caution, and realize that each country has their own rhythm, and your home country’s way of driving is “wrong” anywhere else.

Wow, Amsterdam is really that beautiful? So stunning. It must be great to be able to visit there.

In five days we visited Ghent, Brisel, Metz and of course Luxembourg.

Wow that’s heads down. I love Luxembourg, one of the smallest, but richest countries in Europe. I actually visited this country years ago and still clearly remember the beauty of it. We also visited Monte Carlo, the cleanest city in Europe without a doubt and definately not the poorest either. I haven’t been to Amsterdam as of yet, but I got to know this city thanks to steemiens such a @exyle. His blogs told me a lot about Amsterdam’s culture and places I would love to visit one day.

At the next moment we stood at the end of the kilometer row,
in the rain, without the umbrellas and waited for the entrance.

lol, I bet you are laughing now when reminded of this moment. Anyway the picture of all these kinds of plates look beautiful. I love the colors matching together. You were lucky they all survived the flight. I’m pretty sure you enjoyed the concert and it must have been a great experience sleeping in a wooden sailboat. I love the way you mentioned the city of bicycles. I live in New York and since few years ago we have more and more of these, we even have a special lines for bicycles, which is growing day by day. Not to the level of Amsterdam, but it’s slowly getting there. I love the architecture and the colors of all these buildings, it kind of reminds me my city where I was born Prague, I definately recomend you to visit one day if you get a chance. It also sounds like you had been taken care of well when it comes to
Great story, I enjoyed reading it, especially these beautiful pictures.

Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it. I hope this story would inspire many of us to pack up everything and head out into the unknown, to explore the farthest reaches of our planet and your soul, to see the world for what it really is.

That is what I like the most when I travel, unknown destinations, people, situations..

My favourite part about my trip to Europe was the beautiful Architecture. The history feels as though its been preserved in the buildings.I was just telling my students today if they ever had any interest in war time history that Europe is such a wonderful place to visit.

I loved your article. your narration is just amazing just like I have seen with my own eyes and other gem is the photography . steemit needs the quality writers like you bro. you earned an follower.

Thank you.

Days spent traveling always somehow pass by quickly, so it was important to take advantage of every moment in the best possible way.

There is a lot of truth in these words. And after reading your message I see that you do not waste your time in vain. Your journey is full of variety. I am pleased to read about your trip. The cruiser you were on was very beautiful, especially inside. There is everything that is necessary for a comfortable time of forwarding. But to schatju it is not the main sight of Amsterdam.
I read a lot about this wonderful city. I like other cities of the Netherlands. But nevertheless it is Amsterdam that attracts the attention of most tourists from all over the world.

I liked how you spent time there. Now I'm more convinced that in the future I want to visit this city personally and see with my own eyes all the sights. I would like to visit museums with masterpieces by Rembrandt and Van Gogh. With my own eyes see multiple water channels and feel the energy of this place.

Good communication, I liked it. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for reading.

I have been to Luxembourg last year, it was really a wonderful journey as my gf and me enjoyed a lot there that's why I'm sure that you also enjoyed.
we spent the journey in Mullerthal and unfortunately the photos is right now on my girlfriend's phone but I brought one photo of Mullerthal Trail and I will try to collect the photos of our journey and share them in a single post

I am so obsessed with Europe, im totally gonna go on a huge road trip in a few years time. You know, the world will be supposedly be uninhabitable by 2100, thats only 80 years away!!! So if you are going to accomplish something, at least let it be the number one thing on your bucket list. BTW im kashmiri and i love europe so much i learned all the capitals in school. But yeah like get out there and do something already before the whole world is destroyed!

Haha have faith, World ain't going to get destroyed..Hope my bro

same to you... all the best to u... Dont loose hope ... step by step... keeep moving..

Amsterdam is my favourite European city, and your pictures of it are amazing :).
I have also wondered so many times how people recognise their bikes among a thousand other ones. The last time we were there was in the summer, we slept in a tent on a platform which was on a lake, that was interesting too!

you are perfectly prepared for every trip, the places you visit are great fun, the journey is far able to change the mood of depressed, thank you for sharing his traveling experience.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.

I agree with you!

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Thanks for showing us the real europe travel experience @adsactly. Love your blog. Keep it up.

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Renting a car and driving in Europe is a breeze. Cars get great mileage, distances are usually short, and roads are in excellent condition. Driving is ideal for countryside-focused trips that require maximum mobility. In this 4½-minute clip from his Travel Skills Special, Rick covers the basics of how to decide if driving makes sense for your trip, what it’s like to drive in Europe, and a quick introduction to European road signs.

God is is incredible and amazing

The best thing about traveling is the memories that it leaves in your mind and whole life and then you tell it to your friends and family and kids and maybe grandsons.
Imagine it after years when your grandsons see this blog and they know that it was belonging to their grandfather. it would be so beautiful feeling and I think that will be the most beautiful thing about all the socials that the coming generation will be lucky to be able to see the life of their grandfathers and grandmothers unlike us. It brings a smile to my face when I imagine this and think about it

You brought a smile to my face with you comment, that s so true :)

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

you tell the story and link the moments with photos in a way that makes me feel exactly if I was with you and that made me enjoy the whole journey such as you as I was there while I'm sitting in front of my laptop. maybe I be able to be to Europe one day and tell my story.
I'm persuaded that you deserve to be my witness

you are very good at sculpting words. The usefulness of a journey has been enshrined in writing. I would like to invite @adsactly to visit Aceh, see nature here and treat you to drink Gayo coffee with the best quality in the world.

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

I'm a little nervous on you. I love traveling and you do it all the time. the places you visit and see always show you something. new people, new tastes, new places. hope it will be a nice trip :)

the netherlands are great! hope you enjoyed your time ;)
what are you using for your photography?

I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing each new part of your adventure...almost like I went on the walk with you! Keep up the great work! Beautiful travel photos!Europe is a cool place to visit.Thank's for sharing with us.@resteemed

Thank you!

You are well come.

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Excellent story, be submerged in the trip, without a doubt a good reference for those of us who are starting in steemit

well place & pic.

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Have a good trip

Me gusto mucho tus fotos, especialmente los jugos de vajillas estan hermosas.

Gracias margarita.

Wow.. U having a great time dude.. Want to have a life with that rhythm in my life man..

Amazing post..

Travelling is really good

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Hello @adsactly. very good work! I enjoy
Your posts Keep working well! I always read your nice content in Steemit! :)

Amazing place 😍

Wow likes your post .. happy reading it .. really amazing ... thanks for sharing on a good day.
I like to read every post you .. I also learn a lot about steemit from every post you. Whether it's writing or photos. Thank you steemians ..
It's an honor for me if you visit my blog..

Buen post, muy hermosas las fotos.

love this pictures

such a amazing pictures! I love it

very nice..lets continue to post like that..

really its very nice place.....tnx to share this place

This is my first time of reading an adsactly post, and I must say that really enjoyed it. Definitely going to resteem this one.

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

It would nice to know you too..

wow! we share something in common - the love for travelling. thank you for your thoughts! :)

nicepost..thanks for shareing to your travel with us..happy to see you and great photography..

You capture awesome places and beautiful moments there !📷👏👍👌🙏😍

Cool, i ll one day storm europe that im sure of

Good artikel i like it.
Upvote me i Will upvote you.
Thanks 😊

thanks for sharing

I like your articles. They are very interesting. Let's mutually be friends.

outstanding blog.while reading it i felt like i was in Europe

Very nice pictures and blog thanks for sharing your travels.

Thank you for reading.

I really like this article! The photos are amazing, your work is stunning so keep it up !
I am new on Steemit so I'd really love to make some friends here! If you want for us to support each other, please show me some love on my account and I will make sure I keep reading your lovely articles! :)

amazing writing sir...👍

Good luck @adsactly

Welcome to sttemit family. thanks

I wish I could travel too, like that,, with the help of steemit, I really wish I could,,

Wow, beautiful places and amazing pictures. Yor really had a nice time at those places. I love travelling as well.

I can relate to this line "Days spent traveling always somehow pass by quickly, so it was important to take advantage of every moment in the best possible way. That's something Mark and me knew well" before you blink your eye the day has already gone. Lol

Wow, I love the architecture. What was your favorite thing about Amsterdam, @adsactly?

well written i enjoy your travel story

Very good job

You really do travelled a lot @adsactly.wish I can be like you

What a beautiful set of photos and such an adventure too! Love the sailing boat. @adsactly


very good hisotira accompanied by excellent photos, I liked a lot

So many good memories from Amsterdam, it's just a really chill and nice place to visit. A well written post, long but still interesting.. thanks for sharing :)

i like to read..always..i learn many thing from your post ...
it gives me so much plesant so easily...
just love to read your post...
i have nothing to explain..
such a great shared.

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

Hello ... I love that you share your unforgettable moments with us.
personally with your photos it's as if I can travel.
the trips are memories of culture, aroma, food, and it is the best thing when you have the best company .. it is as you say ... even so the mood continued ...I hope you continue traveling and showing us that colorful adventure window =)

Wou....grt post. thanks

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

Adsactly posts once a day and votes up its own post with like 90% ..

Wow Adsactly team, I have voted for you yesterday in the witnesses and joined your Discord team and I really appreciate the work you are doing for the community .. Keep up the good work !!

he has earned it ... why wudnt he

As you read your narrative so detailed, I can only say that enjoy the trip riding a bike and enjoy the landscapes you shared. The only thing that once deprived me of the enjoyment of the landscape on my bike through your post, was that I was taking care not to break my porcelain china I bought. Greetings !!!

Love it! Followed. Cant wait to see more of your stuff.

Amsterdam is such an interesting city. I would love to go here one day!

Wow~~ great♡♡

Wow ...WoW...WOW

Great Post.
Please Follow Me Back

Awesome photography

@adsactly you have such amazing writing skills and the photography. what a nice way to let people across the world see what you up to. and throw writing skills keep your reader stick till the end.hat's off man. waiting for the next post.

Hi I am new in steemit. happy to know you. TY

thanx for this

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I've had a chance to visit much of Europe over the years but never Amsterdam... it looks so beautiful.

Wondering trip of your . I have enjoyed of reading

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