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Basilica of Bom Jesus: A journey to the heart

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is amongst one of the oldest churches in Goa city, India. A basilica is a building, usually a church with a raised platform, and Bom Jesus means Holy Jesus. The church is famous for keeping the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. He was a Catholic missionary, born in Spain in 1506. He was the one who spread Christianity in this part of the world including south-east Asia.


Major Attractions of the Basilica of Bom Jesus:

  • More than 460 years old mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier.

  • An art gallery describing the life of St. Francis Xavier.

  • Interior and artwork: As opposed to the exterior which is un-plastered, the interior of the church is rich in artwork and architecture.

  • A light and music show named: The journey to the heart.

A Stunning Experience of Visiting Basilica of Bom Jesus:

I reached the site at 11 am and walked in with few candles. From outside the church looks a massive yet straightforward structure with a big open space containing a church and garden on three sides of the church. The church is more than 410 years old, so I did not expect much from the interior. I entered the church, and the interior and other artworks were phenomenal and were depicting a different picture of the site as opposed to the outer structure. On seeing the freshness, I felt like the artwork was very new. But when I read more about it, I found most of the artwork was done in the seventeenth century only. I liked the artwork on the pillar the most which had the beautiful carvings and golden in color. This type of artwork is known as fresco. Fresco is a painting technique performed upon a freshly laid, or wet lime plaster.



image (2).jpg

I moved forward and found a place which had gathered the maximum crowd. This place had a board written RELICS on it and which has a dictionary meaning a part of a deceased holy person's body or belongings kept as an object of reverence. The board was held there so that no one misses to see the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier lying in the tomb of glass container encased in a silver casket.


There, I found a volunteer who gathered a group of people and started telling the stories about the burial of St. Francis Xavier. Francis died in December 1552 from fever in Shangchuan Island situated in southern China. His body was buried on the same day he died. In February 1553, his body was taken out from the coffin and taken to Portuguese Malacca which is in Malaysia. Francis was attached to Goa, and in the past shared his willingness to be buried in Goa after his death. In December 1553, his body was sent to Goa and buried in Goa. And, from 1624 the body of St. Francis Xavier was encased in a glass container in a silver casket.


Another story was about a lady who bit a small part of his toe as memory and kept it in her purse. While walking out of the church, the blood started gushing out, and people caught her.

The same volunteer also told us about the concept of Prayer healing. People of the church along with visitors pray for the healing of any wound or disease of a person. St. Francis Xavier also did many miracles in his lifetime by the Prayer healing. One of them was praying over the dead body of a drowned child. He ordered the child to rise in the name of Jesus Christ, and the boy returned to his life.

just at the exit of the main church, there was a small gallery of paintings and some statues.




This church also has a modern art gallery which consists of many wooden statues & model from different churches of Goa, many beautiful paintings depicting the life of St. Francis Xavier and some sketches of the Basilica of Bom Jesus church.







I loved a message God loves the cheerful giver conveyed in one of the pictures of Mother Teresa. St. Francis Xavier was one of the missionaries who was a cheerful giver and dedicated his life to understanding and solving other's illness and problems.


After visiting the modern art gallery, I came out and just near to it saw a heart-shaped worded door. The meaning of the words in English is The journey to the heart. Out of curiosity, I went nearby, and one lady told me that its a sound and light show running behind this door. This sound and light show takes us through the journey of different parts of the life of St. Francis Xavier. Unfortunately, clicking pictures was not allowed here. Then, I came out of the church and roamed around the open areas & garden.


More exciting fact about St. Francis Xavier:

  • In past, the church kept his body a little lower, and everyone could see and touch it. But, due to fear of damaging, a throne was built, and the church kept his body encased in the tomb over that throne. The grave is brought down once in every ten years for one month, and the general public can come and see his body. This event happened last time in 2014, and next time this will be in 2024. Around 3 million pilgrims came to see St. Francis Xavier in the year of 2014.

  • In November 1614, the lower part of his right arm was chopped off and was sent to Rome and still lies in Rome. In 1619, the upper arm was cut off, divided into three parts and sent to the Jesuit Colleges of Malacca, Cochin, and Macau.

  • After more than 200 years from the death of St. Francis Xavier, in 1774, doctors checked his body and found the wounds(from chopping off his right hand) were still fresh, his head still had hair, and there was no foul smell from the body.

When I look back and think about my experience of visiting Basilica of Bom Jesus, I keep recollecting the stories of St. Francis Xavier and his life. I hope I will attend this church in 2024 and will get a chance to see St. Francis Xavier.

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Authored by: @qagiri

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Earlier I read that this church is one of the best baroque architectural buildings of the Jesuits in India. Francis Xavier during his lifetime was an amazing man (I was especially impressed by the resurrection of a drowned boy). After his death, Francis Xavier became revered throughout the world. It's amazing how the mortal remains of Francis Xavier survive after all these years.
Millions of pilgrims (even people of different religions) come to see Xavier's body every 10 years. It is believed that the remains of the saint have healing power. The tomb of Francis Xavier was built for about 10 years and it is decorated with Florentine marble of various colors.
The basilica of Bom-Jesus is the place that any tourist who is in that place should visit. Now the Basilica of Jesus has the status of a UNESCO cultural heritage and a masterpiece of world architecture.
A very interesting description of your path to this place. I wish you to be able to visit there in 2024 and see Francis Xavier with your own eyes. I am sure that this place is worthy of any person's attention.
Thank you, I liked it

This architecture is amazing. Holding the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier after so many years is just st unbelievable. As you mentioned after 200 years his wounds from cutting were still fresh and his hair were intact, which reminds me of a father Pio. This Basilica of Bom Jesus must be really popular among tourists from around the world. I love the interior of the church how beautifully complimented with paintings from the life of St. Francis it is. I’m surprised they let you take a pictures, usually you are not allowed to take any in the church and might be fined, if caught. Anyway, I guess I will have to plan a visit in 2024.
Great article about Basilica of Bom Jesus!

Very useful information @milano1113
Thanks for sharing

For Christians especially the Catholics, Lenten season is fast approaching and I love to see those icons and the relics are crucial in most religions because they perform miracles.

Saint Francis Xavier had many miracles

I found this worthy of resteeming!
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good travel life church india post thank for shearing

This is the kind of place i would really want to visit, it reminds me of a place in Nigeria where it's claimed to be the tomb of Queen of Shaba (The wife of the Biblical King Solomon), no one knows exactly how it got there tho. Great work you are doing @adsactly Sup @qagiri you should consider traveling down here..LOL

Thank you. Enjoyed the read. Highly unlikely that I ever get to travel there myself but your post brought me closer.
@reonlouw (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Really nice to meet you @reonlouw , fortunatly i am Nigerian but have this strong love for South Africa, it's a place I really wish to visit soon.

Great stuff @iamatabo. It is an amazingly beautiful country made even more beautiful by its people. Have you been to SA before?

No, I havent, hopefully soon

Wow,this is an important history. Interesting post. Thanks for the pictures.

Wow..... This is unbelievable. It is astonishing. Wow..... Mehn really, when you walk with the Lord, you live eternally. Just a man?!! I need to influence my world so that even after my death, a memorial will be built, an edifice will be built that will bring people to awe. I should add this to one of the places to visit.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

@adsactly, I can imagine what a great experience this must be for you. Visiting such a historic church is so good, and an experience to be treasured. This reminds me of my visit to St. Mary's basilica in Rome.

Thanks for this great presentation..of an awesome place which is recorded in history as the one church to host the remains of St. Francis Xavier. It is a UNESCO declared World Heritage site

Interesting post. Thanks for the pictures. Quite a mix of baroque and Indian influences! I had never thought about it before and these styles are an acquired taste, but since both are very ornate and over the top, they work well together.

very good description and pictures of the basilica de bom Jesus, I would like to meet her someday, greetings @adsactly

The art of architecture is so good I really want to visit nya.ada paintings that inspire devout people worship to his god.

I would really love the story.

Wow, this is great to hear. Amazing how a dead persons body did not decay. He is a saint indeed. I just love the early preachers of the Gospel. They always leave beautiful memories behind. Hmm, amazing

Superb description and snap shots of the basilica de bom Jesus, I would like to fulfill her in the have a great article with looking lovely potogrphy.its amazing

For its sculpture, its design and what it represents is an excellent place to know, thank you for sharing these images

Good post.

How are you buddy. Hope you okay

Your post and write up is absolutely amazing great story

I would really love to go and see that almost 500 hear remains of the missionary.
Your content is I think second to none, it I rich with information that takes one to such places as James hardly chase does in his novels. The beautiful pictures are awesome. Thanks for taking me to Goa.

I'm not a religious person, in fact I'm an atheist, but I have to say THIS IS ART. Most religions have amazing artistic expressions such as paintings, sculptures, and structures that always blow me out of the water. And when it comes to amazing structures, Catholic churches are on the throne, without a shadow of a doubt.

Perhaps, if I stop by at India, Goa city i would love to visit and see the interiors of BASILICA OF BOM JESUS CHURCH

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The great work of the spreading of gospel in India by St. Francis Xavier. It must have been a rough journey for him in the early days. The church building is really magnificent with a rich history for visitors to ponder and admire. Thanks for sharing your journey to Basilica of Bom Jesus. Upvoted!

Excellent everything that comed from god

wow really interesting....have a good travel...
thanks for sharing...carry on

good job ;)

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Keep travelling! Keep safe!

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That is great I really love those imagery

Wow this looks amazing! Now I know which saint to pray to regarding sicknesses and healing.

great post bro,i am very interesting.😍😍😍😍

Nice post, amazing
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Thank you for sharing information about St Francis Xavier and the basilica where his relics lie. I was in India two years ago and it was fist time when I learned about St. Francis Xavier. Since then I didn't read anything about him again till now. It is good to learn from big people like St. Francis Xavier.

great work well done :) @adsactly

Thank you so much for showing us around and letting us know some wonderful facts about this church! 🙏🏻

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when I was a student I went for a school trip I was 20 so not remembered but now seen the art and your writing I am impressed and now my memory refreshed and love to see the real church from inside if you visit at the time of carnival in deCmber you will see the mortal st.francis xavier inside the glass box . I remembered only this.

I hope to travel as much as i live too. Besides am new here. Do i get a welcome message

India...! Someday I'd like to visit India including Goa City. :-) The mood of the church is really awesome. You took the photos pretty well!

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St Francis Xavier. Have to say this is more information than I know of him. Is it his name that the current Pope Francis took his name from? Or from Francis of Asissi?

thank you for share & nice info and post