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I am sure all Venezuelans feel proud every time a natural beauty is mentioned in their region especially if one talks about wonders such as the Gran Sabana or the largest river in South America "the Orinoco". So If you want to have a little more knowledge about this majestic area, Orinoco and Caroní rivers, make yourself comfortable and discover everything you need to know.

The Orinoco River, also known by the Indians as Warao, meaning a place where you can navigate, this river is considered the largest in South America and was documented for the first time by the same Christopher Columbus who mentions it in his journals as being in front of a marvel of infinite water represented the paradise.

This giant river is born in Venezuela and measures an approximate of 2150 kilometres in length, thus representing one of the most spectacular water wonders in the world, even a small part of the river is present in Colombia it is ending in the Atlantic Ocean. It also has an approximate of 800 tributaries about 200 major and 600 minor.

The formation of this huge river occurred long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the continent. It is believed that the creation of the river took place in the Cenozoic Era which extends from 66 million years ago to the present day. From a mere water pond, over the years, due to the lifting of the tectonic plates, the proliferation was on the rise causing the extension of water that we nowadays know as the Orinoco River.

Speaking of the tectonic plate movement, one can say that it is the main reason why the Orinoco River is in Venezuelan country, all due to the rapid movement of the Falcon mountain ranges, which caused the river to flow into the country’s interior. It is possible that if the movement was not so fast, the river would still circulate to the north of Venezuela, the current condition undoubtedly benefits the jungle area of the delta.

The Caroní River is the second most important river in Venezuela since its length is considerably about 950 kilometres starting from Kepenan tepuy, from which the name of the river comes from. One of the most important references of the Caroní River is that it flows into its main basin, which is the Orinoco River. From the union of these rivers a legend has been born, where Caroní represents the woman and the Orinoco the man, the legend is known as the lover’s myth.

Caroní River in La Llovizna National Park, Puerto Ordaz, Photo: @highonthehog

This legend transcends through the indigenous cultures, it tells the story of two lovers Orinoco and Caroni, two rivers that wanted to be together, but like in all romances in the world, there are obstacles that arise. The gods opposed the encounter for no reason, but this did not stop the lovers from skirting the mountains and defeating every tributary that tried to interpose. From a bubbling kiss of fresh water, the Caroni and the Orinoco found themselves walking hand in hand to the blue ocean to be together forever. A beautiful story that explains the union of these great rivers and, watching them come together truly warms the heart.

Generally, the rivers provide many advantages for the towns and communities near it, however, in the case of the Orinoco and Caroní rivers, many more advantages are found, especially in order to benefit the population and supply the economy of the state of Venezuela. There are many people who travel to the Bolivar State to see these majestic rivers, as well as contemplate its fauna and flora. Apart from the large economic supply for tourism, it is also necessary to remember that many enterprises and micro companies have positioned themselves in the villages near these rivers with the intention of exploring mineral resources such as hydrocarbons, stones such as diamonds, gold and iron.

Iron Plant, Puerto Ordaz, Photo: @highonthehog

The Gran Sabana is recognized for its wide region that consists of more than 10000 square kilometres of territory, having among its domains one of the most emblematic national parks of the country, the Canaima National Park. The temperature is humid and can reach up to 20ºC and at night it can descend to almost 12ºC and in the higher places, the cold can be more noticeable.

Gran Sabana, Photo: @highonthehog

The exploration of the territory of the Gran Sabana dates from the arrival of the colonists, with the legend of El Dorado, where precious stones and much gold were promised, from which many could desist because access to many areas was so difficult. There are still places in its territory that have not yet been explored by a man, it gives an idea of how huge it is.

Canaima Park is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, likewise, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela established laws to take care of the park and avoid unnecessary exploitation in search of minerals and precious stones such as diamonds, gold and others.

One of the most emblematic stories of the Gran Sabana is the one about the Cuyuní bridge, which is believed to be designed by Eiffel himself. According to the legend, the bridge bearing the name of Simón Bolíva​r was being transported to Peru, but the ship's navigator had made a mistake and directed the ship to the area of Gran Sabana. Due to the error and the cost of disassembling it again, it was destined to be sold to the current government of Juan Vicente Gómez. At first, the bridge had been assembled in Guárico, but it was not used much, so the officials decided to move it to Cuyuní river, where it is now. The population is looking forward to​ it to be considered a cultural heritage monument to guarantee its maintenance.

Another amazing tale is the one about the stone of the Virgin, which is the first attraction of the Canaima park. It has acquired its name for two reasons, according to the inhabitants of the place, when the dynamite explosions were set off to make a sufficient space for the future roads, this was the only stone that had no apparent damage, therefore, one could conclude it is a virgin stone. The second is, its figure is very similar to the silhouette of the virgin in white.

One of the artistic representations of fiction dedicated to the Gran Sabana is the novel by the Scottish author Arthur Conan Doyle. "The Lost World" where he recounts the appearance of prehistoric animals in a land of South America, the exact location is on Mount Roraima, the story exemplifies an idea of interpretation of an ancient world that remains present in our time, at least back in 1912. There are many other legends and stories in the park, all available to anyone who wants to discover a unique story and have a special experience to tell upon their return.

Speaking in relation to the flora of the place, we must say that the vast amount of vegetation and species that exist in the Gran Sabana is impressive, this is due to the climatic changes that are found in this biome, the ecosystem varies in relation to the height, temperature and humidity. Flowers and other plants are adapted to the acidic soil through the decomposition of sandstones, among the vegetation that we can get in this area are predominantly Rutáceas, Theaceae, Aquifoliaceae and Sapotaceae.

Plants and the view at Tepui Chiricayen, Photo: @highonthehog
With respect to fauna, it is clear to say that there are infinities of insects, amphibians, mammals, birds, this is mainly due to the great variety of climates and ecosystems found in the Gran Sabana. From El Dorado to Santa Elena, it is not very common to find large animals that dominate in the area, this is because these are prairies, animals often visit forest areas and jungles. Among the most common species are the anteater, an ocelot, an otter, boa constrictor, monkeys, harpy eagles, and many other influential species in the area of Bolivar state.

Minerals and precious stones abound in the Gran Sabana and for this reason, the government of Venezuela has established laws for the protection of Canaima Park. Thus to protect the territory from illegal miners, there are also conditions to exploit valuable minerals such as diamonds, cobalt, iron and of course gold.

Concluding this article, one can see in beautiful Venezuela huge and impressive territories full of stories, animals and flowers that adorn any photograph that brings​ amazing memories. Sites that represents peace, timeless beauty, which at the same time is being gradually destroyed by mining for precious minerals.

Authored by @highonthehog


Photos: @highonthehog

Images: sources linked below

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I'm a river rat, straight and simple. They fascinate me. I've read much of the Orinoco, but have never seen it or seen what it sees. I'd truly like to.

Thanks for a terrific look at one of the worlds great rivers. I really appreciate it.


I am also a water animal! Since I remember I always wanted to see the great Orinoco, it was also my mother's dream (I still have a few points on the list). For 4 weeks living in Puerto Ordaz and seeing the river from my window, commuting in and around the city, back and forth I tried to approach it, but it was not easy at all.
Is very dangerous and you cannot just go and have a swim or a picnic by its banks, there are ghettos all around it, so rather no access. We had to enter a private club and buy a catamaran cruise, only then we could really see it up close and personal. Next time I hope to go fishing with my friend's family, just generally the ​Orinoco is very rapid and might not be the best place to just go for a casual boat trip.

So If you want to have a little more knowledge about this majestic area, Orinoco and Caroní rivers, make yourself comfortable...

Absolutely! New knowledge always comes very handy especially when the knolage comes from someone experiencing it herself. The Orinoco River is enormous with even bigger history. It literally surrounds many states.

From the union of these rivers a legend has been born, where Caroní represents the woman and the Orinoco the man, the legend is known as the lover’s myth.

I find it very interesting to know how these river’s names originated which at the end means union of the two rivers Caroní and Orinoco. The Virgin stone looks to me like a mushrooms, but that’s my imagination which could be very misleading lol. Despite the economic situation in Venezuela, I’m glad they are trying to protect their treasury when it comes to mother nature.


True, true, only being in these places I am able to pass a piece of what I felt, plus great photos :P And you're right, the stone looks like a mushroom or even like a monstrous creature from star wars :)

Finally , get to explore and navigate some natural beauty of Venezuela. Lately I have came across many posts about Venezuela economic doldrums. This post shows the postive side of Venezuela and natural mineral abundance along the Orinoco river.

One thing..why there is special mention of Indian (Indian known as Warao)

Posted using Partiko Android


Exactly, I had the same feeling and I wanted to present the most beautiful part of the country- its nature and overabundance of mineral resources- though very much threatened.
Well,​ the Indian tribes living there before the colonists and currently...


Wow...i was not aware about Indian tribes. Something new to add on....thanks for sharing some useful insight👌

Posted using Partiko Android

I am proud to say that Venezuela is a paradise, @highonthehog!! today you have presented us with one of the most emblematic landscapes of the State of Bolivar. I remember the first time I visited Canaima Park I was pleasantly surprised. See all the water, the union of the rivers, their colors. Tourists can do this tour on a catamaran, which leaves from the park itself and can be done in about an hour or so. On the catamaran you have refreshments and drinks. This boat crosses the rivers and there is a guide who tells you the stories and gives you some interesting information. The interesting thing is the last part of the tour, which consists of taking you as close as possible to the waterfalls of La llovizna park. A real show! I invite you to know and enjoy this natural landscape.


We had over 40 people on the catamaran, it was madness :) ! The weather was so bad, windy and raining, the currents were very dangerous and the water in the falls was flowing with a double power! Amazing experience.

Todos los Venezolanos nos sentimos orgullosos de nuestro rió orinoco, su majestuosidad su fauna su historia, cualquier venezolano que este en el exterior le nombras rió oricono, la gran sabana los tepuyes el salto ángel y su mirada se pierde en el horizonte el corazón se le pone chiquito es un sentimiento indescriptible para nosotros.


I believe. You have a beautiful and troubled country. All the best.


Si tienes razón, es hermoso.... No creas que el venezolano es así problemático, solo estamos pasando por un momento oscuro pero estoy seguro que tarde o temprano saldremos de esto.

@highonthehog, For sure it's reflecting as you really had great time while exploring these amazing places which literally hold the beautiful and breathtaking aspects.

Yes, we can see at many places where the natural phenomenon creates the natural beauties and that means as you've highlighted about the creation through the Tectonic Plating.

And great to know that Canaima Park is UNESCO World Heritage Site. And for sure i can say that this park is reflecting as the awesome piece of natural creation.

And yes, Rivers are beautiful aspects for sure and in my opinion view from the heights increase the beauty of the rivers and also it can let us know the importance of Rivers too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Right to the point , thanks for the comment.


Thank you and welcome. 🙂

wow.. very amazing travel article there especially about Canaima Park.. it show how great and rich country it is, sadlly ruled by bad goverment and in economy crisis


excelente recorrido por esta majestuosidad de la naturaleza que nos ha regalado Dios a nosotros los venezolanos!


Muchas gracias, Saludos!

Now it is very important to protect this beauty from cutting and destruction!


Agree, thanks for the comment.

I love posts like this. I get to travel from my seat! The Cuyuní bridge just beams so much history. Thanks for the share!


Nice that I managed to take you on a trip without leaving a comfortable home, it's a very big compliment, thanks :)

all places are Damm ! good..


:) Thanks for dropping by.

Bellisimo el Tepui Chiricayen, su vista en persona lo es más, Dios tiene que alejar la obscuridad que recide allí, Venezuela es un gran lugar con personas acojedoras y comprensibles para que este gobierno nos este oprimiendo con el comunismo


Es un lugar muy bonito pero en estos tiempos es peligroso. Tienen que ayudarnos a recuperarlo

This was a good post and loved all the pictures. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the comment.

@adsactly Good post, Don't forget to look at my blog, maybe you like it


Thanks for the comment.

It is true that Venezuelans have beautiful landscapes and very beautiful people, unfortunately they are affected by the economy of their country, I loved your post and I love traveling. Henry ortiz viajando.JPG


This aerial scaping of the River Orinoco is so eerie. How I wish we can behold it !!

Oh ma God!! The Confluence of ORINOCO and Rio Caroni is reminiscing of that of the rivers NIGER and BENUE in my country, Nigeria.


All the best , thanks for reading :)

Thanks for this post so amazing about my country. I'm so proud to be Venezuelan.


Glad u have liked it :) and I'm​m happy to be able to see all these sites and stay in good health ...

Nicely done,good job, I love my country.


:) Thanks, definitely there is a lot to write about :)

Incredible place! I haven't had the chance to give it a visit yet, but one of these days I'll give myself that pleasure. Thanks for sharing your experience!


So you have to fix your error as soon as possible :) because the condition of this region is getting worse rapidly.



it is definitely unique and I hope that the situation will improve so that more people can enjoy this beauty.