The Lofoten Village of Tind

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The Lofoten Village of Tind

This is Tind. One of the fishing villages in the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway. I took this photo many years ago and have just now come around to posting it on the web. I had another one that was panoramic so I didn't bother with this one. I looked around the web for photos of Tind and couldn't find one like this, so I decided I should share it.

If you want to do a trip to Lofoten, you have to do it by car. It's the only way to maximize what you can cover in the islands. You'll have to rent the care from Bodo and then take the ferry across to Moskenes. From the ferry, Tind is just a few minutes south.

Have you been to Norway?

ExposureManual exposure, 1/60 sec, f/8, ISO 100
CameraCanon 5D MK II
LensCanon 24mm TS-E
LocationLofoten, Norway

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

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The beauty of this photo is incomprehensible and magical @adonisabril

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

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Nice shot! I like this picture so much, it makes me see a practical application of the 'rule-of-thirds'....I just started learning photography....

Amazing photography. Thanks for sharing.

What a beauriful picture and I love to visit norway,
Upvoted with thanx a lot @adonisabril

Wonderful photo.

It's a very beautiful village

Beautiful photo capturing the stunning northern scenery. After living in Norway for 33 years it’s a shame how my focus have been on traveling and experiencing destinations outside of Norway when it has so much to offer just outside our doorstep.

Wow, really? You got one of the best backyards in the world!

Our whole world consists of beautiful gems of nature which are really breathtaking to watch and there are millions of places in this world which are still untouched by human beings.

Stay Blessed. 🙂

Lofoten never disappoints and never bores.
I like how sky balances the image. Good timing!

So beautiful place @adonisabril
Grate photography

The pics is just so cool, I really like it and the vacation must be lovely one @adonisabril

very beautiful village!!
good photography !!
although you are a good photographer !

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That place looks so peaceful! Love it!

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Wow, amazing shot!
I know someone who currently is living at this beautiful place... sigh

It's nearly 20 yrs ago, that I've been to Norway... but it only was a day trip to Oslo during a vacation in Sweden. Would love to vistit Norway one day...

I didn't care much for Oslo, you really have to check out the nature on fjords and the Lofoten :)

Of course, the next time I also would like to explore the fjords. Love being in the nature and the fjords are really awesome :)

Excellent photo, beautiful dense colors

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This place looks so peaceful

Beautiful shot

Excellent. I hope to visit my publications

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I feel like there should be a massive dragon soaring over those little houses...

Beautiful shot, I love the calm water with all the noise behind it

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Interesting and beautiful village. Thank you for sharing this.

I want go to Norway. Beautiful place. Upvoted :)

yes a was born there lol. just moved to canada.
in 2004 me and my brother cycling from Lindesnes southern tip of Norway to the north cape and did the whole lofoten it was a fantastic trip.

Nice, what an awesome place to grow up in!

Wow........amazing this photography...i like this traveling ...i wait your next post.......

Great shot! Wish I was heading over there soon. Norway and the Lofoten Islands have been on my bucket list for ages!

Thanks for sharing and happy travels! :)

The midnight sun is waiting for you :)

Upvoted! Wow great view! Wish to go there someday😊 hey, check out my new post
Its about the appearance of blue tears at the beach!

What a beautiful place. It seems to me that life here is quiet and unhurried

Me gusta, se ve que se respira tranquilidad es esa lugar.

Excellent pic! I hope you can take a look at mine and see what you think and vote it. Regards!

beautiful scenery

This is Beautiful , How i wish i lived there. Its nice to see how beautiful and clean the place is. Thanks for this great share :)

It looks like a photo-realistic painting. I can smell the fresh crisp air.

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