ADSactly Tech News - Will Electric Bikes, Flying Cars and Automated SUVs be the Only Way to Get Around in the Future?

in transportation •  4 months ago

ADSactly Tech News: Will Electric Bikes, Flying Cars and Automated SUVs be the Only Way to Get Around in the Future?

Image Source: CNET

  • One of the largest flying car manufacturers, Sampson Sky has and impressive number of reservations for their new Switchblade kit-built, flying sports car!

  • The ways in which society travels and the options presented regarding 1st world transportation systems are set to change massively in our lifetimes!

Have you ever dreamed of owning a flying car? Did you ever feel like it would just be something impossible to see in your lifetime? Well, maybe it will be possible... The future of flying cars looks brighter and brighter as we get close to turning the page on this decade.

But I should warn you, if I've made you excited and you're now throwing on your coat getting ready to run out the door right now to buy one, hold your horses. The models being manufactured at the moment require that drivers obtain a private pilot's licence. The Skyblade, a flying car I'll discuss in detail in this article is a two-seater vehicle, which starts at £90,000.

The fact of the matter is that the impossible is now very possible.

Flying cars which many thought remained solely the domain of science fiction movies exist in real life and people with the wealth and means to do so are in the process of buying them!

If I've perked your interest at this stage, let me delve a bit deeper into this business of flying cars and provide some supporting evidence for the points I've made above.

In recent news it seems that a comapny called Sampson Sky has announced that it’s now holding 615 reservations for its new Switchblade kit-built, flying sports car!

The company sponsored a Sun ‘n Fun forum a while back about the state of the flying car industry. At the event, visitors had a chance to chat with the Switchblade's creators.

Just two years earlier, the Samson Sky reservation program had been launched at Sun 'n Fun when potential customers saw a sneak peek of the wing swing mechanism for the vehicle. Getting down to the dirty details of it all, the Switchblade is reported to have the power-to-weight ratio of a 2017 Corvette.

People from all over the globe want to get their hands on these based on the fact that the company says the Switchblade reservation list includes enthusiasts from over 15 countries.

Just because they are cool doesn't make them cheap though! Sampson Sky anticipates the price of a VFR Switchblade to be about $140,000.

Image Source: The Sun

All of this takes me back and I have memories of watching the movie 'Back to the Future' in the 1990's and being completely amazed. Lets be honest folks, just the idea of a car that could time travel is an exciting proposition.

But my oh my, when I saw the sequel, 'Back to the Future 2' it made me even more excited! In this movie we saw hoverboards, automatic clothing that could dry itself and yes, flying cars!

Even though the Switchblade will cost a pretty penny, it seems incredibly cool and if I had a pilot's license and was in a position to buy one, I do believe I would. A few of its key features that I forgot to mention above include its extendable wings and tail. Beyond the wings and tail being an outstanding feature, when it comes to technical specifications, apparently it can reach altitudes of 13,000ft with a lot of help by its rear-mounted propeller.

Now here are a few more interesting facts about the Switchblade. They have been designed as three-wheeled two-seaters vechicals are are completely road legal. On the road they can reach a top speed of 100mph but they are only allowed to take off and land at airports.

Samson Motors is a U.S. based company located in Oregon with plans to launch the cars within months. They even come equipped with parachutes. Its extendable wings and tail are adjustable and needed as a means to steer it through the air.

Anyways, I thought this new hoopla surrounding flying cars was pretty cool so I thought readers might be interested in learning more about it.

Let me turn your attention to another possibility for getting around in the future. Get this, not only are there fully electric motorbikes well superbikes rather being made but they are being constructed with 3d printing technology!

Image Source: 3D Print

I don't know about you, but if someone mentions electric superbike and 3d printing in the same sentence I get excited.

For the past few years the CRP Group has been working with the Energica Motor Company to develop all-electric superbikes.

That is freaking awesome! Digging deeper into their work around electric superbikes I've uncovered the fact that many of the parts for the Ego and Ego Corsa bikes are being 3D printed with CRP’s Windform composite materials.

These superbikes are hitting the road as made evident by the newer Corsa being scheduled for development at the 2019 FIM Enel MotoE World Cup. Progress is mounting becoming more and more apparent as they show off their new tech at events like the recent French MotoGP. At the event a brand new prototype of the bike made an appearance on the track for the first time in public.

After the Ego Corsa was taken for a demo lap at the French MotoGP by former MotoGP rider and 250cc race winner, championship contender and multiple podium finisher Randy de Puniet, he had the following to say about the experience:

“The connection with the throttle and the power delivery are very smooth,” he said. “The bike reaches high speed in a very short amount of time, and that’s a good thing. Another good point of the bike is that the rear is very stable when opening the throttle. It’s a very easy bike to get to grips with, so it would be fun to be racing the Energica Ego Corsa against twenty or more riders on identical machinery. I am really pleased with this experience and grateful for the opportunity; I hope my feedback will help Energica continue in the right direction.”

Now, am I saying that we are all going to be getting around by flying cars or electric superbikes in the future. Probably not, at least not right away. But these are just a few examples of new high-tech transport options hitting the market. One technology that is much more likely to be used on a daily basis in regard to transport is that of self-driving cars. This is an area that I've already written quite a bit about but I'll just quickly summarise where the markets are at with that at the moment.

Companies like Uber, Google and Tesla are racing to become the champions of self-driving cars but there is also stiff competition by other competitors like Waymo and the likes...

One bit of recent news I found incredibly interesting is the fact that Volvo now offers a car that will let you take a nap or watch movies on highways!

According to a recent article published in CNBC, Volvo wants customers to know their highway commute to and from work may soon involve a nap, a meal or a flick!

The Swedish automaker (which is owned by Chinese automotive company Geely) plans to offer a true self-driving car by 2021, Volvo Senior Vice President of Research & Development Henrik Green told automotive website Jalopnik on Wednesday. That means within three years, Volvo drivers will have the option “eat, sleep, work, watch a movie, relax, do whatever,” while their autonomous car drives on the highway, Green says.

So to make a long story short, we are getting there. The future is creeping up upon us and I'm always shocked and amazed to see the incredible pace of growth and development taking place across all industries.

Image Source: CNBC

Do you see yourself owning a self-driving car, a flying car or an electric superbike anytime soon?

There are some incredible feats of engineering and computer science being applied in all of these applications. Personally I'd want to let the dust settle and let others try out these new technologies first before taking the leap to use one or own one of these vehicles.

I would really like to know how my fellow @ADSactly society members feel about these new fun and exciting ways to get around.

Do you see any dangers involved with flying cars, self driving cars or superbikes zooming across your neighborhood?

Which of these new forms of transportation if any seem appealing to you?

Here's a chance for the @ADSactly community to leave their thoughts and opinions on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

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Nice read.
On a lighter note, magic wands and hiro nakamura's teleportation powers are other means of transportation.


I think traveling by wand sounds appealing. Does one need to get insurance first before summoning their destination?

These amazing rides have a big possibility it will be the means of transportation in the future. Several decades ago, James Bond luxurious cars and gadgets were just a dream but for it is already happening.


Agreed. There are going to be some cool ways to get around in the future!

We will also have underground auto mobiles

I prefer manually driven cars ...

I hope these cars arrive quickly, but that they are ecological to preserve our environment.

I already drive my own flying car, but on my dream! Good post!! @adsactly

hi adsactly

Good post!! upvoted

People always have dreams, but sometimes they have more dreams.


sure it wil happen. And im plan to invent one of those flying cars! I will soon make prototypes using first arduino nano, uno, mega.. and Im super excited about it

Bit long but a very good thought and analysis for the future mode of transportation. Am an engineer from INDIA and working in an automobile OEM.

Yes as from a person from advance planning department we are targeting to the market with autonomous vehicle in next 3-4 years. ...It definitely has the future, But when the news of accidents are coming from around the world it seems difficult to get the clearance from government in the near future.

Flying car would be very good to see, especially when traffic jam has troubled in every developed country.But for that air traffic system has to be developed first.

Thanking you for the post @saswat036

Nice post
Good luck

Can't wait for cars like these to exist in real life!! They would prevent traffic, running over people and animals, the use of gas, and make life so much easier because we wouldn't have to drive it, the car would take us automatically anywhere we want to go. I really hope these cars come to existence in our lifetime because car now days do seem outdated.

I want to see cars like this in my life time.. So my higher spirit and I will lend a hand... remember those superconducting magnets, now remember how they superchilled them... well if I made my own superconductor I would make sure it was treated right, as in heat kindled for the right duration so it was harder then standard super conductors allowing for more electrical flow into it the more it is treated. now with that in mind you probably wondering well won't my car stay at a certain altitude and never descend? well one word electricity.

If we are going to make flying cars we mind as well create flying saucers using magnets inside that you can control increasing or decreasing the strength using a magnetic road as well which will allow you to hover as high or as low as you please, this right here is just a helicopter that you can drive on the road. The audacity to call this a "flying car" is baffling.

it imposible! When I see technology like that Im fill little scare! This is realy great!

Wow. Dare to dream of technology we don't have yet. I dream of a phone that makes me a sammich. Know what would be cool? Like, if I could fly with my own power and stuff. Or teleport. Can someone make me some cool CGI to go with that?


Teleportation is probably the next step after flying cars unless I'm missing a step?

@adsactly will the flying cars use jet fuel or ordinary gas? What security systems are inbuilt within the Switchblade?
Thank you

It's a great one @techblogger....... WOW flying cars!! How awesome it would be.... Made me nostalgic about cartoons seen in childhood where they fly in flying cars.

But roads structure will be needed in that manner feasible with the technology.
Thanks for sharing @adsactly


Yah. Guess we will have to see if it will be fact or fluke eh? It may not happen right away but i think its in the cards.

i am waiting for this flying car and i hope we see it soon : )

I pray we never use the idiotic teleport tech. That would be murder.

disregard post! due to bug on esteem app


I use from safari when commenting better than apps 😊


yeah. I noticed that i doubled my comment when I switch to steemit. com

Great Post and inspiring to get what in the past just an imagination.
the advancement of transportation technology has really embodied what was once just an imagination. Like a variety of science fiction movies that use modern all-round vehicles are now almost certain to be realized.
A variety of superfast vehicles that are hoping to fill the thirst for fast-paced service without the barrier of constraints can become real.
however, we must remember there are still many challenges that must also be faced.

  1. the rules in different countries governing flights are still not possible are private flying cars, even if pilots have permission. Even now even the drone flight is still set very tight like the limit of flying altitude that should not exceed 200 meters in Indonesia. Or in another country there may not be more than 100 meters.
    Likewise areas that can be used as a flying area is very limited. Such as not to fly over the crowd, national park or government strategic facilities.It is set to safeguard the safety of all people and national interests,
  2. The impact of flying car flights also creates disruption.
    The first interruption will definitely disrupt commercial flights. If the commercial flight path used by the private flying car path would be very disturbing.
    Disturbance of noise pollution and the vibration of flying cars also still have to think about the solution so as not to solely meet the personal desire but to see the interests of the people. Vibrations generated by super-fast vehicles will also damage nearby buildings, so that passing time can cause severe damage.
  3. It is still necessary to determine which route is allowed as the road from the flying car so it can be safer for the passengers and the surrounding community.
  4. The vehicle industry must provide users with the guidance that the vehicles used can be safer, friendly and provide great benefits to the community.
    Thank you @techblogger
    Thank you @adsactly
    Thank you steemit
    warm regard from Indonesia

Interesting points! I think you are right to look at the logistics of making this reality before forming a solid opinion. This appears to be well researched so I'll admit that the possibilities of seeing a worldwide phenomenon in the near future which involves flying cars is probably not likely.


Thank you @techblogger for appreciating my opinion too. But your psot may be become real if all stakeholders are synergistic from research to infrastructure plans that provide opportunities for the development of the world of flying car transport. role of the goverment, manufacture and community must be heard to get the winning solution.

I don't remember where I read it, but I think the main point was that flying cars won't be very viable for the majority of us, because controlling the air space is much harder than on the ground.

Long future to see flying cars being a actual thing (viable), but we all love the idea.

@adsactly great tech news and can't wait any more

I did my specialization in robotics and although fully automated vehicles were far from my research area but nevertheless I had some exposure to them - technically speaking. The truth is that many labs and companies have fully functional and completely automated prototypes.

Although there is a bit of debate as to the capabilities of these prototypes. Some engineers are claiming the automation is 100% functional and yet we are seeing that no big names have yet come forward to bring the technology to the people. To me this indicates that a few problems still exist.

Then there is also the issue of commercialization of these designs. The differences in international norms can also be a hindrance to a full scale internationally accepted parameters.

Lets not take all the above as a sign of failure, we never know what might happen in five years :-)

I have seen alot of movies about flying and hovering cars. But i still dont think it will completely eliminate cars moving on ground. The thought of it is just crazy😁

I remember like 15 years ago or something VTL (vertical takeoff and landing) cars were being talked about, but nothing really happened. Looks like technology is getting better! It will be cool to see this happen. The VFR switchblade looks pretty legit! haha. I am still waiting for an Amazon drone to deliver a package to me! lol

If someone can solve problem of noise, safety, and powerful engines, - it can be possible. But from the other hand imagine hunders of thousands cars flying among the sky in all directions...


we have these in san diego--- I call them air #bikes - but the #city impounded them before they could escape into the #tree canopy. @angrytwin