Train With Jane: Fat Burning Lower Body Circuit (With Demonstrations)

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Circuit training is awesome, it helps you target multiple areas of your body without feeling too exhausted to move on to the next exercise, however challenging enough to make your heart rate go up to burn that fat! All you need for this exercise is a bench (or chair) and a pair of dumbbells. I love when when my workouts only need little to no equipment and I can do it anywhere I chose. I will be uploading more outdoor workouts since the weather here in NYC has been amazing!

Lower Body Circuit

1. Jump Squats x15

2. Static Lunges x 12 (each leg)

3. Squat + Press x15

4. Step Ups x24 (12 each leg)

5. Burpees x10

Rest & repeat 4 times

I don't know if you guys can tell by my facial expressions during the burpees how challenging this circuit is! After four times, my legs were shaking a bit and I know I will be sore tomorrow. If you guys are interested let me know if I should do a recovery workout video after leg day (because we all know those days are the worst!)

Your Trainer,
Jane 💪

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I can’t get to the gym tomorrow ... so I’ll try this workout at home ... thanks :)

Hello @paolajane ! You have interesting blog! I decided to surprise you and painted your portrait

Jane!!! I'm so excited you are back! Awesome that you took some time to re-evalute and focus in other areas... but i'm selfishly glad you are back because i've missed you and your awesome content.

Ps... i know you've been back for over a week... sorry i'm just stopping by now!

Thank you!! <3 its alright haha
Just trying to get on YOUR level!! Lets do this


Hey are you guys coming to the Toronto Steem Creators Conference in Sept? Would be fun to hang out with you guys!

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