Training Report June 2018 ⚡️

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May Report >>

In May I wrote weekly updates for my training as well as took part in the Movement May challenge from @aussieninja. No challenges or post but I have been moving plenty in June.

I hit 80 Miles on my feet!

I’ve been working to increase my millage and found some consistency in June. Turns our ignoring the voice in your head that says you need another ‘rest day’ works pretty well. 🙌 Probably my most miles/month ever.

Making my best effort to slow down I still failed at pacing slower! While ’not being good at going slow’ might seem like a great problem to have it is limiting my long runs. My longest run of the month was 10miles at 8:47/mi. Buzzing at the idea I can run 10miles fairly comfortably and pain-free. My aim is still to slow it down and push for greater distance.

I managed one, yes a singular barefoot run 😅. 1.6 miles of toes vs everything. I’m pretty sure the idea of completely barefoot freaks people out but it’s incredible. Try it. 🤷‍♂️

🧗‍♂️ Climbing. 9 Bouldering session in June. I was finally able to start completing a new set of problems moving into a v4-v6 set. It feels to see any progress it takes minimum 2x/week and realistically it needs to be 3x or maybe I just need to work harder.

No gym time 😅 but a few bodyweight sessions thrown in post run. A few commuter miles on the bike thrown in.

If anyone wants to join me on Strava I’m over here ->

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Great work Sam!
I've made a point to start walking around barefoot on grass, but haven't had an area big enough to run yet.

Have you seen this?

It doesn't always work, I did about 5000 steps yesterday before it got off '0 steps' - and the posts aren't the best quality, but definitely excited about the concept...


Thanks mate.

Yeah I saw it. I like my idea better(although it needs a ton of work obviously) but I'm probably a little biased.

I'm not a fan of the "let's make a new token for everything". Maybe I'm missing something but I just don't get it. Not this project specifically but many that create new tokens just seem like a money grab/scam.

I've been trying to decide what my thoughts are for the rewarding fitness stuff. Steem was originally intended as proof of brain - rewarding quality content and curation of quality content. I'm not sure if 'proof of legs' should be a thing or not. The reward pool is finite and for me it starts to beg the question about it's intended use.

In general I would totally prefer a nested by default posting structure with the option to post to main blog as well.

I still plan on updating Move Club with a bit better interface and added Strava support. Soon™ 😂 Just a lot going on.


Hahahaa, there's no hurry with it... just keep truckin'!

I 100% agree... I really hate that it creates a one-line post - like who would upvote that except for the app itself. I'm personally way more keen on your process of the app doing it's post, and then my activities are a comment... that way I can see what everyone else is doing too.

Also not a fan of having to carry my phone with me... it's not super practical for most of what I do... BUT, it does solve the issue I raised earlier with you about people just typing in whatever to get upvotes.

I think you kinda answered your own question about the tokens, versus Steems finite resource.. that's what they should be for, for rewarding content that the app likes, but might not directly fit with Steem. Guess we'll see how it all pans out. Not sure why everyone gets excited about new tokens though, not without a clue of how much they might be worth to convert back to a useable currency.

My work project is crazy over the next month... but after that, hoping to learn and get into way more developments. Exciting times!