Nunes Train Crash & #ReleaseTheMemo. Bitcoin FUD & Binance Lists STEEM

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Nunes Train Crash & #ReleaseTheMemo. Bitcoin FUD & Binance Lists STEEM

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Film Summary

Today the #FISAMemo, was so supposed to be released but there are the normal ludicrous claims of "National Security" being tossed around to protect secrets of criminals. I say #ReleaseTheMemo and let us the voting citizenry decide for ourselves.

However instead of the memo being released Nunes and other GOP lawmakers were seemingly targeted in a Train crash that wreaks of being staged. I am not sure what this means, but I can speculate that this was some sort of message and maybe there are some infighting factions of the government. This so far stinks to high hell of being staged, and it has left 1 dead so far. Train story:

There is a lot of FUD going around about Crypto Currencies, I say buy while the price is low. BitCoin dropped below 9k today which screams of a good buying opportunity to me. A lot of the FUD going on is causing this...

For one No India won't ban Bitcoin and cryptos, in fact they are talking about embracing BlockChain technology:

Tether and Bitfinex are under investigation for basically doing what the big banks do everyday. I don;t agree with what the Tether guys did, and I never have and never will endorse Bitfinex, but it is a little hypocritical of banks to criticize fractional reserve lending:

STEEM was also listed on Binance today! So that is great news for the Steemit community and for STEEM coin holders like myself. I see a STEEM price of somewhere easily around $17-19 USD per STEEM coin by the end of 2018:

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Thanks for some good intel !!


You are very welcome.

its a great informational post. thanks for share.


Lolz, Top Gear memes will get you a 100% up vote.

Yeah,... Aint that some ironic bull..

Big banks get mad at crypto exchanges for doing exactly what they do with fiat money. Ridiculous if you ask me.

Any word on if SBD will continue to tank as well?


I doubt this will continue for long, I would expect a healthy rebound very soon.

hey @titusfrost this awesome related to bitcoin.i like it


Yeah you are very welcome. Have a nice day!


You are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit.

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its a really informational post.@titusfrost

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Ah bitcoin kitty is here lulz



Thank you for putting this all together. I rarely believe events are isolated.


Yeah they never are. Thanks for the comment!

I am not dare to buy Bitcoin although the price is low level but I decided to keep on steemit.

its a great information post, bitcoin is one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itself.... great times to be around....

Yes, I agree, I was thinking that this train crash was no accident.