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Just 2 hours ago, the breaking news emerged:


STEEM/BTC, STEEM/ETH and STEEM/BNB pairs will be tradeable on Binance from now on.

These are HUGE news for STEEM & Steemit, and a big step towards the right direction of mass adaption!

It also means that STEEM can finally be traded with ETH!

What does this mean for STEEM ?

These are breaking news and a huge opportunity for STEEM.

Being listed on a new exchange is of course always great news for the currency - it shows that the public has interest in the token, and that there is a certain demand for trading it.
But in this case, it's even bigger than just being listed on any exchange.
The Binance exchange has seen an incredible rise in popularity and user growth in the last few months. It has created such a hype that they even stopped accepting new registered accounts.

With STEEM being listed on such a big, popular exchange platform, it just goes to show that more and more people are finally realizing the huge potential of STEEM and its amazing technology!

We all know how great STEEM and Steemit is - but it seems like more and more non-steemians are coming to that conclusion as well.
Following these news, the STEEM price is likely to begin a new bullish trend!

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About Binance

Binance is a new exchange platform that only launched in 2017.

It has quickly become one of the most popular and influential exchanges to the market, especially to the Asian crypto community.
This meteoric rise in popularity comes from different reasons: for one, offering unique and attractive trading pairs like BTC/NEO which can hardly be found anywhere else, and also because Binance is one of the fastest exchange platforms there are. With a matching order speed of up to 1.4 million/second, Binance has achieved a speed that exceeds almost all other exchange platforms.

This makes it one of the most attractive crypto exchanges in the world!


It's amazing to see that STEEM is getting more and more of the attention it deserves.

Steemians all know about the great technology and potential of STEEM / Steemit, and now with STEEM being listed on Binance, there will be a lot more investors and supporters of STEEM!

APPICS is one of the first SMT and like a child of Steemit - we represent the STEEM technology to the fullest.

We are thrilled about these big news, as APPICS also represents STEEM and will help push STEEM towards mass adaption!

APPICS now has an officialy ICO Date: March 28, 2018! Stay tuned!

Also, thank you to all Steemians who support APPICS and have joined our Telegram Community which has already grown to 2700 members!

2018 has been a great year so far for both STEEM and for APPICS - but so much is yet to come!

Exciting times ahead - STEEM ON! To the Moon!

steem moon Kopie.png

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Yes, this is really solid news. I picked #STEEM Coin to be the largest increase in value this year for cryptos because of EOS launching and Smart Media Tokens, and because Steemit platform is growing and other things. However this addition to Binance is huge and I would expect to see new high for the STEEM price in the near future.

Great news after another.
I will definitely jump in the Appics band wagon.
2018 look brighter everyday for all steemians.
Keep on steemin'


Exactly 🙌 2018 will be BIG, for Steemit, as well as APPICS! Thanks for your support!

This is awesome. Great News... Upvoted and Shared


Yes, this is great!


Thank you very much! appreciate it


Awesome ... I just sent my 1st 2 Steem to Binance. Took less than 1 minute and no Fees.

Steem Steem Steeeem

This is great news, I wish they also included SBD. I dislike having to use Bittrex. Resteemed


I use Poloniex and HitBTC but for all temporary deposit and widraw it's disabled, how on bitrex?


Totally agreed.
Thank you for resteeming!

STEEMIT is huge .. and this really great news !

Nice! Ready for the another Steem explosion?!



🙌 🙌 🙌

Strap yourself in, this is going to be awesome!!


Next Stop: STEEM to the MOON!


STEEM has been undervalued for too long. It’s time to rise!!!

Wow this is great! It was so clumsy to get steem before, this should makes it easier for people to get in


Yes. Getting on such a popular exchange like Binance opens up a lot of new possibilities or Steemians, and makes Steemit more attractive to use too!

This is very meaningful information, make all the virtual money miners ..
Thanks for sharing @sirwinchester


Thank you! Appreciate it

Great news.

Wwoah!! Just great.. great news that will lead us all to steem to the moon for a healthy and better community providing good quality content, lifting and supporting one another thanks for sharing the great news it will lead us all and inspire to keep on going and grow.. God bless

Truly is a great news for this currency. Traders are so happy.And also me as a part of this great comunnity,as a small steemian.


yay damn right!
In that "blood bath" which already lasts 4 days, ... any positive news are welcome!

@sirwinchester Excellent news means that we are on the right path. The Steem and Steem Dollar will now go to the moon.


thanks for best information! Good news!


Thank you very much! Yes these are amazing news!

This is amazing news! Will they list SBD as well?

Thanks for sharing. This is perfect for Steem.

It's about time! I was wondering why they hadn't listed it yet. Hopefully they don't charge huge withdrawal fees like they do with other coins.

Steem deserves a lot of attention and I'm happy it FINALLY is happening. Yay binance!

steem me up scotty
to the moon!

Does this also include SBD or just STEEM


Unfortunately this only applies to STEEM, not SBD

This is huge for STEEM and it deserves it.This is the only blockchain that has already proved valuable,others are just showing the potential.Kudos to all of us.!!

I am first time reading you post Its good information that you shared I follow you for next posts thanks

This is great news the best crypto trading platform now has Steem this is awsome I have been waiting months for this day great information bro keep up the good work

Information on coinmarketcap it's update? It's official? Thanks for post, upvote!


Awesome! Great News!

STEEM will be everywhere, STEEM will be the master!
On the blockchain will be build everything!

Good stuff. As a composer, I am most interested in releasing new compositions on steemit/dtube. Blockchain is immortality.

This is HUGE!




Thank you! 🙌 yes these are crazy big news!

this is a good news, thanks for the information...
i like this post @sirwinchester very imformative..

relay so good

Although this is a great Exchange to get listed on, I'm not expecting a big seeing in price. There is much turmoil in the market right now that may overshadow this news.
Korean FUD, Tether FUD, BTC prices, etc.

Who knows, binance listing usually has a positive short term effect on price.

This is huge news!

@sirwinchester did u use it personally?
if yes then how was your experience

Ya, I saw the news. Damn, it wasn't there yesterday for sure.

Great news! May explain why STEEM prices have surpassed SBD prices for the first time in a while...
STEEM to the MOON!

really a nice readable writing is easy to understand

Great, as I've already mentioned and I never tire of repeating it this will be a great year with an extremely exponential growth in the crypt market and Steemit's development in general, the truth is that it's excellent news because Binance is one of the most solid and serious exchanges in the market. @sirwinchester I would like to give this news to the Hispanic community also, I will have to do it in an original way as always, excellent good news.

very impressive, good news for all of us .. advanced and glorious always steem ..

It is so exciting to see this!!

Great news for the morning. I assume it will take a while before the binance prices will be listed on all the crypto ranking pages. After another red crypto day a welcome change. :)

Too bad they stopped accepting new accounts


Most websites, have this issue sooner or later: when demand is so high, that the staff, servers or other resource of the company can't simply cope with that demand.
I think this is just temp issue, and will be solved soon.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Awesome news for all of us Steemians :-) Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Awesome news!!! What do you think, could the STEEM PRICE go up to something like 1 Steem = 100 US Dollars till 2020?

This is fantastic news indeed!
It is unfortunate that it is only Steem and not SBD but still a great step. My guess is that SBD will also be there soon and that other exchanges will also start acceptant Steem as it really is one of the most if not the most efficient crypto on earth.
Thanks for the info and the quality posts.


You're welcome! ;)

Excellent news, thanks for flagging it up!

Its obvious non-steemians are beginning to realize the worth of steem, this is a big one for steem

Wow! This is a great news, progress in action. Upvoted! Kindly follow back

Cant deposit yet but still amazing!

Again another successful endorsement and recognition by a noted exchange. Honors to the team sir. $PEACE:!

I need a binance account