Is there a Fat Finger Scanner out there??? Yep..

in trading •  8 months ago

Hey everyone,

How do I find Small Account Building trades? What are Fat Finger trades and how can you find them? What am I talking about when I refer to checking Level 2 to decide on your size? How do I layer on Level 2 so that I blend into a thin book?

Here is a short video to help answer those questions...

Thanks for watching and I will continue to put out short videos to keep you informed on what Im doing, and tools you can use to get an edge in crypto...


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I was in a group who was building a bot that did scan for these things. He got it working but never the way he wanted.

I just followed and upvoted you. Follow back and let's support each other's endeavors! @mcdform

Been learning your method for months now. Every time I've had lingering questions, you always seem to show up with a video answering and reinforcing exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Luc :)

Two videos in 5 days? Wow Christmas came early this year!

Thanks for the amazing content Luc, I just came across your channel a couple weeks ago and have been diving into trading, applying your methods. I have had success with position trading already and am working on account building now.

Thank you Luc for teaching us your method. Still waiting for that violent drop on BTC. Going to be patient and let the market makers do their thing.

Fantastic! Yours is the best channel I've come across with consistently valuable practical advice for cryptotraders. Thank you for the video.

Luc, thank you so much for your time and insight! Your approach as been so helpful for me!

I really enjoy this account building content. Watching you videos has really helped me nail the position trading because you have given so many examples and provided great structure.

It would be great to continue to see more videos on general ways to read the different account building charts, tips for trading the different stories in those charts (for example, how do you approach up trending and down trending whippy charts differently?) and how to you get a sense when the story of a whippy charts has really changed. Just seeing you describe where you buy and sell throughout out the whippy charts would be really helpful to me, and I imagine others. That is part of what has helped me so much with the position trades.

No pressure what so ever! I really appreciate everything you post, when you are able to post it! Cheers sir!


if you join the discord there is a member koshkajenkins thats making some videos at 3pm almost daily and she is discussing AB trading.. shes doing a good job at fielding questions and you can even go back and watch her recent videos.. I try to be there every 3pm too, so I can help out a bit


Wonderful, thanks Luc! I'll do that!


Luc, that was exactly what I was looking for, thanks again!

Thx Luc. MUCH appreciated!


As always thank you for your generosity. I know you are super busy. But maybe you can give us some insight into now that the market is hot, it seems really hard to find new bases since there has not been any panics in over a week. I am sure its coming. But take a look at Eos. Its been dashing. I dont see the bases as clear as to when a coin is going down.

Any one?