Follow up video: "My thoughts about Daytrading and Account Building trades"

in trading •  11 months ago

Here's a follow up video to my last video... entiled: "My thoughts about Daytrading and Account Building trades" ... I have received so many messages since the last video, I think I should try to clarify my position..

I made the video while working, and its been a busy day today, so its very off the cuff... but I think its important, since I couldn't participate in the discussions this weekend much

Thanks again to all for support of our community,


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Luc, please ignore the complainers. You repeat yourself enough in the videos you have already made that someone like me, who was ignorant of crypto completely at the first of the year has almost doubled the small investment I made. I notice on Koshka videos (that you also steered me to watch) she is getting asked the same questions by the same people video after video. You can't do anymore than you already are and have. Either people will get it or they won't.

I don't belong to any groups (discord, the site set up dedicated to you etc) and solely from watching your well presented examples have been able to make this work.

I have noticed your energy level go down as your videos have continued, and I worry you spread yourself to thin by individuals who seem more interested in taking your energy than your advice. If it feels at some point to draining, please shed the groups and keep the videos coming if you don't get to burnt out (me being selfish as you have explained everything already). Not everyone you help is in those groups that are pestering you to repeat yourself and complaining because they don't get it.


Thanks for the advice. I do find it exhausting at times trying to keep up with all the comments and some who ask the same questions over and over. There have been days where I just focus on my work and ignore everything else... You are completely right, its a great community, but I have to dial back my participation from time to time...


Can you please explain what you mean by we don't really have a market scanner? I purchased the last crypto base scanner with the fat fingers and now I see you said we don't really have one. And please explain if you do or not use the current base scanner for sale. Thanks again for all your time and ADVANCED knowledge of trading. You're very generous and I feel very lucky to have found your method. Peace


Market scanners are specific for certain trading.. So a daytrading scanner is different from a Account Building scanner which is also different from a Position trading scanner or even a FatFinger scanner.. They all use different filters to look for exactly the type of trade you are searching for.. Right now we have good Position scanner and Fat Finger scanner...


Cooool. Thanks Bro 👍

Hey Luc,

I have been following you since last summer, before all the chat groups were around and was lucky enought to see your earlier videos on Youtube before they were removed for your security. I wanted you to know that your shared knoweldge and experience is very much appreciated. There are just too many 'traders' on YouTube, 'sharing' their 'knowledge' for their own benefit. Sticking to your proven position and account building methods and ignoring the other noise has enabled me to trade successfully. Thank you for giving us your time without expecting reward.


I echo having enjoyed greatly the since-deleted vids (I only wished I would have downloaded them all to peruse again). Thanks so much for all you do @quickfingersluc! I likely wouldn't be on Steemit except for your moniker of The Happy Steem trader. (I mentioned you in my intro post.)

Hi Luc, I just find some charts look good for accout building, like this
But the problem is its volume is so low (6 eth ~ 1300 $). I don't know which size of each order I should put into this chart.

Thanks for the videos!! Don't let the people who are just taking and taking get you down, you are helping so many people with each video you make!

The last videos about account building have really helped me to understand how to do this and since then I've been making some small but steady profits. All of this is thanks to you. Before I saw your videos I was just doing something and (like you said before) just get exited when I got lucky by making a good trade or a good guess, and getting a reward for being lucky. Now I feel like I'm in control I understand better what is happening on a chart and I'm more able to react in a good when things change from their previous routine.

You are great and there are thousands of people who are extremely thankful for what you have given already, just ignore the few complainers. Each time I watch a video you made I get energized and super motivated

Hey Luc,

I've cobbled together a little script that notifies me each time a new trade is executed on HitBTC.

I'm loving it so far – saves the extra step of setting Coinigy alerts while account building.

It works on Mac right now, probably needs some tweaking to work on Windows. Perhaps someone in the community wants to take a stab at that.

Here's the code with instructions:


Thanks Bro✌

Hey Luc,

Sometimes one can be too kind. Why not create a community where you ask for a (little) compensation. Not for the money, but for making sure you only have people in there who fully appreciate what you bring them. I made some test to be invited to your Slack channel. Scored 7/13 I believe. Badly want to be part of it. So when I hear there's people in there calling you a hypocrite... hard to imagine for me.
You inspire me and lots of other people. Thank you again for everything Luc.

Hey luc, thanks for all the info you're always giving out for free. I've watched all your videos and I'm almost ready to jump in with $500 and build up my small account (btw do you trade against ETH mostly?). One thing I haven't yet fully grasped is how to properly find AB plays. Ive found some choppy charts but I'm not sure if that's all I need. I can't wait to be part of the slack channel :)


Don’t read negative posts! Stay with yourself and keep doing what you love to do.
Youre video’s make me a lot of money! I am just a average Joe that works hard and trade for a few months.
Me and my familie want to thank you for that!

Now that's what I'm talking about! At last I finally understand. Can't thank you enough for this epic video. Already doubled my account with your trading methods despite several screw ups with daytrading (that forgiving market you're always talking about). Now I'm gonna find some account builders and quadruple it!


Those AB trades are addictive once you find a few good ones.. After Mana has been so good to me, Im not sure I will ever sell all my Mana, now I actually want to see where the future takes the project.... When a coin just pays you over and over for months, you start to get a little attached..


Luc, this guy is selling your method.

Very good friend linked me your youtube channel. I love the concept of account building. Am going to binge watch all your videos today and come back to bug you with questions.


Or join one of the community chats, slack or discord and post your questions to the group.. I have many willing helpers there who help all the new ones figure out the basics


I’ve been waiting over 2 months to get approved for the Slack group. Any way to speed up the process? ♥️


I really dont have anything to do with that process.. Im surprised its taking so long for you to get in... Hmmm


same here, but much longer, I think 6 months now.

Hey Luc! How's it going?! I've just joined the waiting list for your Slack group and noticed a small error but it's a key element of the QFL method. On the page that informs me I'm now on the waiting list, the first line of the main text is says "save trades" when of course it's meant to be "safe trades". Just thought I'd let you know as a small thank you for the massive help you've been to me.

I can't wait to get into the slack so I can join the discussions. If you can be bothered, check out my TradingView charts. It's all bases and waiting for bases. You're a legend.

Hi Luc. I made a steem account simply to follow your trading strategy. Much props, such profit. Anywho.

I'm still mainly in the Account Building stage of trading and have learned tons watching your videos. I'm now at a point where I really seem to be getting the hang of it and make more profitable trades than not, and my profits are far greater than my than my losses are, percentage-wise. Life is good.

Recently started AB trading on YoBit. Surprisingly easy to read the whippy buggers when you know what patterns to look for. I've had some decent luck there trading the past week. I didn't know if you have any experience AB trading there (because of the overall low exchange volume, it seems to be better suited for AB instead of position trading), or if you had any thoughts/advice about the exchange you might want to touch upon in a future video. Not many people on the QFL forums or discord seem to use the exchange much.

Either way, don't get discouraged and please make more videos at your own pace, don't let the incessant noob-question-askers bring you down. For every one nublet out there that refuses to read anything to benefit themself, there's ten lurkers like myself who pop in once in a blue moon to say thanks and share their successes. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it take a bath. Or something.


so to find these trades, you just look through all the charts and pick maybe 5-10 coins and set orders, layering down?

or do you wait for the scanner before placing an order..

or both?

how many orders do you have up at any time? 50? 100? 200?

i experimented with all combinations... it feels like sometimes i put in a lot of effort for little results, and other times no effort for huge results... its hard to find the right balance lol

Thank you for taking the time so often to clarify things.

Luc, you've changed the lives of too many people to have those comments get to you. I still remember how I posted here the first time about a year ago, struggling to know how to buy Ethereum, then after that how to trade the QFL way. I was desperate and broke then, and today I am not because of you. I was in such a rut that it's still hard to believe how magic internet money got me out of it.


Thats great to hear.. thanks for sharing your success with me... It is crazy to think anyone can make a living pushing buttons on their home computer..

thanks for sharing your knowledge. I like the way you trade. Captura de pantalla 2018-05-17 a las 10.12.42.png
If I understand correctly what your saying about the base. Please take a look at the chart. Should there be a base where I drew the yellow line?

which exchange has the most low volume coins?

Hey Luc, You were mentioning that its handy to choose a coin for AB that has good fundamentels, like mana. Can you or someone else give me some names of coins with such fundamentals (and are whippy), because i havnt got a lot of spare time to find these. By the way I made a very nice positiontrade. Thanks for all yr effort! Appriciate it a lot!

Hi. Quick question for you. I noticed in your video (

) that you're showing ETH to USDT (tether). I haven't heard all that great things about it and that exchanges like binance have moved to TUSD (true USD). Do you recommend one over the other in order to avoid high transaction fees going to USD?

Hey mate,

Been watching your vids to learn trading. Good stuff. Thanks

Hey guys, where are your Upvotes? He should get motivation from us.

Hi Luc.
A good friend got my into the crypto world recently and referred me to your YouTube videos.
Thanks for sharing your insight and opinions. I'm quite green and absorbing everything I can during my free time.
I found an interesting project recently and bought into their tokens, Banca.
They just released their Web services and I'd love to get your opinion on the services and the project overall.
Check the Coin AI just released earlier today at


Hey Luc,

I've been studying your materials like a madman for a few weeks now.

I had originally found you by googling around to try to find out what qfl meant (found the term in 3commas).

I had been following various TA youtubers but I always had this nagging feeling in my mind whem they talked about support that was months back. I was always thinking "but that was then" crypto changes so fast how can anything be based on then. I now realize that it is sort of true, only because so many people believe it, but not something to to base everything on.

When I found you I almost didn't watch the video. I was like "not another ta guy" but I did. And when you starting talking about only looking at current bases I was hooked. You were the first to answer that nagging question in my head. Since then I have been absorbing all I can.

btw, love the idea of only reacting to your opponent, oops I mean market. I teach this every day in the fighting arts. It's the same. You must have Mushim (no mind) which means no predictions, no thinking, just reacting to the openings the opponent creates. I love the parallel. I also love the discipline development and many other aspects which I see as similar to the fighting arts.

Before finding you I had been doing spread trades, I now realize this is not the same as AB trades. I had discovered the spread trades before finding you and had a few successes. But I also have a few I'm stuck in as of this btc drop on the 13th. No bueno. But a lesson.

I had been doing investing. and have found myself about even on that. Some wins but lots of losses too. So not interested in that until I get free coins built up.

I've been into crypto since '12. I just formerly had no interest in trading. I was one of the guys that wished the evil traders would go away so volatility would stop and we could go on to change the world with this stuff. (Have I exposed enough of my stupid ideas yet?)

Anyways, that's my rant, but I do have a question.

I've been doing AB and what's left of the spread trades I'm in for a few weeks. Was doing okay, but on the 13th everything died. I've spent some time looking for AB coins for the last few days and every one I see shows the same pattern, good swings but then flatline starting the 13th. So is it just time to take a break for a few days? I can't seem to make anything happen these past 4 days. No lows no highs, just going straight down the middle.

Thanks and I will continue to study. I have learned so much, that makes so much more sense. Really appreciate you and your community. I'm in telegram and discord but this is my first post in your community. I've been lurking and learning

Hello Luc!

I found the qft tool a few weeks ago, has it been taken down? If so, please thank the person who made it- it was a good teaching tool.

I have been drawing my own bases on coinigy charts, it was great to compare with the tool.

Thank you

Hey Luc, do you have any idea why most (AB)coins keep on grinding down whitout a lot of whippyness (is this a word:-)? I had frequent succes but now I start to worry a bit, because I cannot keep on buying...

Hello Luc, Thanks for all you are doing to make everybody trade efficiently and Fearlessly.
In some videos, you mentioned Series2 Charts and analysing them, please shed more light on it in upcoming videos.
Thank You Very Much

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Godlike video man, thank you. Just made another $1000 today cuz of you... I'm so lucky I managed to chance across one of your videos.. You seriously changed my life and actually made it possible for me to make a living with trading... you put food on my table and paid all my bills and bought me a new computer. Thank you... :)


Wow, that it nice to hear.. Im glad for your success.. Crazy to think, Crypto is only getting started.. Now that you have the hang of trading, in a few years from now, your account might be bigger than you can ever imagine.

Hi Luc. Great video and thanks for all the help. I just want to clarify something about the AB trades. Lets say you are trading with $300 on an AB chart, but you set layers lower than the range you are trading in case something breaks down. How are you sizing those layers? Are you picking up your normal $300 range trade plus more $300 buys below the range? How do you determine how much you are willing to get in if it starts to break really low? I could see how someone could end up with a lot of coin to get rid of on a low volume chart and get in trouble.
Thanks for your time.


If you are careful to pick charts that have a good story, then you shouldn't run into this problem very often, but it does happen... These are thin book coins, so any big player can force the price down .. So I am always ready to buy the next range lower, and then reduce my position size quickly on any bounce near my break even price.. As soon as I can get even I usualy take half my position off so I am back at a regular size and can continue working the book without effecting it.. You picked the chart because it is whippy and easy to to work... so if it suddenly spikes down, thats a good thing, not a bad thing... Buying more an a quick spike down, on a chart that has a history of whipping around is awesome.


Thanks. That was very clear.