Million dollar trading challenge is coming soon.

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I'm tired of all the investing advisers that send out bad trading signals and charge you a lot for it. That's why i want to come up with a better alternative. 

Soon i will launch a trading challenge with a friend of mine (he's a fucking genius at this thing). The objective is making a symbolic 1 million dollar from 5000 dollar by trading cryptocurrency. The trades will be based mostly on technical analysis (elliott wave). You can follow the challenge for free and we also want to be very transparent by keeping a track record on the blockchain. (So you can verify it's the real deal.)

Are you tired of losing with trading then follow the challenge. You will start winning again with the awesome elliott wave trades that work in bull and bear markets. You will win so much, you may eventually even get tired of winning. And you'll say: "please, please, it's too much winning. I can't take it anymore!". And i will say: "No it isn't, we have to keep winning! We have to win even more!"

I will keep you updated.

#moongang #milliondollarchallenge #tradingchallenge #elliottwave #fibonacci #technicalanalysis

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wish you good luck from 5k to 1million is heavy

Thanks, it's indeed heavy. On the stock market something like this is even not possible. Most option traders only make about 20% a year. But let say i would start with 100k, then most people can't relate anymore. This challenge is about showing how to get from zero to hero.

Most people would argue that someone which has 100k to spend on some crypto is already wealthy. Maybe i need to lower the start amount to 1k instead of 5. Don't know, still have some doubts about that.

earlier than we had a lever of 500 for cfd trading in europe, i tried something like that :-) Today high levers are forbidden unfortunately.

With a gambler's depot you can show of course more employment, thus far more than 2% per trade. With my strategy I always have only 2% risk per trade. Let's see maybe I'll open another gambler's depot and trade on small time units.

Hello! Very cool post! I made sure to upvote it. I would greatly appreciate if you would take a look at what I post. I just started on this website and I am looking to get upvotes. :)

Are you a trader?

I think it possible based on personal experience. When are you starting? It will awesome if you setup a telegram group for updates.

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I want to launch the site in maybe max a few weeks. It's a matter of setting everything up. (i already have experience with that so it's not an issue)

I want to write the trades on the website and automatically repost it on steemit (with steempress). Then also sent the trades to telegram channel because then you can get instant alerts on mobile phone. That's important because with trading there is a need to act fast.

Steemit will act as a way to get a verified track record and also get a few upvotes here and there. People can't say the track record and trades are fake because everything will be posted on the blockchain and i can't change that. I have no control over the steemit blockchain. I want to be very transparant because i hate it that so many trading services bullshit their clients.

I made a telegram channel you can follow here:

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