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Today (july 24th) the price of DASH on Poloniex rose about 10%:

DASH 1.png

So I wanted to do an experiment: believe in the fall of price and rebuy more units with the sell revenue.
I just sold a total amount of 0.70901624 DASH at price 0.07542141 DASH/BTC. The revenue was 0.05360903 BTC.
I'll wait for the price to drop a little and then rebuy.
But here is the thing: with those BTC I bought some LTC (3.23989199 units).
For two reasons:

  1. I strongly believe in this coin
  2. I believe it's a good time to buy it

See this Litecoin chart. See the moving sideways pattern.
LTC 1.png

Best case scenario: LTC goes up this weekend. DASH goes down. I sell those LTC and rebuy much more units of DASH.
Worst case scenario: DASH goes up. I still have more units of a strong coin (Litecoin).

I'll be updating this post late this week.
Let's see what happens.


alright.... thanks for sharing

I've also considered doing something similar. Trading to gain more units of a coin instead of for the "dollar value" of a coin.

I'm also happy with Litecoin, but have used most of mine to buy STEEM.

The dollar value is good for us to see price of the coin through time.
The BTC price is good for doing exactly this: selling on a good pump, wait a few days and then rebuy when the price is lower :)

Yeah, LTC is great for the long term.

What are your objectives with your STEEM, man?

DASH price is 0.046. Just bought 0.05 BTC of it = 1.0869 DASH :)

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