@steemitboard I do not understand how I will participate in your competition, Ami steemit at New, if someone helps me a little bit, then I will be grateful to him.

It's pointless now, world cup is almost over, you have no chance to win as most games are already finished...

@andyblack thank you for your information my dear friend,, no problem, UpVote me I vote you

Will not the prize be distributed among all the participants according to their achievements?

nice job sir

Interesting is the steemitboard world cup.

Ahora que empiezan los octavos de final, ¿no podrían dar más tiempo para el voto de cada partido?, porque con solo 24 horas de antelación trae inconvenientes a quienes por diversas razones no podemos conectarnos todos los días. Creo que sería más justo si alargaran ese período a tres o cuatro días.

Now that the quarterfinals begin, could not you give more time for each game's vote? Because giving only 24 hours in advance brings inconveniences to those who for various reasons can not connect every day. I think it would be more fair if you extended that period to three or four days.
Thank you.

Hi was still wondering about my Brazil match.. I've yet to get the win for it and I definitely upvoted Brazil.. Not sure what happened there though..

Very funny the competition of the world cup, I really like football, and competition, but I arrived very late. Congratulations to all who have won: great regards @steemitboerd. Thank you for your badges

Well done @steemitboard! You successfully guessed the match result.

Group Phase - Senegal vs Columbia
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I will support you to the last moments of my life

My team is japan..

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